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  1. Do you have work orders from LEE1?
  2. Anybody else has pics of these WB-labels and ID's on other General Lee's?
  3. As my car will get the 3-speaker dash I'm restoring my wiringharness at the moment for it. Almost done, only have the wire the centerspeaker and wire the 8-track player. I had the 8-track player repaired already and it's playing like new. Can't wait to play the DOH-tune in the car in a while
  4. The New England Dukes make a great disc now guys: https://newenglanddukes.com/products/jubilee-dixie-horn-106-2-tune-disc-kit-same-as-general-lee-on-dukes-of-hazzard
  5. My favorite cars are: 1) 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee LEE1 2) 1983 GMC Vandura A-Team Van 3) 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang Eleanor
  6. No problem, happy to show it. It was really cool seeing the car and sit in it. Never saw a real GL before , I was like the kid in the candystore
  7. Yes, it's all over the net. Some articles say it's an original but I really don't think so: You can also check the post on Instagram @ thedukesofhazzard: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpKjXQvOHY0/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  8. Ha, never saw it? LOL haha. Well, I used it like you say but that doesn't work, after pasting the URL nothing happens. I never knew that this forum has an "rocognize and display" option. How on earth could I haha. Let me try, the WB I.D. from WGL24: Oh and guys, don't spread these pics all over the net please. Thanks.
  9. Hi, thanks, but that's exactly what I did using the "other media button"
  10. No updates at the moment guys, didn't had any time left to work on the car..
  11. Don't know if help is still needed but I must have templates for the small and wide pushbar somewhere
  12. Warner Brothers indeed had markings on the cars. On the dash or on the speedometer there was a tag, mostly they where red. You can sometimes spot them in episodes. Also the engraving on the corner of the rear window like CDoherty95 mentioned. Also they had engraved wheels from time to time. I have pics from WGL24 I recently visited. I tried to insert them here but I can't get it done. Can someone explain how it works so I can post pics? I press the button "other media", press "Insert image from URL", I paste the URL , press "insert to post" and nothing happens. What's wrong here?
  13. Brings back great memories! Here's the vid from vlogger JD Joyrides where he's talking to me and my buddy at 1:57 min.
  14. I have 2 discs full of "behind the scene pics". Is there still a free image upload site so I can post stuff here?
  15. I second that! WB sold a lot of that property didn't they? I would love to visit that Styx River someday. Is it open for public?
  16. I like these vids where they look for these car details! Very nice!
  17. Cool. I saw the "No tresspassing signs" so didn't enter the junkyard. But all cars where gone at the time. They told us due to a fire in the building.
  18. Nice! Guess most are all US members. Not much work done at the car the past weeks. While the windscreen is out I did some little rust repair on places where the windshield is mounted. Just finished putting some basecoat there, next weekend I try to have it back to Hemi Orange again. Tried to upload a pic but doesn't seem to work. Put in the URL at "other media" but doest load. so here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/J3zr6XvodaVuEcCKA
  19. How many members are on regular bases on here and where are you all from?
  20. Yes, that's him! Nice guy, saw him at Cooters Last Stand back in 2017
  21. Here's a vid my buddy driving my LEE1. Some interior shots here aswell.
  22. Interior is a mess now. When you watch the John Schneider vid you can see some inside shots, also with my 01-helmets on the seats.
  23. That's the way I like i!
  24. Thanks for the compliment! In 2008 when I was getting the info about LEE1 I got myself the book written by Jon Holland, "The Roads Back to Early Hazzard". In that book is written that the first 3 General Lee's where painted Hemi Orange. This was told by the DOH transport guy that was in charge of the cars. There is a lot of discussion always about the colors that where used but by reading the book I believe the first 3 cars where Hemi Orange. As the original LEE1 was T3 Light Bronse Metallic I painted my car that color first. After that the V2 Hemi Orange went over it, just like the original LEE1 was painted for the series. Here's my car:
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