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Congratulations i1976!

Brian Coltrane

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Yes, the October 2011 Fan o' the Month is i1976!! i1976 is a reknown Enos and Daisy fan who joined HazzardNet back in February of 2007!

With over 600 posts to our Forums, and with contributions of artwork to our Image Gallery and stories to our Fanfiction sections, i1976 is a creative Dukes of Hazzard fan who certainly deserves recognition!

i1976 has always been friendly and encouraging to other members of HazzardNet and sets a great example for Dukes fans everywhere. Join us in congratulating her!


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Oh my gosh!!! Thank you SO much. I'm very touched. :oops:

I'm very glad to give my little contribution to this fantastic forum, and I'm very happy you enjoy my artworks and fanfics (for sure a bit monothematic, I know, LOL, but I know there are a lot of Enos/Daisy fans out there.... by the way, great pic Brian ;)).

In effect, I should thank all the great people here, 'cause I found the courage to start to write fanfic here, on this board, reading great fics and great round robins. So, thank you, 'cause, if now I'm a fanfics' writer, it's thank to this forum.

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ROFL That's not the first time I've missed the obvious.

Now here's a proper congrats.....

Congratulations i1976!

In effec I was wondering why you kept on calling me !1976! instead of i1976:lol:

Anyway, you're not the only one who often misses the obvious. I'm the kind of person who usually "falls off the pear" ("falling off the pear" in italian means "realizing suddenly something obvious for other people", I think something similar to your "coming back to earth").

So, Roger, you and me are the kind of people who are used to fall off the pear. :roll:

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