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Most attractive female guest/minor character on the show.

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Who do y'all think the most attractive female guest/minor character on The Dukes of Hazzard was? Remember these are characters who only appeared one or a few times, not counting Catherine Bach/Daisy Duke. If possible, include pictures. (If this hasn't already been done before.).

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Since 'Undercover Dukes' has been mentioned a couple of times, I thought a screengrab was in order. On the left is Lydia Cornell as Mary Beth, with Stepfanie Kramer as Anna Louise on the right.



And 'Good Neighbors, Duke' was mentioned by justinpcoltrane. Here's Cynthia Leake as Esther Venable.


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I'm trying to decide between that counterfeiting cutie Granny Annie or Swamp Molly OR Miz Tisdale. Just kidding, Miz Tisdale gets my vote every day. Especially the days she's riding wheelies while delivering the mail. I wish I had a job where I got paid for riding a dirt bike. I just loved it when she was talking about Jesse. "He just sets my motor on fast idle!"

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10 hours ago, justinpcoltrane said:

How about Robin Mattson (Diane) from "Carnival of Thrills"? Great face, hair, and body.

You did post it where I thought you would :).


I like Robin Mattson too, but I think she gets overlooked sometimes because Diane Benson wasn't a nice character. A lot of fans don't like the way she treated Bo.


Here's an image that I've previously posted in a couple of other threads. The one on the left is from her first movie, 'Namu, the Killer Whale' in 1966, with 'Carnival of Thrills' in the middle, and a more recent shot on the right.




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WOW!! Age definitely has taken its toll !!  


Great job Hoss on finding the pics and the episode! Undercover Dukes was what I was trying to think of! Now, if I can just figure out which episode somebody asked about on here a while back, where Jesse is in the back seat of Rosco's car and it's falling apart! ( Drag N Fly...or... Good Bye General Lee ....??)

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How about Morgan Brittany (Mary Lou Pringle from S03E04 - "The Hazzardville Horror)? Total babe.... I did some research on her and found she also played Katherine Wentworth on Dallas and is also a conservative activist. I don't agree with her politics but that doesn't take away from her beauty. Looks as beautiful now as then.


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