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New member, LA filming locations

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I've been a Dukes fan since about age 8, and built a General Lee in 05 but sold it in 07 to start my next project. I'm going to be going to LA soon and want to do some Dukes investigating. I've been looking at filming locations and read the awesome 22 page thread by Hoss for some of the locations.

So far I have the location for the lyons ranch (same as valencia ranch??)

golden oak ranch in Newhall

Styx river jump location - http://www.flickr.com/photos/rfryer10/3116845397/

map on right side

Paramount ranch in Agoura

Are there any that I am missing? Are any of these available for people to drive into and see?

I think i read somewhere that the props and everything for the show were torn down in the early 1990's, not sure though.

by the way here is a pic of my general and the black '68 I still have.


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Are there any that I am missing?

I haven't covered the West Potrero Road area (just north-west of Lake Sherwood) in the Hazzard Square thread yet because, as I mentioned recently, I was planning to link to Wekke's pictures. Since these are no longer available I hope to be covering the area soon. This road, with its distinctive white fencing, was used quite a bit. From what I can see it hasn't changed much. I think the only picture I've posted so far is from the Reunion movie:


Don't go looking for the location of the Duke Farm and Boars Nest from this era - the location near Lake Sherwood has changed beyond recognition. I also plan to cover this in future posts.

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There's a couple more locations that CDoherty brought up which I forgot weren't part of the Hazzard Square thread, so you may have missed them:

Mystery Location

This one covers locations used in 'Comrade Duke' (and other episodes), most notably the airfield (now a plowed field) and a familiar stretch of tarmac called Pico Canyon Road. Both are quite near the Indian Dunes (Styx River jump etc.) that you mentioned. The airfield location is visible from Henry Mayo Drive, but Pico Canyon Road is part of the Newhall Ranch so I doubt if it's open to the public.

Mystery Location II

This one has the location of the fight at the end of 'Welcome Back Bo and Luke' and also covers the railroad jump in 'Grannie Annie'. Both are in Oxnard, which may be a bit out of your way.

Both threads have Google Maps links to the locations discussed.

Lastly, I barely mentioned Piru in the Hazzard Square thread (it was only going to be about the WB back lots when I started it :)). It's only a few miles west of the Indian Dunes. The race in 'Luke's Love Story' goes through Piru, and many of the locations are virtually unchanged. Piru also appears in 'Officer Daisy Duke'. The bridge at the east end of the town featured in a couple of episodes and, although bypassed with a new bridge, is still standing (as far as I know). Head a couple of miles north on Piru Canyon Road and you'll reach Lake Piru. A couple of episodes were filmed here including 'The Great Insurance Fraud' where Coy thinks he's caused conman Ward's death when his car goes into the lake.

Looks like I may have to add a couple of posts about Piru to the Hazzard Square thread, but I doubt if I'll have time before your road trip.

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I'd forgotten about those threads Hoss,thanks for bringing them back up. If I remember correctly Pico Canyon Road has a FedEx located somewhere on that road,so it must be open to the public.

Moparmotel I'd say due to their close proximity you could get in all the Valencia/Newhall locations in a day.

And I remember reading a story somewhere that its possible to follow the Synx River down to Indian Dunes,although I'm not sure if the Indian Dunes section is fenced off or not.

Although it wasn't technically given any screen time, I've heard that both the Veluzat's shop and Rich Sephton's shop were and still are in Newhall. And the Veluzat's Melody Ranch contains a few leftover charger and monaco parts.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you an update that I am still planning on making this trip just haven't been able too yet. The plan is to go in about 3 or 4 weeks.

I have been collecting pictures and addresses and am bringing my digital camera, I will take a ton of pictures and link my photo bucket on here that way everyone can see them.

So far I have:

Warner Brothers Studio- Laramie Street, Midwest Street, and Stage 20, 28, and 28A

Styx Jump- Del Valle CA 91384

Paramount Ranch- 2813 Cornell Road Augora CA

Glenn Oaks- 19802 Placerita Canyon Road Newhall CA

Melody Ranch- 24715 Oakcreek Ave Newhall CA

Valencia Oaks- Intersection old rd & lyons ranch 91381

Valencia oaks is the one I am most interested in because it seems that's where all the General Lee's were until Wayne did the deal in 1991 to purchase them. Also I've got some good maps that outline where everything was from this site.

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The maps for Valencia could be very helpful,as it has become overgrown in the years since the Wayne Wooten deal. I don't know if you've been following my Valencia thread,but a tree fell down and blocked the road at the Boars Nest,and as a result the southern road and it's tributaries have practically disappeared.

Have you tried to find Sorrell Booke's grave? I'm not sure exactly were he is buried but I think it's in Sherman Oaks.

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So far I have:

Warner Brothers Studio- Laramie Street, Midwest Street, and Stage 20, 28, and 28A ...

You won't find Laramie Street any more - it was torn down in 2003. You might get to see some of the other backlots that Dukes used eg. New York Street.

Have you tried to find Sorrell Booke's grave? I'm not sure exactly were he is buried but I think it's in Sherman Oaks.

Sorrell is buried at Hillside Memorial Park, 6001 W. Centinela Ave., Culver City, Los Angeles - it's not far from LAX - see it on Google Maps here. There's more detailed information about the grave location and some pictures here.

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"Beloved Pa,Grandpa,Brother and Boss"

I think everyone can tell from that quote that Sorrell loved the role of Boss more than any other role he ever played.

Random fact of the day : Did y'all know that during Dukes and even after Dukes, whenever Sorrell did personal appearances and signings he would go dressed as Boss Hogg and remain in character the whole time? If only he had survived colon cancer,maybe he could still be with us today. He would only be 82. Maybe if he was still around the reunion movies would've been a bigger success.

Out of all the Duke actors Sorrell is the one I always wanted to work with. His on-the-spot ad-libs,method acting and comical nature both as Boss and Sorrell would have made him the one person I would want to work alongside with.

R.I.P Sorrell,you will always be missed :'(

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Hey guys,

Hope everyone has been doing well. I am still planning on making this trip, just trying to work it around my work schedule. I was looking and planning all this stuff in Feb. and then in March I started a new job working 50-60 hours sometimes 6 days a week and haven't had a chance to get out there. I will try and go soon and take lots of pictures.

Also on another forum a member said to go to this location:

"24989-25047 The Old Rd

Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381, USA

Put that into google maps and will bring you to the most used section of Hazzard in the whole series. Enter under the billboard and investigate away.â€

Anyone know what ranch this is?

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  • 3 months later...

Hey all,

I have been (and still am) so busy with others stuff: I became a train driver, that was a 1-year training, now I'm busy working in my house. And there is still train-driving training for additional train types and new routes to learn, regularly... So surfing and forums have taken a back seat. But I have a bit more time again now :-)

I had some info on the California flming locations (visite in Feb.2010), but I changed providers last year, so the webpage I had is gone. But a lot of the pictures on there were links, they were stored (and still are!) in other places.

I do want to make a description to go with them again, but I'm not gonna make a website of it anymore, rather it will be in forum post(s).

Since looking up all the info and posting it, with links, will take quite some time, it might take a while. As I said, my house and the railroad company keep my quite busy ;-)

In the meantime, you can see the pictures:

2007 - Warner Bros studios - Hazzard Square => http://s458.photobucket.com/albums/qq301/fenderbaum/Dukes%20of%20Hazzard/Warner%20Bros%20Hazzard%20Square%202007/

2010 - Los Angeles, CA. The pictures show a Dukes screenshot on the left, and how it looks these days (well, 2010...)


To see the what's what: Move the mouse over a thumbnail pic, look at the first letters of the image name.

DuelTunnel = Tunnel used in one or more Dukes Episodes, it's on Soledad Canyon Rd, to Acton. Was also in Steven Spielberg's ''Duel''.

GOBN = Boar's Nest location at the Golden Oaks Ranch (Antelope Valley Fwy 14 at Placerita Canyon Rd - Golden Oaks ranch is normally closed to public, contact them first)

GOCBr = Golden Oaks Ranch - Covered bridge and lake

GODF = Golden Oaks Ranch - Duke farmhouse & barn location

HV = Hidden Valley (W Potrero Rd)

LkShrwd = Lake Sherwood area

Pi = Piru, CA

PiLk = Piru Lake

RivJmp = Styx river jump - Santa Clarita River (Henry Mayo Dr & Franklin Pkwy, very close to I-5 onramp)

(''twin rocks'' and jump site not accessible, but visible from roadside)

SauSpdw = Saugus Speedway

TrnJmp = Train jump (Grannie Annie), Perkins Road (near Magellan Way), Oxnard, CA

''Bullitt'' (Steve McQueen) movie locations - San Francisco - 2010:


''Duel'' (Steven Spielberg) movie locations - north of Los Angeles - 2010:



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Well guys... I'm here at Valencia Oaks/Lyons ranch right now!!! I'm having a heck of a time trying to find an entrance. My post above I got info to enter under the billboard but the section under the billboard is completely fenced off with no openings. Everything is very overgrown and I can only make out a few dirt fire roads in the distance. I brought my camera and am taking lots of pictures.

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Well I found an entrance off to the side and hiked over a few mountains to get some pictures. To be honest I really need to do more research and look at the maps more to figure out where I need to walk to get some good pictures of the filming locations. I took pictures of how it looks now as well as the entrances. On the map it shows an intersection of Old Rd & Lyons ranch Rd. but in fact there is no Lyons ranch Rd. It was crazy I was hiking up the mountain to see the other side when I saw some people standing on the hill top above me. Scared the crap out of me but it was just 8-10 kids playing an airsoft game.

I didn't get to hike back as far as I wanted too or visit the other locations because we were in LA for family stuff, but I am planning on making another trip in the near future and hiking back farther up in Valencia oaks as well as visiting the other locations.

When I get home from work this evening I will post all the pictures I took of Valencia oaks.

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