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2008 HazzardNet Christmas Party


Which day is best for you to attend the 2008 HazzardNet Christmas Party?  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Which day is best for you to attend the 2008 HazzardNet Christmas Party?

    • Thursday, December 18th
    • Friday, December 19th
    • Saturday, December 20th
    • Sunday, December 21st
    • Monday, December 22nd
    • Tuesday, December 23rd

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Hey that sounds like fun! the 19th, 22nd, and 23rd I know I can be on here...as long as my computer don't blow up! lol...the 20th depends on when we git home from shoppin...hopefully they have everythang I need.lol...the 18th nope cause I have school the next day...n the 21st possibly cause we only have a day n a half of school n the half day we watch the teachers and the basketball team play a game...but again it sounds like a lot of fun.

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I think we should eliminate the 3 that got the least votes. Monday should definitely be one party. Now, should we have one on Saturday AND Sunday or just one of those two? I vote Sunday and Monday (I'm being selfish since I wouldn't be able to make it on Saturday)

Monday sounds good to me but i wont be here on Sunday thats when my dad brings me back to my moms house after his weekend

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That'd be fun to have an online Duke Christmas...sorry I am kinda behind here. Just name the time and night and I will try to make it. If I am not doing anything else and can get to a computer...I'll be there. ;)

Same for me... Final exams are over and I should have my computer back in my room...I'll try to be there myself If I can remember the time and day lol I haven't watched or had anything really to do with the Dukes in over 4 or so months so It'll be good for me to catch back up.

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i wont be able to make it on monday or sunday and mainly because on monday, since thats a weeknight i have to get off at 6 or 7 and sunday is when i come home from my dads and i dont get back from his house till late, sorry.

oh sorry i got my week ends mixed up i was thinking this weekend is next weekend, but still i wont be able to be at the party because on weekends and weekdays my grandma goes to bed at 6 or 7, sorry.

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