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(for you folks across the big pond the B stands for bacon)

We have BLTs here too, Roger. In the UK, bacon means pretty much the same as in the US. In Ireland it can also mean boiled back bacon in dishes like bacon and cabbage. Ten years ago, most people here would have thought of the latter kind if you said bacon (the type you get in BLTs etc. was known as rashers), but nowadays bacon means both (probably helped by the menus of international fast food outlets!).

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Mortgage ( A Mortgage is written on paper!)....the Dukes alway tried to get their mortgage paid on time!)

* I was going to say paper mache, paper in my tree.....but I'm not sure what it was, that boss said, in the Christmas episode where those guys robbed him and he was trying to convince them that his stuff wasn't worth anything! He said, " It doesn't mean nothing, it's just...paper mache....paper in my tree???".....sounds crazy, but listen to it and it sounds like that's what he's saying! Listen to it and tell me what you think it sounds like.....

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Oh, so thats a mortgage. I thought it was a different word for rent.

board game

Rent, is when you pay every month, to live somewhere but you don't own it, EVER! Mortgage, is when you pay every month and then after years of paying your mortgage every month, you're paid up and don't pay anymore! You OWN it!

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