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Gilligan's Island(1964-1967)

Skipper Duke

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45 minutes ago, Skipper Duke said:

Nah. The lady Theresa is a trusted source. Personal friend of the family. 2nd mom to me. Our families camped together and I dated her daughter Kristen too.


Still ...you've never been done wrong by anybody you didn't trust.....so....think about it!

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TV Guide: December 5th, 1964
The final article is this week's issue is about Tina Louise, co-star of Gilligan’s Island on CBS. There’s not much of interest to Gilligan fans other than a brief discussion about changes made to the character of Ginger when Louise got the role and this tidbit is about how nervous the network was about the gowns she’d be wearing:
On Gilligan’s Island, Tina isn’t asked to shed her raiment, but she is attired in a flesh-colored, figure-fitting evening gown (the one she was wearing at the time the SS Minnow went aground) which caused considerable consternation to the Program Practices Department of CBS.
To make sure there were no transparencies, the Program Practices expert led Tina from the studio to the street so that he could examine her in natural light. “Never,” said Tina, “have I undergone such a casing. I guess I passed the test, because the gown has remained in the show.”
Can you imagine anyone at a network doing that with an actress these days?

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