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Hilarious Sign Thread.

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Doughnuts are better than a women.

They don't fuss with you and are always sweet.

that was a low blow Sheriff, im a girl....i hope my bf dont agree with ya lol id kick his butt...here are some signs that ya may get a kick out of

(this is the funniest NOTICE sign ive ever seen)


(and here are some signs that you may have seen around the internet but my dad actually bought these from some website and they are in our barn AKA my dads secret hidin place)


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Saw this on my travels in Ireland. This type of road is known as a boreen (from the Irish bóithrín, meaning a small road). They are narrow, country roads that are covered in Tarmac, but often have grass growing down the middle. The sign is "No overtaking".


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Ok this isn't exactly a funny sign but it did make me laugh....I was comin home from a friends house and then all of a sudden my mama stopped the car and backed up the road....So I could take a picture of this...


And for a closer look at the bottom.....


I am really not sure why someone felt the need to duck tape the trunk of the tree but they did!! It cracked me up!! Maybe it is just me cause I love duck tape!! lol

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