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  1. oh ya. its at the bottom of the page
  2. heres a link to the score. http://rarescoresounds.blogspot.com/2006_08_01_archive.html normally id buy it. but you cant. its a promo cd they gave away during the screenings.
  3. i found this today. id buy it. but i dont have a credit card. if anyone has it msg me http://www.rhapsody.com/album/dukesofhazzardthebeginning
  4. id like to be the guy who has to make new road barriers from everytime the general jumps over something. that guy must be rolling in cash!!
  5. i love the fact that they find the general lee in a lake. they tow it out and restore it. i think it beats the whole "happy birthday general lee" story.
  6. the trailer for that movie was better then the first movie!!!
  7. well harland williams and christopher macdonald both have a good load of comedies under there belt so i think there going to truthful to the tv show
  8. quick update daisy has updated her myspace page first pics of boss hogg, lulu, cooter
  9. thanks but you should read other posts. its been known for awhile that theres a second straight to dvd prequel.
  10. i for one like the fact that the cars begininngs are changed. if they did the same story as the show i wouldnt really wanna watch it. i for one like seeing new dukes of hazzard stories...even if there wrong from the show. as long as its not full of plot holes or that it isnt realistic or there really dirty. i hope bo and luke work summer jobs to pay for the general. it would make sense cause we the regular people have to do that. and i dont really care if the flag is not on the car till the end. i dont think there going to just name it general lee right after they get it. id like a story as to why they named it that, and why the flags on the roof. i was just wondering though. in "happy birthday general lee" why do they name it general lee??? ive seen all the episodes but i always miss this when its on tv and i forgot. could someone help me on that.
  11. i like the fact that daisys got a blog. its got some movie pics in her first blog entry. from the looks of this they might get it right this time.
  12. CHECK THIS OUT! http://www.warnervideo.com/dukesbeginning/
  13. im trying to find a few pics of the interior of the movie general lee. if anyone could find me some it be a great help. also if someone could direct me where to get the steering wheel for a good price. thanks
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