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  1. John and Tom's appearance with the Cincinnati Pops was canceled because of pressure from people who think "Dukes" had "racist overtones." http://news.yahoo.com/s/usnw/20070315/pl_usnw/singers_canned_by_orchestra_because_of_classic_t_v__show http://www.cootersplace.com You can contact the orchestra to protest here: http://www.cincinnatisymphony.org/Verify/contactus.asp In my opinion, this is f****** ridiculous.
  2. Hey guys, who do you think are the hottest female actresses that made a guest star on the dukes ? My choice would be the actress who played Mary Kaye in Mary Kay`s Baby and played another character in The Treasure of Hazzard. My second choice would go to the one and only Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane, sadly she was a crook. My last choice would go to all the gals that appeared in the Boars Nest in The return of the ridge raiders. Your choices ?
  3. Can you guys give me the list of the episodes where bo or luke duke sing solo or together cause they rocked while singin` " carryin` on like we did before "
  4. Can someone tell me the name of the country song that the kidappers play in Loretta Lynn`s presence. It`s about Nashville. here are some lines : so i save my song to nashville, where god meant me to be and when i die they`ll bury me in nashville Great Episode, by the way, i just loved the way how they all started singing at the end. Pure genius.
  5. From season 1 : The chase through the town square ( ep 1 ) The repo car chase ( ep. 4 ) The chase with the chicksaw county sheriff ( ep 12 ) Cant wait till the exams get over so that i can watch the season 2 and 3 dvds that i have.
  6. Allright, i`m going to write down a list of the songs that i remember hearing while watching the DOH Good ol` boys ( ofcourse) Pretty women Mamas dont let yor babies grow up to be cowboys So, what do you remember hearing ?
  7. WOW !!!! This thread is the biggest proof that this site is full of female users, not that i dont like it. And since both JS and TW are cool and kind guys, unlike many movie stars today, they deserve the love.
  8. I`m not an American but i`m a big fan of the show and i have a fascination with the american south. Anyway, can someone explain to me what exactly is moonshine made of cause i`ve seen it in a lot of movies that takes place in the south but i never knew what exactly it is. Any explanation.
  9. I remember seeing an episode where the dukes sing " dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys " but i cant remember which episode was that. Can somebody name it ?
  10. I`ve only seen the first season of the DOH and the 2nd and the 3rd season are on the way, but i want to ask whether there was an episode where 3 or more cars were after the general, just like smokey and the bandit, instead of just Enos/Cletus and Roscoe. I love the fist fights in the boars nest, but in season 1, there were only two fights, does the number increase in the upcoming seasons ? GREAT SHOW
  11. I really like the season one episode guide on hazzardnet, but its been a long time and i`ve been waiting for the season 2 guide, so when is it going to be completed ?
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