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  1. Naa...product placement back then probably would’ve been easier than today. Back then I’d think most products and companies would have been glad to have their products shown on one of the most popular shows at the time! Nowadays everyone only cares about how much money they can make in that moment...you have to pay the companies tons of money to show a product. But maybe that had started in the 80s & eventually it was easier to cover or fade out the car names, than to pay Ford tons of royalties. I don’t think it was revenge though...Jeep provided the Jeeps for the show & Daisy.
  2. They still should have kept the Satellite for Daisy...the Jeep was too “dorky” for one of the Dukes (my opinion)!
  3. Interesting that the headlight covers are up/open in your General Lee...I’ve not seen that on the models before.
  4. $300 is ridiculous! But I guess it’s because her actual Satellite is no longer made by Auto World. Cooter’s green Camaro & the purple Satellite (which was not actually Daisy’s) were only in 1 episode each, so they’re probably not as sought after by fans...therefore cheaper. The Finchburg County Sheriff’s patrol car was also only in 1 episode, so even though they’ve made a diecast model of it, I probably won’t spend $50-70 on it. I probably will eventually get Daisy’s Jeep & maybe Sheriff Little’s patrol car, but for now I’m satisfied with the General Lees (old Joyride one & Auto World one) Rosco’s patrol cars (old “inaccurate” Joyride 74 Monaco & the new, most-accurate to the show 77 Plymouth Fury), Daisy’s Plymouth Satellite, And Uncle Jesse’s Ford Truck—and all the action figures to go with them!
  5. Yeah, I have the original Joy Ride General Lee (which was not that great or accurate) and the Auto World/Silver Screen one—which is awesome (only issue I have is it was missing the CB antenna)! Daisy’s Satellite is also by Auto World, but it’s probably been 6-7!years or so since that & the General were released by that company. So the Satellite might be somewhat expensive, if you find it. You probably have, but you might try eBay. Poor quality photo (but this site only allows for a certain size so I had to shrink it—so a little blurry), but here’s one of my 1:18 diecast model of Daisy’s Plymouth Satellite, with her action figure sitting on the hood:
  6. Sorrell was a true professional and I believe “Shakespearean” trained actor...I’ve seen him play all kinds of roles. But, he’ll always be Boss Hogg to me, so it is kind of odd sometimes seeing him be “badder” than when on Dukes.
  7. I have 1:18 scale models of the General Lee, Rosco’s patrol car, Uncle Jesse’s truck, and Daisy’s yellow Plymouth Satellite. I’ll probably eventually get her “golden eagle” Dixie Jeep...but never cared much for it (loved the Roadrunner & Satellite way better). So it’ll probably be one of the last ones I get.
  8. Lol...a pic from the “M.I.” episode Shock, but in “Dukes” world, definitely of ‘Boss’, as Booke was NOT a nice guy in this episode either! Although still a bad-guy, it was actually kind of cool seeing Sorrell as a totally different kind of character.
  9. I’m now currently going through the original (1966-1973) spy TV series Mission Impossible. The episode I’m watching now (“Shock” 1967) guest-starred ‘Boss Hogg’ aka Sorrell Booke! He was a bad guy in this episode, too...but a little more deadly than ol’ J.D. was. Here’s a pic from the episode:
  10. I’ll be sticking with my DVDs, too! Not everything is meant for, or looks best in, HD. Lots think because it’s “HD” it’s automatically the best picture & color quality ever...and that’s not always the case. With current shows being made that might be the best...but older shows sometimes still look better in the form they were originally made & filmed.
  11. I’d love a General Lee...but Uncle Jesse can keep the white hair. His ‘character’, who he was, and what he stood for is what I like to try and emulate.
  12. I’ve seen Denver Pyle on lots of different things in the past, but despite how much I love Uncle Jesse, I’m not into white or gray hair—shaggy or short. I’ll be like Robert Redford and dying my hair at 80, lol!
  13. Lol! Sorrell Booke’s episode of the original Hawaii Five-0 was pretty intense...not Boss Hogg, for sure! He also has a guest spot on Streets of San Francisco, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I think Denver only had this one guest appearance on “Streets”.
  14. He was a jerk at first...but ultimately changed and was good at the end. He is so engrained in my mind as ‘Uncle Jesse’ that it’s always strange, but also interesting to see Denver in other roles.
  15. I’m currently going through the 70s crime drama The Streets of San Francisco. Tonight I’m getting ready to watch the Season 2 episode “Winterkill”, from late 1973. One of the guest stars is Denver Pyle—without the beard, lol! I’m just starting it so don’t know yet if he’s good or bad...but I always enjoyed his guest spots on Perry Mason, and he played a variety of good & bad characters on there.
  16. Rosco’s tribute to Boss was very touching...it was heart-felt & well done! They should have included Lulu too, though...as Peggy Rea was still alive & acting. But, I think she was on the sitcom Grace Under Fire at the time, and her schedule may not have allowed her to be in “Reunion”.
  17. I’m somewhat new to posting on this site...I figure there’s lots of old threads where some of the things I bring up were discussed in the past. But even when you do a “search”, there’s so much that pops up that it’s hard to tell where everything might be at.
  18. I don’t like them as much as I do the original series, but they’re okay. I especially like the first one. Uncle Jesse wasn’t that fragile or decrepit yet (although Denver Pyle was ill with lung cancer by this time). He was still strong and able! By 1997 the boy’s probation would have been years over and they & Daisy would have eventually moved on in their lives. I’m sure they visited and kept in touch regularly...plus, Uncle Jesse chose to originally keep the law suit & problems with Mama Max a secret—none of the family or Cooter knew until they arrived back home to help with the Hazzard festival. If Jesse had let the family know I’m sure they’d of come home earlier. I thought it was pretty good for a reunion movie, and all the characters were there except for Boss. I forgot that Emily Procter from CSI: Miami was in it, lol! As for the Hollywood one, I didn’t care for that one as much. Most of it took place outside Hazzard, in Hollywood, and some of the plot was a little too silly—even for DOH. But, they had an “accurate” General Lee this time, and it was still the Dukes with Cooter, Rosco, Enos & Cletus. There’s nothing like the original series...and never will be again. That show was perfect for its time and is one-of-a-kind. But, the reunion movies did a good job of trying to recreate it as much as possible—especially the first one!
  19. I wasn’t sure if this is the right place to bring up the first reunion TV movie, or not...but the other ‘movie’ thread looks to be mainly about the 2005 feature film, and not the “real” Dukes. Anyway, just watched Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion (1997) last night. I remember watching both this & Hollywood when they first aired—probably still have the VHS recordings of them boxed up somewhere. Out of both reunion movies I like the Reunion one best as it still takes place in Hazzard & Uncle Jesse is still around. But, the only 2 issues I have are the General used & the end...where at the last second Daisy backs out of the wedding & dumps poor Enos—again! First, the General Lee used was for the most part awesome...but the rear end and/or taillights were different from the show. The series General had black around the taillights, while the reunion movie’s were orange around all of it. No biggie but I did notice it. As for Enos & Daisy—I’m like...really?? Maybe I’m in the minority here, but in my opinion Daisy & Enos should have finally gotten together, and after all this time you’d think they’d just get married and be done with it! P.S. Not sure why some of my above post is highlighted and bigger in font size? Fixed it - Hoss
  20. Yeah, the old Georgia farm the Dukes first used I think was even abandoned when they started using it for filming. Later after they went to California and the farm was completely abandoned, it just sat there and slowly deteriorated. Somewhere along the line they decided to tear it down, but discovered that the house had at some point been built around an original Civil War cabin. They stopped tearing it down, and left the cabin not knowing what to do with it. However, they let it sit too long, and eventually it started falling in on itself and they had to go ahead and tear everything out. Sad!
  21. Awesome idea, Roger—I’d build a replica, too! But, in all honesty I don’t think much thought was given to the original Georgia locations, once they moved filming to the Warner Bros. studio in Hollywood. However, one of the special features on the Season 6 DVD set has Ben Jones and Sonny Shroyer returning to Georgia to look at some of the original locations...including the original “town square” & courthouse, train tracks of the General Lee’s very first jump, the college building where the General jumps over Rosco as he hunkers down in fear (as seen in opening credits for show’s entire run), and the original Boars Nest, which ironically is now some kind of church, LOL! But, it would have been nice if somehow the original Duke farm house & barn could have somehow been preserved.
  22. Cool old pics of the original Georgia Duke's farm house...obviously it was abandoned even by '87. Sadly it has been torn down, and all that's left now are a couple of the chimneys. When they originally started tearing it down they discovered the house had at some point been build around an old Civil War cabin. So, destruction stopped, and the old cabin was left standing...so they could figure out what to do with it or how to save it. Sadly, nothing was ever done and in I think 2011 the cabin itself was finally knocked down...as it was ready to cave in anyway, and they were worried about safety concerns.
  23. I really like the Carnival of Thrills...first time the Duke boys have a disagreement and interesting plot directions. The Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Duke episode isn’t one of my favorites (neither is My Son, Bo Hogg) as I don’t particularly care for ones where one of the main stars goes crazy or loses their memory for a while. But, compared to the robot or alien ones, those other episodes are MUCH better written & done! In my opinion, the robot episode started the down-hill direction with the bad writing and/or plots (nothing against the actors themselves as they did awesome with what they were given). You sadly could tell the writers were starting to give up by this point.
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