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Hello all,

I have lurked on this site for a while and finally have taken the time to register.

I was 10 years old when the Dukes first came on TV in 1979. I kept hearing others kids talking about this new TV show, so I asked one of them what it was. I was a bit confused by the title "The Dukes of Hazzard", but one of the kids explained the show. I watched it the following Friday night and was hooked. I mean I just freaked out. It was the perfect show for a young boy. Who did not want to be one of the Duke boys? They got to race around in a really cool car, all the women liked them and they won almost every fight they got in. Anyway...I bought any and everything I could associated with DOH. I even used to buy all those stupid teen girl magazines that had either Tom or John in it just to read about my heroes. I painted several of my matchbox cars orange (until they actually made a General Lee matchbox car).

I love this website. I have been amazed at how some have put together such details on where the show was filmed. I am taking a vacation with the family to Los Angeles County in April. Actually staying in Topanga. Planning a day where I will drive a big DOH themed loop where I will drive west to Lake Sherwood/West Potrero Road, then north to Piru, then east to Newhall/Valencia. Will check out many of the sites mentioned on this Forum. Can't wait!


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Welcome to HNet, Danacus. I hope you'll be taking a load of pictures on your Dukes tour, and posting some of them when you get back.

BTW. In case you're interested, some episode of 'CHiPs' were filmed along the PCH just south of Topanga, and also on Kanan Dume Road just north of Malibu as you head for Westlake Village. In the season 5 (1981) episode 'Weed Wars', the briefing is to "keep up high visibility in Topanga area" as small-time marijuana growers are being pressurized by a bigger drug importer.

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