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  1. it sold for just under 10 million bucks, yes you read correct but after looking at the winning bidder i doubt he'll ever get the money, john put in an ebay complaint about him eBay link
  2. well if anyone knows the episode or i hear it while watching the dvds i'll copy it for you. YEEHAA!
  3. No problem, its a great place to go for a laugh!! YEEHAA!
  4. this rosco sound board has him saying "them duke boys".......if u go there let it load then look to the top right hand side http://dukesounds.com/soundboards/rosco/rosco.shtml
  5. you'd be surprised how many people around the world paint their vehicles up to look like the General! I've got a lot of pics, they're just good for a laugh!! YEEHAA!
  6. i took some screenshots of it for you, can i email them to you?
  7. 1008 votes and ranked 34th!!! 12 votes away from 33rd! YEEHAA!
  8. im on board and will vote every 5 mins when online!! YEEHAA!
  9. i dont care!! if its got a general then im buying it! YEEHAAAAAA!
  10. Also, Hazzard county in the movie didn't feel small and cosy like the show, it didn't feel like a small country town and county.
  11. Thanks for that Bernadette it was a fantastic day for all, im so glad i went too. Hey guys check out Bernadette's site for pictures of John! THE GENERAL
  12. WOW! great thanks, she must have some great stories to tell. YEEHAW!
  13. Hi, im from Australia and am doing a massive road trip for 5 weeks starting in August, im visiting Covington and plan to visit Cooters place in Tennesse, after hearing all the good reports about this place im getting very excited, cant wait! YEEHAW!
  14. HAHA! now thats a true hazzard fan find!! nice job.
  15. I bought all 20 episodes recently off ebay, on 2 dvds, the quaility is obviously VHS but not too bad, its cool just having it as a Hazzard fan!! It was made during the time the boys went on strike for a season but they do appear in 4 of the last episodes. YEEHAW!
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