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Luke Duke Arrested!

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I agree with you completely Hobie. If you read his interviews, he always seems to look down on his time as a Duke.  Wopat even hosted a country tv show on TNN back in the 80's or early 90's. He would have never had the country credibility to do that if it hadn't been for the Dukes.  He hasn't done many Dukes related events until recently, he must need the money to support his habit.  I've also talked with quite a few fans, including several at Cooter's Last Stand, who said that he was rude while signing autographs. I didn't hear a single negative word about any of the other cast members. 

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I have heard him talk down about TDOH and I'm thinking....." Dude that's where you got most of what you got!" Besides, those farming people in the small towns were and are the backbone of this nation!  ( Remember Uncle Jesse's speech about how the farmer is the backbone of the country without much thanks or money for it? .....it was the one where Daisy got her jeep and helped those two youngsters get married...can't remember .....the name...help somebody ....?)

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Season 2, episode 14, "The Runaway"     I just happened to watch that episode last week, so it and Uncle Jesse's "Just a farmer" speech are fresh on my mind.  Being a farmer myself, I especially enjoyed his speech.

Here is an interview that Tom gave a few years back, that I ran across the other day:  https://www.backstage.com/interview/playing-catch-with-tom-wopat/       He wasn't as condescending in that interview as I've seen him previously, but you can get a taste of his feelings under the "A Smart Role" heading.

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3 hours ago, Burl Tolliver said:

Tom reminds me a lot of Pernell Roberts.  Both had an unreasonably high opinion of themselves as "artists."  Leading to both of them compulsively running down the show that made them famous.

And the weird thing is, Wopat seems to be the only one who made and KEPT a lot of money!

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