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Okay folks we appear to be stuck at 17 and losing some serious ground. Either a group of folks have decided to do nothing but vote negative for our show or people out there are hitting that negative button thinking they're helping us. It doesn't!!!

Also, maybe it's just me with being on AOL but I my understanding is that you can vote only once every five minutes. And that means you can only vote in one show every five minutes. So if you vote for the Dukes you can't go and vote for another show until five minutes has passed. Again, this may just be me with my ISP, but if any y'all are out there trying to vote a negative on another show, you basically wasted a positive vote that could have gone to the Dukes.

I have to say tho that we're apparently not the only show that's stalled and getting a lot of negative votes. So theorists can conclude that there's something wrong somewhere. LOL


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