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Daytona 500

Hobie Hartkins

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Thank God that Ryan Newman is alive https://m.nascar.com/news-media/2020/02/17/statement-status-roush-fenway-racing-driver-ryan-newman/.

Don't think anybody really deserves blame for that horrific wreck it's just a component of superspeedway racing. That was a huge shove Denny gave Ryan Blaney. I thought he was going to push Blaney right in to Newman they were going so fast. I think Nascar should go back to throwing the yellow flag out for last lap crashes again instead of letting the leaders race back to the checkered flag, at least at Daytona and Talladega.

Denny doing donuts in the infield though was absolutely classless, and his excuse on Twitter... SMH. Dale Jr didn't do donuts when he won the Daytona race that Austin Dillon went into the catchfence. I won't be rooting for Denny anymore if the race win comes down to him or Kyle Busch and I really dislike Kyle Busch.

If you want to see the wreck there's plenty of replays on YouTube and Twitter but even knowing he's alive seeing the wreck still puts a lump in my throat so be prepared if you haven't seen it yet. I can imagine Corey Lajoie was an emotional mess after that just like Ryan Blaney was in his post race interview.

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49 minutes ago, RogerDuke said:

It was pretty rough to watch. What was the liquid spilling out? If it was fuel you'd think that fire would have set it off. If it was antifreeze you'd think it would be steaming.

I'm not sure but the car he flipped ( rolled over) over just kept on going as far as I could see with some front end damage. That whole thing was wild! Everything was going on everywhere! 

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Watched it happen live at 2 am. That was some wreck. There's only few times during racing nowadays luckily where you think it could have terrible end results. This was one of them... Glad to have read later Ryan's status was not life threatening.

Usually I don't agree with people being booed at, but this time was fair. I wont comment on him doing donuts.

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3 hours ago, Hobie Harkins said:

Did he realize that guy had had a bad wreck?   Maybe he didn't know. ( ?)  I just saw on the news that Brian ( ?) was out of the  hospital and it also showed a pic of him walking with his two little girls! After a wreck like that, THAT should tell everybody how safe NASCARS are!


I saw that too. It sure put a smile on my face to see him walking around. 

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Well thanks to the rain delay,  I missed the race but have seen video of the wreck. So scary. Glad to see Ryan home and alive! 

As for Denny Hamlin, him and Joe Gibbs said they didn't know until the accident or the severity of it until after their celebrating and felt bad.

Fun fact...James Best helped or supported Ryan Newman's dog rescue. I saw James Best years ago after he did something with Jeff Gordon  (I can't remember)  I asked James who his favorite driver was.  He said Ryan Newman.  

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16 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

If it's not too late I will. I had trouble navigating it last year. It's too bad yahoo stopped doing it....I'm assuming it's not yahoo again. Most of my problems are my lack of ability to learn technology....not the technology itself. I'm just not a big techno fan. 

Yeah it's in the NASCAR app. Yahoo was easier. 

Talking of which. How did you renew your fantasy baseball league? Yahoo normally sends me an email to do it and they haven't and I can't find out how to renew my league...

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I'm going to have to start planning for the Moonshine 500 this summer. I've got enough land behind the car lot to build the track, which is already being done, but now I have to attract enough people esp. famous ones to come Drive N' Shine....!! All at the same time! :)

Hopefully my invitations to Kyle Bush, Terry LaBonte  and a few others will be successful. Darrel Waltrip lives in my hometown and I'm thinking about seeing if he'll come! ;)   

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