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Hi y'all!

Okay, I put an announcement up on the front page of HNet and I made this topic sticky so folks see it first thing when they come to this part of the forums!

I voted all day today. ROFL. DOH is up to #39 with 78 or so votes to get to 38!

Rally 'round the Rebel flag!! Kheeeeeehaaaaaa!!!!

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Latest update: Dukes of Hazzard

Current vote total is 732. Rank is #36. (Only 118 votes away from #35)

April 28th we had only 26 votes and it was at 127. What a way to rally around the flag. We can show and shock everyone when a 20+ year old show makes it to #1! YEEEEHAAAAAAAAA.

Maryann thanks for making it a sticky and writting it up on the homepage.

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In 12 days we went up from #135 to #24! We went up from 26 votes to 2432 votes! Every show ahead of us, except for one is a current show. That one show is MacGyver Current vote total is 5383. Rank is #12. (Only 3060 votes away from #11).

We are only 433 votes away from #23. It is now a uphill battle, but we have the numbers and strength to fight this battle. Rally around the flag y'all!

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Yeah I was votin' this morning too and it was getting frustrating because I'd do a positive vote every five minutes and the number kept going the other way!! I'd vote positive and there'd be a negative vote (meaning there were two negative votes and my one positive cancelled one out). I was beginning to think I was being tricked and was hitting the wrong button. ARGH! But finally whoever was voting negative during that fifteen or 30 minutes gave up and we blew through about 200 votes today! Last I checked we were like 190something away from #23. Yeeehaaaa!!!

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