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Tom Sarmento in the Netherlands

Roth Potter

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I guess this goes here.

You probably know this guy, but if you don't. Tom Sarmento is one of the guys who prepared General Lee's for the show and is full of great stories about it. Hoss has a great video of him, I cant find it at the moment... But anyway. He met up with two big Duke fans from my country twice now and they have recorded some footage of him driving in their almost perfect replica General Lee which I thought was worth sharing. 


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Thanks for posting the video, Roth. It's good to see Tom enjoying himself in Europe again. I think he likes meeting Dukes fans - the owners of General Lee replicas I met at last year's American car show had both met him. He's certainly quite happy to talk about the show, and is very generous with his time.

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Hi guys, Serge here!

My LEE1 isn't running for 1,5 years now. First a leaking tranny and also an engine that wasn't running properly anymore. I pulled the engine out of the car and rebuilding it at the moment. Hope to have it running again within 6 months or so.

Great you guys enjoyed the footage from Tom visiting us!

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