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  1. It was still sane when Denver’s/Uncle Jesse’s generation was still alive...but, sadly we are losing most of them, as time moves on. He was the same age as one of my grandmas...she passed away just two years after him, in ‘99. I can’t wrap my head around the idea they’d ‘be’...103 (little rhyme there)! RIP, God bless, and miss you both!
  2. Yes, it was an early Season 1 episode “Moving Violation”...Rosie Greer guest starred as this huge, massive guy who gets out of an old tiny compact car (it was almost clown-like). He is so enraged because he’s getting a ticket (I think it was his mom‘s car supposedly, if I remember right—and she’ll be mad at him) that he begins to literally tear/rip the car apart with his hands...Greer’s guest-appearance is credited as ‘Car Killer’, no-less, lol!!!
  3. CHiPs sometimes was serious (for the time), as they once in a while even had fatalities & people dying. But, overall it was fairly lighthearted...although it was definitely more serious than DOH. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Rick Hurst in any kind of serious role.
  4. Another fun, action-filled show I grew up with was CHiPs (1977-1983)! I just watched a Season 3 episode, “Death Watch”, from October of 1979. Part of the plot was the late actor Christopher Stone playing this disgruntled, angry movie stuntman driver purposely causing wrecks on the California freeways for insurance money (Stone’s real-life wife, actress Dee Wallace, who many remember as the mom in the movie E.T., also had a guest-spot). However, the goofy movie director that Stone’s character was the stunt driver for, was none other than Rick Hurst...aka Cletus Hogg! Has Hurst ever played a serious role?
  5. I understand that Mill Creek puts out more budget releases, but there are several series sets of older shows they’ve done that are pretty good—KR included, as well as Miami Vice, Charlie’s Angels, Magnum p.i., etc... Compared to the original DVD sets, the Blu-ray sets by them are pretty cool! However, Turbine Medien is NOT a budget company...they are top of the line! The Blu-ray quality is superb...and their KR set is “perfect”! It’s one big, huge set sealed in an awesome designed box. So, they’re not going to take parts out for a cheaper price. I didn’t care for the sequel TV movie (Knight Rider 2000), Team KR, or the remake series—which isn’t included. But, it’s awesome that the majority of the franchise is included...even if I don’t necessarily need or want it.
  6. I know...it’s not cheap or a budget set. But, it contains almost the entire KR franchise, besides just the original series (the only thing not included was the 2008 remake 1 season series), Including tons of special features & memorabilia items. It’s expensive, but well worth it if you can do it!
  7. I’ve looked up DOH on Blu-ray several times in the past, just to see if there was a set put out at some point & I didn’t realize it, or if there were plans to put one out in the near future. Sadly, no. Not that I know of...I’m sure the whole liberal/woke garbage over the rebel flag is a big part of it. I’ve also heard before that Warner Bros has stated in recent years that they plan to eventually stop putting out & will phase out physical media...going to streaming only. That will be unbelievably stupid if they do! As for KR...I have the original Universal season DVD sets, and the Mill Creek Blu-ray set from a few years ago. However, all of those are syndicated reruns (as that’s what Universal has used for a lot of their older shows when first releasing them to DVD). But, this new 40th Anniversary Blu-ray set by Turbine is SUPERB! It has original uncut episodes, by far out-does even Mill Creek’s Blu-ray quality, and is probably the BEST Blu-ray release ever, that I’ve seen so far! It’s also REGION FREE, and can be played anywhere world wide! But, it is expensive! However, the special features, tons of memorabilia included in it, the programming & quality of programming, etc...do somewhat justify a higher price. The box it comes in is huge, too...it’s not your standard Blu-ray series size. It’s not a budget release by any means. My credit card may hate me , but I’m loving this KR set! If DOH and Miami Vice could get this treatment by Turbine as well, I’d ball like a baby with joy, lol!
  8. I’ve recently discovered this YouTube channel myself & have watched a few of the videos (as I was/am as big of a KR fan as I was/am a fan of DOH). Recently I discovered that a German company called Turbine put out a special 40th Anniversary Blu-ray set of KR this past fall—which there’s a video about that on this channel as well. The set is actually region free, though, and is SUPERB!! It has original uncut/unedited NBC airings for the first time since the show originally aired!, with all original music, and completely restored in THE best quality of an older show I’ve ever seen! The special features & memorabilia included are off the charts, too! I so wish DOH could get the same restored Blu-ray treatment that KR did—it would be amazing!!
  9. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Season 1...which had the Hazzard County barbecue reunion from 2005 on it. I’m thinking it was another reunion with just the “cousins” in 2006. I remember Catherine is wearing a green sweater or shirt of some kind. But...it’s been a while. I could be wrong.
  10. It could be Season 2’s special features, or Season 3’s...can’t remember?
  11. Yeah, they talk about it on one of the special features, on one of the season DVD sets...can’t remember which season has that interview? But, it’s where John, Tom, and Catherine reunite in some NY sound recording room to talk about the show & reminisce.
  12. I’m almost 47 (next month), and I grew up watching & I’ve been a diehard fan most of my life as well. I’ve never gotten to go to a Dukes Fest yet, nor have I ever gotten to meet any of the cast, but that is a dream that I hope to accomplish someday! I have lots of memorabilia, though...the original season DVD sets, a newer Complete Series DVD set, my lunchbox & thermos still, the board game, the TV Guides, posters, 8x10s, but my favorite is I have all the action figures set up with 1:18 scale diecast metal models of all the cars/vehicles that have been made (General Lee, Daisy’s Plymouth Satellite & her Jeep, Rosco’s Plymouth Fury Hazzard cop car, Uncle Jesse’s Ford Truck, and recently Cooter’s Hazzard Chevy Tow Truck)!
  13. Lol...this is cool, I’ve not noticed this before! I’ll have to watch it soon and look/listen specifically for that. I can’t at the moment, though. Not at home.
  14. I have heard of this “goof”...but, I personally don’t remember it? I will have to listen for it the next time I watch the episode.
  15. I actually can’t decide which episode is my all-time favorite, but “Ghost” is definitely one of them!
  16. Boss & Rosco had a great routine down...very Abbot & Costello, Hazzard style! As for Hazzard in California looking like Walnut Grove in “Little House” (which was also not supposedly set in California either), that’s because it was the same background! Both were filmed (at least some parts of the shows) on the same backlots with the countryside setting. Although the town sets and interiors of places were I think on different lots/sound stages. I remember in an interview with John Schneider and Tom Wopat, they were talking about one time they snuck one of the General Lees out on a joyride around the studio set when they weren’t supposed to—and they got too close to the house used as the blind school on “Little House”, and it damaged it. They were laughing at how mad the producers of each show were, lol!
  17. I’ve loved several shows over the years, but DOH is one of the first. I was a small child when “Dukes” first premiered... I don’t remember which was my first episode to see, either, but I don’t believe it was the Pilot. However, it wasn’t too far into the first season that we started watching...I’m sure my dad was watching & that’s how I first saw it. My mom was never thrilled with Daisy’s shorts, bikini, nor the beer & bar scenarios at the Boar’s Nest, lol! But, we all lived. I was hooked too & watched loyally till the end. It will always be a favorite...a fun, but also a comfort show for me!
  18. I was a diehard fan of DOH from the beginning...lived and breathed it, Knight Rider, too! I cried when I learned each had been cancelled, but I was 9 when DOH was done & 10 when KR bit the dust. But, I’m the same way...once a show is a favorite or I really like it, I’m loyal—forever! Tom Selleck is “The Man” in so many ways to me...who he is & what he stands for, not only on the screen, but in real life too. Donnie Whalberg is cool too, but his character annoys me a lot of the time on BB...but, I think it’s supposed to.
  19. Sadly in today’s world networks don’t really care about fan response or wants anymore...they do what they want. Blue Bloods is good, although I mainly have watched it because of Tom Selleck...he’s always been one of my heroes since “Magnum”. I don’t think BB would have lasted as long as it has if he hadn’t been as seriously involved. I kind of got out of it though, and haven’t watched much for the past few years. I haven’t seen CHiPs since reruns on TBS, not long after it had gone off the air. I’d love to see it again...I’ll have to look into getting it soon. For DOH I re-found it in the 90s when reruns were on the cable network TNN, and this was the first time I’d seen the show since it was originally on when I was growing up. I taped some episodes, but I didn’t get the whole show. I didn’t get the entire series to see again until they started releasing it to DVD, around 2004/05.
  20. Yeah, when Daisy rushes out of the house, you can see them up a ways behind her. They weren’t literally right behind her or really close...but they looked on the same property. However, maybe they were separate?? They looked pretty abandoned & long time unused even when the DOH filmed there. The Dukes house was already abandoned too when it was used for filming...but wasn’t fully torn down until I think the late 80s/early 90s. I’ve seen some pics of a “Dukes” fan going through & exploring the abandoned original Duke house around 1987...a couple years before they started demolition. It was pretty “rough” & torn up inside, though. Yes, that’s the stone chimney that was originally part of the Civil War cabin, which was later incorporated into the house when it was built around it. Glad to see it’s still there! Interesting that there’s a “bridge out” near the old Duke farm, lol...the irony is almost too much to be a coincidence!
  21. What is the deal with the “reactions”...all of a sudden I’m not allowed to leave any anymore?? I’ve never had that happen on fansites before? But, sadly yes...anything wholesome, positive, moral, American, etc...is now considered stupid and sometimes not even allowed anymore! But, Hollywood is paying the price...both figuratively & literally! A large portion of audiences are sick of the woke crap and are not watching. I’ve seen several things recently talking about Hollywood going broke...like they say, go woke go broke! But, that’s why I’m so blessed & grateful I grew up when I did, and I got to experience shows like DOH firsthand! I’m also grateful these shows have been put out on home video so I can have them forever anytime I want, regardless of the idiocy of the media & modern Hollywood.
  22. I remember Numb3rs...that was a good show! I have Starsky & Hutch on DVD, but I too still need to get C.H.i.P.s—thanks for reminding me of one I need to acquire yet! I think my Walmart has a Complete Series DVD set on sale right now.
  23. I have region free Blu-ray players in my living room & bedroom. But, the basement family room TV still has an old DVD/VCR combo hooked up...so I can watch some old VHS tapes down there for the fun of it, if I want.
  24. Definitely not!! I was born in the 70s, but not only grew up with current shows of that time & beyond, but I got to grow up with shows from the 50s & 60s too—thanks to Nick-at-Nite & TBS back in the-day. I do not like a lot of current shows...as they’re purposely created with anti-American, anti-moral, racial, divisive, and woke/cancel culture themes.
  25. The DVDs are fine, and I’m grateful for them. But, especially with older shows, there is a definite difference between DVD & Blu-ray quality! From Knight Rider, Charlie’s Angels, Miami Vice, Magnum p.i., etc...the colors & picture quality are amazing on Blu-ray, even compared to the original DVD sets! But, how I do remember taping episodes of shows like mad, on VHS to try and get the whole show! It was fun at one time, but then became a huge pain in the butt...especially if whatever network took the show off before I got all the episodes—it took me almost 10 years & at least 2-3 different cable networks to finally get the entire Charlie’s Angels series on tape... and around that time they then started to release it to DVD, lol! Plus, if one tape got “eaten” by the VCR, or wouldn’t play right after so many years of viewing...then you were screwed! So, I am very happy with digital home video products. But, I still have my VHS tapes of my shows boxed up...I can’t get rid of them, too sentimental to me I guess.
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