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(Christine is following Buddy Repperton & Richard Trelawney in Buddy's Camaro.)

(Buddy & Richie are jamming out to The Rolling Stones "Beast of Burden" on the Camaro radio. They finally notice Christine behind them. Buddy adjusts the inside rearview mirror. Richie flips Christine the middle finger.) Richie Trelawney:"A**hole!" Buddy Repperton:"Watch this."(Slows down, stops.)"Let's give this a**hole some of his own medicine!"(He backs up. Christine backs up too.) Richie Trelawney:"He's backin' up too."

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This movie shares 2 connections with The Andy Griffith Show. Harry Dean Stanton(State Police Detective Rudolph Junkins) from Christine is the proprietor of a General Store on an island in The Andy Griffith Show episode entitled Howard The Beach Comber. TAGS shares another Christine connection. Richard Collier(Pepper Boyd)was Mr. Simmons in the Seth Taylor statue episode and in Only a Rose.

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Forgot to include Richard Collier's episodes.
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If Arnie’s parents had not been so mean and snobbish, and not insisted that “You are not keeping, any car at this house!”, they could have let Arnie work on Christine in the garage. During the restoration period, they could have parked the Volvo in the driveway  and take Darnell’s out of the equation. That would have saved him the 20 bucks a week to rent stall 20.
In the Cunningham garage, he could have done enough work on her to get her street legal. Once he got her street legal and registered, he could have driven her on streets and highways enough to let her backwards running odometer do the rest. Once she was fully restored, they could have let him park Christine on the street in front of the house. That is if they felt it was too much trouble to maneuver the Volvo around Christine in the driveway.

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