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sorry for knocking the new movie to shreds !


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Hey y'all, sorry for trashing the new movie so dang badly,i know it's cruel of me and wasn't thinking of how I was either offending some and discouraging others!

Sure,the idea of keeping the dukes alive is one thing,and seeing the general lee in action on the big screen is rather interesting,I just wish they would've had the right cast for the movie!

They should have been actors that look a little like the original cast,at least then it would have been more acceptable to watch! Does anyone know who catherine bell is? She's so dang near a perfect look alike for the role of daisy,wish was played by catherine bach!

It's like you said,no matter who they pick,we will still be disappointed! A true fan of the dukes,will always be critical of this movie,and I'm sorry i made an ass of myself by posting everywhere how much I just depise this movie!

I know i will never accept it, but if they at least had a cast worthy of the show,then maybe I could be more open minded !

For those who are annoyed with my rantings,I'm sorry i bursted y'all's bubble!

Seing the general lee in action again and on the big screen, is something that does make my heart skip a beat! I've always adored that car,and I'm obscessed by it!

So capt,from this day forward,I'll respect others more in here for their views too,I sincerely thank you for bringing my attitude to my attention,I never meant to step on anyones toes!

I do love being here,and I am a true blue fan of the original Dukes of hazzard,see y'all later you hear!

Thanks to those who take the time to read this forum and I appreciate any comments openly!

Sincerely yours,dukefan!

P.S.: Can anyone show me an example of how to put pictures on here,I really don't get it with all this url and stuff! How am I suppose to know what the url of my pics are......I don't get it.....help??????

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We all welcome your opinions(at least the 1st couple of times you put it here), but you are not the only True Dukes fan as you seem to be implying in all of your posts. Everone here is a real dukes fan and some of us just want to see a new generation introduced to the excitement that is The Dukes of Hazzard that kept us all glued to the TV on Friday nights as a kid. We also appreciate the fact that you are big enough to admit that you were possibly out of line and apologize for it.

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im not going to be judging the movie till i actually see it. it might be kick ass. the only problem with the cast i have is M.C gainey. he just doesnt show the loveable roscoe we all grew up watching, and the fact that he doesnt have his laugh isnt going to be good. i guess the movie is simply going to belike the first 2-3 episodes. the show was a bit more serious(it still wasnt serious really even then) i think thats the roscoe we will see there....he doesnt act as stupid and he doesnt have the laugh.

im just glad that theres a movie being made. the show deserves it. regardless if it sucks or not.

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Hey Ya'll,

I have to agree about M.C. Gainey playing Roscoe. I only saw one pic

of him, but this dude looks like he can spit nails. One thing is for sure,

The new Roscoe aint gonna be playin around with the new Duke boys!

You can also bet on Burt Reynolds playing a more meaner and maybe

sometimes silly Boss Hogg. I really think the powers that be are going

to make these characters for the new movie way more serious. Johnny

Knoxville said that they are making a "more macho" big screen Dukes

movie so in many ways this movie will be way different. I have to admit

im not really happy about these changes, but I really want to see a quality

movie made. As far as the new General Lees, they look really awesome

so we wont be disappointed in the area of the General. I have to be honest here, Im really waiting to see the General Lee and the other cars

in the movie!!!!

And to "Dukefan", all i can say is this is one of the nicest places to be

on the net and we are ALL true Dukes fans here, I value everyones opinion, so Im willing to listen to anyone give their thoughts on the new movie. Thsis is one place where we can truly all get along. Take care

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I have to admit that I personally didn't like the idea of a new cast for the new DOH movie, especially with all the rumors of the General Lee with no flag on it. But, I had to step back and think about it. Unfortunately we all do get old. I don't like this fact of life as much as the next guy, but hey, we gotta live with it. The original cast can't be slidin' across the hood of the General as they could when they were 20 years old anymore. They probably have arthritis just like my folks do.

I feel the new dukes will do well. And if it bombs, oh well. They tried.

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Thank you for understanding. This is THE best DOH site and forum out there. All of us on here are mixed about the movie. I think we are just waiting to see the finished film before we can critque it. Then all hell will break loose..LOL

Shoot we would love to have the originals for the cast and there are younger actors that would be ideal for the new movie. But Hollyweird went a different way. We love giving ideas and opinions on the cast and the way the film should be.

BubbaDuke is right that this is a way to introduce the Dukes to a whole new generation of fans. And to see the General Lee on the big screen is what I am waiting for. If the cast has that chemistry together it will the movie all that much better.

MC Gainey , I will just have to wait and see..I can't comment on him yet, but still can't picture him as Roscoe..

Catherine Bell????? I like her in JAG, think she is very hot...But my choice will always be Gretchen Wilson for Daisy...


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I hope Willie has those awful braided ponytails cut off if he is to play Uncle Jesse!!! Honestly, that is one charactor that shouldnt be fouled up by anyone, especially someone that is not an actor. In my opinion, Jesse was everybodies uncle (eventhough he corrected everyone that called him Uncle Jesse, "I ain't your Uncle Jesse") and the most respected charactor on the show by everyone, all the charactors called him Sir or Mr. Duke. I just hate to see Uncle Jesse get dissed. I don't have a problem with the other cast members, and I know it is being built as a more serious atmosphere, but leave Unlce Jesse, as Uncle Jesse!!!


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To tell the truth, I think we all are pretty pessimistic towards the movie. Honestly I am going to see it. I am going because I am a DOH fan. I may think it sucks, but I will go ... for no other reson then these four.

To see Hazzard again.

To see the General on the big screen

To hear the Dixie horn in THX

Jessica Simpson in that outfit!!! She may stink as the character, but she DOES look GOOD in them shorts!!!

And Fan... don't sweat it none, we all hear ya! 8)

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I'm not really pessimistic, even though I sweat thinking of something might be screwie with a modern-day DOH movie. I feel I'm more optimistic in feeling the the new cast will do allright. I personally feel that good ol' Willie will do allright in keeping the character of Uncle Jesse alive. After all, he was around when the original series aired. Heck, he probably saw every single episode on every Friday night for all seven seasons. I think he knows what's up when it comes to being Uncle Jesse. And that goes for Burt Reynolds as Boss Hog, too. They might not be the actors that we would expect to be chosen for the parts, but I know they'll do just fine.

I'm also going to the movies when it comes out, too.

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Anyone who says that Ben Jones is just in it for the money is so grossly

misinformed and off base that I am surprised that they even know about this website. I have met Ben and talked to him extensively about the show on more than one occasion, and I find his knowledge on the subject second to none. He will sit there and talk to you about it for hours on end, whether you are buying something or not. Try that with one of the overhyped undertalented "actors" of today.

Jim Best, Sonny Schroyer, Cathy Bach and Rick Hurst are the same way. It's not at all about being stuck in the 80's for any of them. They are simply proud of their work on The Dukes and don't want anything to tarnish the memory of the show. Talk to any one of them and the first thing you realize is that for them The Dukes wasn't work, it was a fun outing with their extended families every day. Fun being the key word. They all say they had fun doing the show. The difference between the cast of the upcoming movie and the cast of the original TV Show is that the original cast takes pride in their work. The cast of the movie is only worried about how much money it takes in at the Box Office and what other big paydays it will lead to for them. In the end not one of the people doing the movie will say "that's my movie" instead they will say "that's a movie I was in that paid me $10,000,000".

Most people don't realize what a talented ensemble cast The Dukes TV Show was. Denver Pyle, Sorell Booke and James Best were all accomplished character actors long before they starred in The Dukes. Hell, James Best taught Burt Reynolds, Gary Busey, Lindsay Wagner (just to name a few) how to act. He had is own acting school. They never got the credit they deserved for that show because to all of the critics and Network people it was a "hayseed show with a hayseed cast". The problem is that most critics and Network bigwigs are city dwellers that don't get anything country. They get anyplace that has more than three trees in a 50 foot area and they are homesick. If it isn't cement, asphalt or a multi story building, they start getting nervous.

Now, 25 years after the show went on the air, Hollywood says hey lets cash in on The Dukes again. So they put together a cast of celebrities, and

write some stupid penis jokes (how Howard Stern of them) and add a General Lee. Notice I said celebrities, NOT actors. The only actor I've seen listed to be in that movie is Burt Reynolds. There are maybe one or two others, but the rest are celebrities. Johnny Knoxville's most notable accomplishment in Hollywood is a movie accurately entitled Jackass, in which he and some other slackers do stunts such as putting a Matchbox Car in a condom and sticking up their rear ends and then going to

the Doctor to get an X Ray. The other guy in the movie, (the one who was in American Wedding) his biggest claim to fame would be playing a slacker who says the F Word after everyone's name and pretending to eat doggie doo doo. Gee, is anyone still wondering why Ben Jones as well as other original cast members are pissed off? If you put some talented character actors in the movie, and then told some funny dirty jokes that would be one thing, but what they are going to do in this movie is garbage. That is what the originals are complaining about. Don't think for one second that bringing in the remaining original cast for cameos in this movie would stop their complaints, because it wouldn't. It's not the fact that they aren't IN the movie, it's what they are doing to the concept of the TV Show. Anyone who thinks that they are complaining because they didn't get to be in the movie is fooling themselves. Fact is, they wouldn't even do the movie with the script the way it is now.

The sad fact of it all is this is today's Hollywood. 75 to 85 % of today's

"A List" actors are nothing more than hyped up B or C list celebrities with

virtually no serious acting training. I've never seen so many "Stars" with

such little personality. They have umpteen "Entertainment Magazines" on TV telling us about every time they use the john. They have Entertainment Networks doing the same basic thing. It's all hype and no talent or imagination. There is absolutely no creativity at all out of

Hollywood anymore. A network gets one hit show that is kind of new and

original, and four months later there are five others just like it on the

other networks. Then you have the "Reality" shows, which are living proof

that character actors and imagination no longer exist in today's Hollywood.

I've always said that if I want reality I'll go sit on my front porch and

look out into the world, but when I turn on my TV I want to be entertained.

I don't want to see people having cockroaches poured over them or people eating worms or worse. I don't want to see people eating dog poop. I want a story that is funny and entertaining put on by character actors who know how to deliver a line without breaking their johnson to make the line funny. I've got no problem with dirty jokes, but using them without talent and imagination gets one result: people laugh not because it is funny, but because it is stupid.

I won't go to the new DOH movie, and I won't buy the DVD either. I am a fan of the TV Show and it's cast, and if they have a problem with this movie (which it's obvious that they do) then I will support them by not seeing the movie. Something tells me I won't be missing much.

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Nicely put, Cousin Dave. I agree with you on the whole, but I'll admit I'm going to see the movie for the hell of it. I'm thinking that the hype of the movie will spark new interest in the original Dukes. Kind of a residual effect. After all, the Starsky & Hutch movie of last year was basically a parody of the original show - but it didn't hurt the orignal show one bit.

Oh, and welcome to HazzardNet! I used to know of a "Cousin Dave" from CA, years n' years ago. Not sure if you're one and the same, but at any rate - good to have ya here.


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Cousin Dave, I had a lot of thoughts on this new movie - upset and worried to say it mildly - but I don't have anything new to say after your epic post there. Yes, yes, you said it all and you said it very well. Hat-tips to you.

However, there *is* a possibility that it might rekindle interest in the show... didn't think of that before, but it might. I hope so... because it would be awful for a new generation to think that the Dukes is just what the movie was like. The S&H movie was bad... but this will be a worse shock I think because S&H the show always did have a *slight* edgyness to it that the Dukes did not (after the first three episodes or so anyway).

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