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  1. Well NASCAR really knows how to pour salt into an open wound. Not bad enough that Elliott is out...let's go penalize the entire team of Hendrick while they are at it, right? Well that's what they did. NASCAR confiscated their hoods before last Sunday's race and found something wrong with the hood louvers. Whatever they are. Kyle Larson wasn't too concerned about it...but I guess he should have been. Highest penalty since Michael Waltrip's penalty in I think 2003. I think he got a $300,000 fine back then (I am pretty sure that is when he put jet oil or jet gas in his cars. It as something bizarre like that). Hendrick got $400,000 fine. The drivers got a 100 point season fine, and if t hey make the playoffs, 10 point play off fines. Crew chiefs got suspended. Plus more...I'll post the article. Perhaps Chase Elliott is the lucky one after all of this...as he is not named as punished, since he is out (I assume). Alan Gustafson, his crew chief, is. I'm pretty upset at NASCAR over all this. I view it as NASCAR picking on the top dog as they are the team to beat, right now. But I am sure that is the fan in me wanting to be upset. I don't even know what the hood louvers are. Anyways...enough of my petty opinion. Here is the article. https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/03/16/nascar-cup-series-2023-atlanta-101/ Sorry Hobie...your guy Denny Hamlin also got penalized. But he got penalized 25 driver points and $50,000 for intentionally wrecking Ross Chastain. Denny needs to learn to keep his mouth shut...he pretty much came out and said he intentionally wrecked Chastain after the race. Hendrick is going to fight their charges...don't see how Hamlin can after admitting it to the press he intentionally wrecked Chastain. Sorry Roger...I don't know any other Georgia drivers out there racing right now other than Chase Elliott. Though they will be racing in Atlanta this weekend. Does that count?
  2. Cat (as in Pete the Cat) (Nope not sure who Petey is...)
  3. Looks like Byron won...again today. He's been on a roll the last couple of weeks. Which I am happy for. If Chase isn't winning, then let's see the 24 car back in victory lane. It's like deja vu all over again. Just too bad Jeff Gordon's not driving it. I do like William Byron. He's a clean and good driver and does a great job driving the 24 car. Just no one will be able to replace Jeff Gordon in my eyes. Not even Chase Elliott who drove that car for a few years. Sorry I don't have much to report on the race, I didn't watch it. (Shame on me.) But my Hendrick drivers seem to do better when I'm not watching them . https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/03/12/william-byron-makes-it-two-wins-in-a-row-with-last-ditch-effort-at-phoenix/ And don't root for someone else, just because of me. That's what makes this sport great. There is a lot of drivers to chose from and we all don't have to like the same ones! I'll give Hamlin credit...when Elliott got back at him, he was the first one to say he had that coming. Not a lot of drivers would admit that. I think he's the first one I remember that admitted to it like that. As for Harvick, Harvick is Harvick. He admitted he likes to stir the pot. When Keselowski wrecked Gordon (who would have won the race) Gordon confronted Keselowski and Keselowski tried running away until Harvick pushed him towards Gordon. Started a fist fight. Harvick later said that he regretted doing that and the only reason he did that was to get the attention off of himself who had a bad race. LOL. At the time I thought it was big of Harvick who said he approved of Keselowski's move on the track, but he should own up to it afterwards. But Gordon was the one who got the fine and in trouble for it, so that part wasn't cool. So bottom line...just because Hamlin and Harvick has had run ins with Elliot and I'm not a fan of their racing...that may be more of a reason for you to like them. Though if I had my way...we all would be big Chase Elliott, Jeff Gordon, and Jimmie Johnson fans. I'm just glad you didn't say you were a Kyle Busch fan...I might have to question your taste in drivers...just saying LOL.
  4. Outlaw (Indian Outlaw - Tim McGraw) (Oh Hobie...I told you I couldn't resist myself. No one disses Jeff Gordon and gets away with it. )
  5. Sorry to tell you Hobie, but both of those guys had run ins with my man Chase. So I'm not a big fan of either one of them. Though...what are you going to do at the end of the year when Harvick retires? I think he is scheduled to be in the Fox booth next year. I could be wrong. I am all for my Hendnrick drivers. Chase Elliott is sadly out...so I guess I'll go for my familiar number 24 that's now driven by William Byron, but will always be known as Jeff Gordon's car. But I like Bowman too...as well as Kyle Larson. I was complaining to my dad the other day. When Gordon was racing and he got wrecked out or something, I at least had Johnson as a back up to go to. Now I really don't. Not anyone that I get overly excited about. Dannnnggggg Chase Elliott better never retire...I don't know what I'd do. The only reason I had Chase to fall back onto, is because I knew he was going to be dubbed Gordon's replacement when he retired years before he retired so I kinda followed how he was doing through his ARCA and Xfinity career. So if it wasn't for that...I may have no one right now. LOL. So...yeah...Chase better race for another sixty years or so. Then, maybe, when I'm six feet under, then maybe he can retire...
  6. So you just made my day with this post...LOL. I saw his first one, but not this one. Do know people questioned it...but when Jeff tells me it's real, I believe him. LOL. Bet ol' Travis believes him now too. So maybe he is a little bit of a punk after all... LOL
  7. Hobie (Sorry Hobie...you asked for it dissing Gordon like that )
  8. LOL...that will come in handy at COTA! Chase does too...as well as Gordon. Too bad neither of them will be racing there. HA.
  9. I wasn't much help. . .but you are very welcome.
  10. You are welcome. I saw his name and thought it was you that liked him. That will be exciting to see how he does in a cup car! Now here's your chance to see him drive a real car. (As Chris Meyer says in the NASCAR booth...I kid because I care )
  11. Hey Hoss...don't you like Jenson Button? Or am I imagining things again? Well if you do like him, you'll be interested in this article. If not, well then, I'm keeping y'all infomed. Jenson Button is coming to NASCAR for the COTA race... https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/03/09/jenson-button-set-for-nascar-debut-at-cota/
  12. That is a good question. I don't know how they will work this. I am sure he is contracted to get money one way or another. But they also earn money in the race such as the first place winner earns more money and the last place gets the least amount, but still money. But they also probably have to share that with the pit crew and car owner and such on and such on. I am not completely sure. I know at one point I heard the pit crew members often times had other jobs outside of the race...which is dumb. Because they have a big chunk of responsibility between how good the driver is...so they should get paid good. IDK. Hopefully they get paid good...lol. So I guess I really don't know how this all works. Probably like all else sports where the players get hurt...they get paid to sit on the benches. Though in those stories, their back ups probably also have their own contract. I am sure Rick Hendrick will have to dish out money to Josh Berry for said races he is in and money to the other guy (Sorry I can't think of his name right now. All I know is, is, it's not Chase Elliott...LOL). I remember years ago when Kyle Busch was always throwing his temper tantrums (well more than he does now...) his pit crew didn't tighten a lugnut completely. Kyle had to do a drive through. Kyle cussed his crew out on the radio...next pit stop, they did it again. LOL. (You think he'd learn to treat them better...LOL). Kyle actually went on to win the race. He may be a good driver and have a thing or two to do with the win...but maybe he should be more respectful and appreciative of the people that make it happen as well. (Sorry talking about the pit crew members, made me think of this...LOL. I can't remember the important info to save my life, but I remember odd random stuff like this. )
  13. https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/03/07/hendrick-motorsports-announces-fill-in-drivers-for-elliott-expected-to-miss-six-weeks/ Not exactly the news I was hoping for...but sadly the news I was expecting. Chase Elliott is out for six race due to his injury. Am not a happy camper about this. Though do feel bad for Chase. He has to be in pain and now guilt and worry about missing out these races and so forth. Hope he heals well...and soon...and am looking forward to seeing him back in the number 9 car. I am sure Josh Berry is great....but he's not Chase. LOL.
  14. Thank you Roger. I will definitely have to do number 5...LOL. Though please send Flash...I love dogs!
  15. Drinking and driving, eh? That's scary in normal driving, not a lone going two hundred miles per hour. LOL. What manufacture does he drive? What number? LOL PS: Dale Earnhardt Jr is left handed...though I highly doubt for the same reasons. HA!
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