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Cousins by Blood, Brothers by Choice.


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Jesse swallowed a little. Turning, he hurried himself out of Bo's room going to the nurse's desk. Reporting to her what was happening, she got a hold of Bo's doctor and rushed to his room to check on him. Jesse closed hi eyes, hanging his head. He felt bad that he had to tell Bo that, and felt even worse he would have to tell him the truth later.

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Seeing the doctors coming out of his room, Jesse let out a depressing breath of air going to sit back down in the waiting room.

"Uncle Jesse is he ok?"

Daisy asked worriedly. She feared something terrible was wrong with her baby cousin.

Jesse looked at her, hugging her to him comfortingly.

"He will be ok....he's just...confused and hurt right now.."

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Karen nodded. Hanging up the phone as quickly as possible, she slipped on her shoes and ran as fast as wind out of the door. Almost colliding with Nick, she explained to him where Bo was at. Nick, he himself was relieved, Turned around sprinting a little ways to the truck. He held the door open for Karen, once she was in, Nick ran around the front of the truck, climbing in himself starting it up to life.

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In the waiting room though, was a different story. Three Dukes rested against a wall, taking a break before one of them went in to see Bo again. Luke looked worn out, bags under his eyes, not a look you saw everyday unless the boys had had a late night out.

Two Davenport cousins came up the hallway, arguing over something as always, having recieved word from Daisy that they had found Bo. Both of them walked into the door at the same time, getting stuck in the doorway.

"Cooter you dumb rump can't ya see I'm tryin t' get through the danged doorway!"

Lori snapped, trying to squeeze through. Cooter grunted tryig to turn himself around so she could fit through, grumbling.

"Lay off of the bacon in the morning and you wouldn't have that problem..."

Lori stopped dead, and jerked her head to him, her imperial purple eyes shooting daggers, her mouth wide open in an appalling look.

"Are you insinuating that I'm fat?!"

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Cooter growled a little, finaly pushing his way through, though when he did, both of them collapsed atop each other in a heap on the floor. Lori grunted a little when she landed flat on her behind, on Cooter's back.

"Get off me Loren!"

Cooter growled, heaving his chest a little, trying to breath.

"Oh Im sorry dearest cousin can't ya breath or is all my fat cuttin off ya danged circulation?!"

Lori snapped at him, crossing her arms defiantly.

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