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Yo Here's A Question.

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has to be cathy - when she went in for the audition, the guy said that she had the best legs he had ever seen, and the best smile in the county

i think that settles it

plus - jessica aint no racing girl - shes too stuck up

cathy was in cannonball run - could you see jessica in that role - answer is no

cathy = daisy

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Catherine Bach all the way!

Jessica Simpson may try to walk the walk or talk the talk but she will never EVER make up for Catherine's finer points. I think that she was more than a sex object (Though a lot of guys would disagree with me LOL)

Cathy had a great personality and she put that into her character. As Daisy Duke, she will always be the one. She could fight her own battles. She knew what she was doing.

Jessica may be good and I may think "Wow" but no, always Cathy.

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OMG!!! to me there's no comparason (i dont think i spelled it right..lol) i deffinatly like Cathy better than Jessica!!!!! Cathy was gorgeous, smart, funny, and entertaning and Jessica is the opposite, she is pretty though, but i think Cathy is much much much prettier!!!!!! The old Daisy couldn't be beat with a stick.....lol

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