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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen several announcements about Dixie, Daisy’s Jeep getting released in a 1:18 scale, and I’ve seen pictures. I think smaller scales have already been released. I’ll probably end up getting it...but never really cared for the Jeep in the show. I already have Auto World’s 1:18 scale release of her yellow 1971 Plymouth Satellite (the car right after the first couple episodes with the 73 Roadrunner)—the Satellite was my favorite car she had in the show. I also have Auto World’s 1:18 scale release of the General Lee...definitely the most accurate & detailed compared to the old Joyride release years before that. I don’t believe there has ever been an official release of Boss Hogg’s Cadillac yet—other than the old Hot Wheels back in the day & I think a plastic toy one that only a few were put out & they’re rare...and plastic. I’ve seen an old photo with Sorrell Booke holding the plastic toy as like a promo. But it looked cheap and not very detailed. I wish Greenlight, or some company, would put out a 1:18 scale diecast model of Boss’ Caddy—if they can do Jesse’s Truck, they can do Boss’ Cadillac!
  2. I’m not positive...but I think a 1:18 scale of Sheriff Little’s car has now been released—which was actually a 1975 Fury. But awesome job of turning the 77 Fury into a Chickasaw car! I too have the old 74 Dodge Monaco Hazzard County cop car put out by Joyride years ago (which was found to be the wrong year than what was used in the show). I think a “corrected” model was later put out, which was a 1975 Monaco, but not 100% positive on that—or is that one the 75? But I also now have the 1977 Fury as Rosco’s car—the most accurate from the show & I love it!
  3. Not sure about the General Lee or Daisy’s yellow 1971 Plymouth Satellite...those were put out by Auto World (Silver Screen editions) several years ago. However, I do believe that a 1:18 scale of Daisy’s “Dixie” Jeep has been, or will be released by Greenlight soon. I think smaller scales of Dixie have already been released. What we need next is Boss Hogg’s Cadillac!
  4. Look up Greenlight 1973 Ford F-100 Truck 1:18 scale White. It’s meant to be Uncle Jesse’s Truck (as I think it even has the Georgia license tag from the show) but it’s not listed with Uncle Jesse directly. I think there’s actual licensing issues with it directly being listed as Dukes of Hazzard.
  5. Recently Greenlight released a 1:18 scale diecast model of Rosco’s 1977 Plymouth Fury. I finally got it today—and it’s now displayed with action figures of Rosco, Boss Hogg, and Cletus/Enos...next to diecast models of the General Lee (with action figures Bo & Luke sitting out of the windows), and Daisy’s Plymouth Satellite (with Daisy’s action figure on the hood). Rosco’s Fury is an amazing addition to my Dukes collection, and an accurate Hazzard cop car for once...as the original 74 Monaco released years ago by Joyride was discovered to be the wrong year—a 75 was actually used in the show! I’d put pics of mine with the action figures but they’re too big than what’s allowed on the site...and I’m not “tech-y” enough to know how to change the size. So the pic here is one from online...but an exact copy of what I now have! The only thing missing is the confederate flag license plate on the front...but I’m looking into decals of some kind to add that. P.S. They also put out a 1:18 scale model of Uncle Jesse’s 1973 white Ford F-100 truck. I’m waiting on it to arrive!
  6. However, I will say that it seemed like when they used the 77 Monacos the steering wheels and/or interiors matched up...it was with the 77 Furys that suddenly the steering wheels didn’t match up.
  7. I wondered if it was something like that, but it just seemed strange. Yeah, the Matador chase scenes used after 1st season were just stock-footage scenes thrown in from before...supposedly we wouldn’t notice...right? As a little kid watching “Dukes” I can remember noticing the differences then, lol...but it never took away the joy of the show—and still doesn’t!
  8. Maybe this has been brought up already in the past, but there’s so much awesome info about the “Dukes” on this site, it’s sometimes hard to find something if it’s already been mentioned in years past. Anyway, starting in I think 3rd season or so, Rosco, Enos, & Cletus primarily used 1977 Dodge Monacos & 1977 Plymouth Furys...the Furys primarily taking over by Season 4. But, I’ve noticed a lot of times the steering wheels and/or interiors don’t seem to match a 77 Fury, when shown. They are many times more from a 75-76 Fury. Did they interchange interior parts & steering wheels for some reason? I’ve noticed this a lot of times even before they wreck ‘em, so I wouldn’t think there’d be a reason to change out steering wheels or interior parts from an older model...it just seems strange to me, and I wondered if anyone knew why or had ideas of why?
  9. Thanks for clarifying. Crazy, though...I can’t believe in all the times I’ve seen this episode, as it’s one of my favorites, I’ve never noticed this before! But, sometimes these little “quirks” make the episode more enjoyable for me...love this episode and the show is one of the best in TV history!!
  10. There are maybe 2 episodes I don’t care for. For some reason I’ve never liked My Son, Bo Hogg. But, my absolute least favorite (and in my opinion the WORST episode) of the entire show was...Strange Visitor to Hazzard! I don’t like alien crap to begin with, but that kind of sci-fi ridiculousness did not work for a show like Dukes! I almost always skip “Visitor” when going through the series.
  11. This may have been posted before, and if this is information brought up before I apologize. But, I remember watching this episode when it originally aired when I was really little, and I have seen it several times in reruns and on my DVD set a few times. And all the times I have seen this episode in the past, I have never noticed a possible goof with Luke getting back into the General Lee. But, I am watching this episode again right now and I happened to notice that when Bo and Luke are trying to help Uncle Jesse get back on the right road during the race with Boss, involving the detour sign—I swear it looks like Luke gets back in the General...and closes a door (instead of crawling through the window like usual)! It’s only for a split second, but I swear it looks like he closes the door beside him! I can’t believe that I’ve never picked up on that before, but has anyone else ever noticed that before too? Was this a goof, or am I the goof?
  12. Yeah, I wondered if the old moonshining days were from the 40s rather, it’s just Uncle Jesse talked about the depression and the year ‘32 in another episode. They probably just chose older decades back then, and didn’t really think about it that much. Definitely agree...one of the greatest TV shows of my childhood & of all-time!
  13. Was watching this episode the other night, and I started to wonder about Uncle Jesse‘s and Boss Hogg’s age. In the beginning of the episode, they were supposedly watching old home movies of moonshine runs from the 1930s. Yet, Denver Pyle who played Uncle Jesse was born in 1920. And at one point the year 1932 was mentioned...yet he’d have only been 12 years old in ‘32. In the old home movies he and Boss looked to be about 30. In reality, Denver Pyle was only about 59 at this time. Was the character of Uncle Jesse supposed to be a lot older? With the white beard Uncle Jesse looked older, but boss didn’t necessarily look older than about late mid to late 50s. Yet he and Uncle Jesse were supposed to be around the same age, and grew up together. Moonshining in the 30s, and how old these two characters were supposed to be, never seem to totally add up to me. Just curious to know what others thought?
  14. Thanks, Roth...I’ll have to listen to that! People from the show had said in interviews, and I’ve read before, that they claimed eventually ‘parts’ for the Road Runner became too difficult to find and so they switched to the Satellite instead—even though it was a couple years older. But maybe they were referring to these mounts that were breaking, when they said ‘parts’.
  15. This may have been posted before, but as I was looking at the page that shows all the cars used by characters in the show, I noticed there was some inaccuracies when it came to Daisy's cars. True, she started out the show with a yellow 1973/74 Plymouth Road Runner...but the story goes, when parts became too difficult to find to repair the few they had on the show, they switched to a 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring...painted with the Road Runner paint scheme. So, the '71 she used was actually a Satellite, and not a Road Runner. Just FYI. What I don't understand though, is in 1979 a '74 vehicle would have only been 5 years old...you're telling me that barely five years later Chrysler wouldn't have replacement parts for one of their vehicles? Just seems a little strange to me. But, maybe the parts were actually too expensive to continually order...and parts for the Satellite were cheaper for a while. Just a thought.
  16. I'm new to this site and have not been able to be at any of the Dukes Fests yet...but I would LOVE to be at one! Like probably a lot here I grew up with the show and still love it to this day! I truly hope they put one together this year---if they do I will plan to attend! Hope we find out where and when in the next few months (or not )...until then Yee Haw!
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