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Happy Birthday to HazzardNet's very own Boss


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Happy birthday to Boss JD Hogg who shares a birthday with Boss JD Hogg. It must be pretty fun to share a birthday with your favorite character. I wish my birthday was May 11 like Jesse. We appreciate all you do here Boss. You are a great ambassador to the show and an even better representative to that lovable scoundrel  Boss Hogg. If you can pull yourself away from cheating widows out of their pensions, come to the Boar's Nest tonight, water down the beer and tip a glass with us....and charge us ten dollars to get out.

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Sorry guys I missed this post.  Me and Lulu were celebrating on Wednesday and counting all the cash.  Roger and Hobie thank you so much for the kind words.  I'm still going to charge you double for watered down drinks at the Boars Nest. lol

Roger, Way back in the 80's when I found out I shared a birthday with Sorrell Booke(Boss Hogg) I was thrilled and I still am.  A few years ago my wife made me a birthday cake with 'Happy Birthday to me and Boss Hogg'.  

Edited by Boss JD Hogg
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On 1/4/2023 at 9:23 PM, Hobie Hartkins said:

Yes! Happy Birthday Boss!! I tell you what, if you want to, when you finish at the  Boars Nest , you can come by my car lot and we can tie one on in the back and watch the red buggies race around the track in back of my car lot!  ;)  :drunk::drunk: :drunk:

Cousin Boss... Through Hobie's eyes they all look red. ;)

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