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  1. That's where I know him from, never heard of him before that movie, but liked his music instantly. I even bought a CD from him after seeing the movie. Anyway, way to young to go. Rest in peace Toby..
  2. Hi Crystel, thanks for joining in on here. Can you share a link from the documentary you mention?
  3. It maybey doesn't look like progress but it sure is Got everything out of the dashboard to get the wiring harness for the 8-track setup in. So got the harness in, got the new center speaker in and got the 8-track player in. Also got the cluster cleaned up and installed a brand new bezel on it. I never had a cluster that looked like new so this makes me very happy! Next time get I'll get everything in the dashboard again. Can't wait for the result!
  4. Hi guys, still alive here, nothing done to the General Lee unfortionatly. But when there's progress I'll post it for sure!
  5. What a sad news this is..... Stay strong Roger.....
  6. Not the biggest job but the LEE1 parking permit decal is in place. It took some measuring from a pic of the original LEE1 but I think it's almost spot on. Anyway, I'm happy about it
  7. Yes! Finally the engine is in
  8. I little progress has been made, and they make me very happy Bought a new battery and got myself a dress-up kitt and gave it an original look: Also I serviced the front brakes. Painted the calipers and cleaned and greased everything: Also we managed to get the new windscreen in. Love to see the car with my 3-speakerdash and new windscreen! Next step will be to put the windowtrim on, bleed the brakes and paint and polish the front rims. When that is done, engine and transmission can get it. Where getting there
  9. That vid with the model is awesome! Thanks for sharing @HossC
  10. This is a very sad story indeed.. Somehow I can imagine people still take risks to go down to Titanic. I myself would like to see Titanic for reel aswell if money wasn't the issue. I really hate it that it went this way for those people. I also hope mankind can build a safe sub that can stand the enormous pressure down there.
  11. Hey guys, I'm still alive but not much time to work on the General Lee When there's an update I'll post it for sure
  12. Do you have work orders from LEE1?
  13. Anybody else has pics of these WB-labels and ID's on other General Lee's?
  14. As my car will get the 3-speaker dash I'm restoring my wiringharness at the moment for it. Almost done, only have the wire the centerspeaker and wire the 8-track player. I had the 8-track player repaired already and it's playing like new. Can't wait to play the DOH-tune in the car in a while
  15. The New England Dukes make a great disc now guys: https://newenglanddukes.com/products/jubilee-dixie-horn-106-2-tune-disc-kit-same-as-general-lee-on-dukes-of-hazzard
  16. My favorite cars are: 1) 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee LEE1 2) 1983 GMC Vandura A-Team Van 3) 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang Eleanor
  17. No problem, happy to show it. It was really cool seeing the car and sit in it. Never saw a real GL before , I was like the kid in the candystore
  18. Yes, it's all over the net. Some articles say it's an original but I really don't think so: You can also check the post on Instagram @ thedukesofhazzard: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpKjXQvOHY0/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  19. Ha, never saw it? LOL haha. Well, I used it like you say but that doesn't work, after pasting the URL nothing happens. I never knew that this forum has an "rocognize and display" option. How on earth could I haha. Let me try, the WB I.D. from WGL24: Oh and guys, don't spread these pics all over the net please. Thanks.
  20. Hi, thanks, but that's exactly what I did using the "other media button"
  21. No updates at the moment guys, didn't had any time left to work on the car..
  22. Don't know if help is still needed but I must have templates for the small and wide pushbar somewhere
  23. Warner Brothers indeed had markings on the cars. On the dash or on the speedometer there was a tag, mostly they where red. You can sometimes spot them in episodes. Also the engraving on the corner of the rear window like CDoherty95 mentioned. Also they had engraved wheels from time to time. I have pics from WGL24 I recently visited. I tried to insert them here but I can't get it done. Can someone explain how it works so I can post pics? I press the button "other media", press "Insert image from URL", I paste the URL , press "insert to post" and nothing happens. What's wrong here?
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