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Question About Cathy

Hobie Hartkins

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It looks like Cathy had a brief topless scene in a 1976 (some sources say 1978) movie called 'Nicole'. You can see the IMDb page here. The cover art they have shows that the movie has been retitled 'Crazed', and repackaged to make it look like Cathy was the lead. The reviews suggest that Cathy actually had a minor role, and describe the movie as "odd", "weird" and "made very cheaply". It's currently rated at 3.5/10!

For another Dukes connection, the cast of 'Nicole' also includes Ramon Bieri, who played J.J. Carver in two-parter 'Undercover Dukes'. I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know if they appeared together.

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10 hours ago, Meadowmufn said:

I think she did a nude scene in a movie, but I can't recall the title of the movie.

Now you mention it... I was thinking of a photo which you see everywhere on the net without even looking. Which was in turn used for the cover of a movie no-one can verify if parts of it is her.

7 hours ago, Hobie Harkins said:

Would it be ...Thunder Bolt and Lightfoot? ( I can't remember which one but it seems like she had a small part in an old Eastwood movie!)

No. Not that I know. She was in that according to IMDB though. There was a TV pilot of Matt Helm where she is nude in a pool. I camera across some stuff when looking for some behind the scenes pictures years ago. You cant see much though as she's in the water and the camera is filming the bubble pool from the side if those miniature pictures are screengrabs from that actual pilot. It apparently only aired once so good luck finding that. :lol:


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