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  1. Here is Serges GL getting some TLC. He has a tranny leak and he is trying to track it down.
  2. I can’t load the screenshot from his Instagram
  3. And one more, yes Serge owns LEE 1’s front valance. I don’t have a personal pic but he posted it on his Instagram awhile back
  4. Here is the link for his decal install. If you want to see more just click on the Users name under the video. There are a few, very informative!
  5. Yes that’s Serge’s car. He has sent me tons of pics. Also if you YouTube General Lee decal install you will see a guy installing decals like LEE 1 and that’s Serges car as well. I will post some more pics. I also have John Schneider in Serges car in Germany
  6. He stayed with a buddy of mine over the holidays in the Netherlands. He has an amazing LEE 1 replica he has pain stakingly recreated. Here is Tom Sarmento in my buddies car before Xmas
  7. Thanks so much HossC, I may have to just wind up buying one from Smith Bros. I figured it being pretty simple to make I could find some plans but no such luck. I’m also a member at dodgecharger.com and yea it is a little heavy for hanging off the front bumper.
  8. Thanks so much Roth, I have been talking to Corndog05/realgenerallee on Instagram and his original puahbar is on loan to Rob Kibbe’s Lee of The Kibbe and Finnegan Show and cant get measurements at the moment. Yea I knew it was off an old truck and they modified it to fit the Charger.
  9. No one have anything? I checked CGLFC and the site no longer exists which sucks because that was a pretty cool site
  10. Hello guys I’m new and introduced myself a couple of years ago and just got my password reset. Anywho, I’m in search of a narrow push bar template so I can make one for my Georgia based Lee I’m building. I seen something about Jon Holland had templates but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on here. I would really appreciate any help in this matter. I have recently recreated the Carroll Shelby Wheels center cap decals for my car and have purchased the tear drop antenna. I’m trying to get the real difficult pieces bought before I finish it. You have to have the cherry on top to call it done. I’d rather not wait once it’s done. Hahaha
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