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  1. Well y'all have talked me into taking all that back. That and the fact that I keep coming back, despite what I said. LOL. I miss checking in. May just have to limit how much time I am on here. So I apologize for my post and I apologize if I am ruining your excitement at my supposed departure. Really...twenty years? You really know how to age me, Roger. HA! Which shows...y'all just can't get rid of me. As for Chase Elliott...he has a fractured tibia. Doesn't sound good. I agree Hoss...I think the more money, the more play they get that will get them injured. Chase will be out indefinitely as of right now. Which has me feeling loss...I don't really have a backup driver as I did when Gordon was racing. It was Johnson and Jr. Now both of them are retired...or semi retired in Johnson's case. . . Go Team Hendrick...LOL
  2. Thank you Hoss and Roger. Sorry to leave. Just feel like it's time. Will miss everyone here. I bet Spike will do a better job at keeping you all updated. I am already a dull person...can't get any worse, Hoss. Keep it between the ditches, y'all!
  3. Yes it will be. I read he will be out indefinitely. Am so sad and mad. This is an ongoing issue whether or not the drivers should be able to participate in dangerous play or work outside of racing. I remember they wanted Carl Edwards to stop his backflips in fear of him getting hurt. He never did, so he must have won. I understand the drivers wanting to have fun and do their thing outside of work...but still. Look what happens when they do things like this...they get hurt and everyone else pays for it. LOL. It's a hard solution...I wouldn't want anyone telling me what I can and can not do outside of work either. Then again, I am too scared to do anything that may result in injury. LOL. I bet my man Jeff Gordon gave ol Chase Elliott a talking to. See? This is why baseball is better than NASCAR. One guy get's hurt you got the whole team to fall back on. As much as I love all Hendrick drivers, Chase Elliott is my guy. Now I don't got no one to fall back on that I can get too excited for. Will root for Bowman, Byron, and Larson, but they aren't the same as Elliott.
  4. One news story before I leave I guess. Looks like Josh Berry will be filling in this weekend for Chase Elliott at Las Vegas as Chase Elliott has suffered a leg injury during snow boarding in Colorado and has had surgery on it on Friday. I am beyond heart broken. Sad. Upset. And will boycot the race. Hopefully Alex Bowman or William Byron will win now. https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/03/03/chase-elliott-to-miss-las-vegas-race-due-to-leg-injury/
  5. Am glad to see F1 season is starting for you Hoss. I hope that your team and your drivers will have a great first race and a great season. On that note, I am taking a break from HNet. I need to focus on my schooling and on life. I hope someone better will be able to do the NASCAR reports for you all. I am honored I was able to do them when I was able to. I am a quiet person and don't talk much...but do love talking NASCAR. Best of luck to you all. PS: GO CHASE ELLIOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. SUMMER!!!! (Sorry I can't wait for spring and summer!)
  7. Thank you Roger. I try to do my best to do so... Thank you so much Hobie. Y'all are the best! Oooo what channel is that on? Who are you racing against? Is that in Hazzard County? I'll be rooting for ya!
  8. Thank you so much Cuz. That means a lot. I could have opted to stay home, but I'd still have the other stuff to do. Thank you so much. Thank you Roger. Yes. I was excited to see Chase finish second!
  9. Well like I said...I missed the race because I went out for lunch (shame on me) and then came back and got stuff ready for this week. But the race is over. Kyle Busch has won his first race with his new team, new car, and new car number. . .and new sponsor. LOL. Chase Elliott came in second. (I bring my favorites bad luck, so maybe it's best I didn't watch the race. HA!) Hopefully I will watch next week's race and have a more in depth description. Sorry for my letting y'all down. Auto Club Speedway results
  10. OK thanks for the reminder. I won't include my favorites any more.
  11. Well y'all. Sorry to disappoint you. I didn't watch the race. It's still going on and Kyle Busch is on, but am currently on a virtual meeting. Had left earlier and had done meal prep and laundry. I hate being an adult...
  12. Dang I wasn't even thinking about the weather in California. Of course mother nature has to act up where the race is at...
  13. We really could have had a party of the century...dynamite, confetti, loud music. . .they say hindsight is 20/20. But dannnggg....LOL
  14. How come that doesn't surprise me? Now we are never free to have our wild and crazy party and throw confetti all over Hnet...orange confetti that is.
  15. Dang it Roger...we really missed our opportunity to shine!
  16. Last year he was going for the win and teammate Kyle Larson took him out. Hopefully that is a thing of the past and that Chase will win it this year!
  17. Dang it Roger...why you tell me that Hoss was lost or not around. We could have had a wild party and blown up Hazzardnet with our wildness without him. Now we got to cross the ts and dot the i's and not party. What fun is that? Guess I'll just go watch the race... Go Chase Go! In more news...spring training has started for my Cubbies. Baseball + NASCAR = perfect happiness!
  18. Well y'all I got some good news and I got some bad news. Good news is that we are racing at Fontana at the Auto Club Speedway. The home track of Kyle Larson who had won the race last year and is favored to win again. Sad news being, is that this is the last race at Fontana. NASCAR has gotten a lot of money out of the land that the track is on...or so I read this morning. But still sad to see such an iconic race track leave the circuit. Of what I read is that NASCAR plans on using the money to promote more fan experience...which is great for all those lucky people who get to go to the races. As for me, it's just another loss of a great track. But I'm just glad it's not Bristol...I'd probably pack my fandom bags and leave at that one. That's my all time favorite. Maybe they can use all that new found money to build another Bristol here in Iowa...;) https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/02/24/what-to-watch-2023-auto-club-speedway/#:~:text=What%20to%20Watch%3A%202023%20Auto%20Club%20Speedway As for me...I'm just hoping that Chase Elliott will be in the top contenders and will be talked about in a positive way at the end of the race. LOL. As much as I love the Daytona as it's the start of the season...the real racing starts today!
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