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A french fan of the Dukes

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First sorry for my poor english.

i am 36 years old, french guy (but living in japan)

when I was a child,  I loved cars and also General Lee was my favorite (with K2000)

The series was very popular in france too.

I bought the DVD when they were commercializes for the first time in 2007 in France, and i really enjoy to view year after year.

I regret not being able to live in the united states (green card, poor english) but it is my dream so I hope one day it will be possible.

My favorite actor is james best, I discovered this community when James Best has died and when I did some research on him with google.

Yesterday I felt bad, but watching an episode of the series I immediately smiling again. 

I will not be a participative members because i am so bad in english, but i read a lot of your post.


Merci a tous

Au plaisir de vous lire.


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Bienvenue à HNet, airdream.

I hope you will contribute to the forums - I had no trouble understanding your English. At least one other member here speaks no English at all, and manages to join in by using Google Translate.

We had a discussion about Dukes in others languages here. To remind other members, Dukes is known as 'Shérif Fais Moi Peur' in France. The theme music goes like this:

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thank you all

I would be very happy to make new friends here.

I really like the Theme music in french too, is not so good than the original by waylon jennings, but its good and it sounds like "COUNTRY MUSIC".

My wife do not really like old movies / series so i really glad to have find Hazzardnet.

I have a ton of pages to read, so here we go


Do You Know John Sheider was in France in 2008 for a Country Music Festival


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