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What type of music you like

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I listen to just about all rock, not really mid '90s stuff...

Mostly '70s stuff, Southern, and a bit of '80s metal...

I like new stuff too, my favorite bands are AudioSlave(as well as SoundGarden and Rage) Velvet Revolver(as well as STP, not GNR though)

Saliva, Godsmack and ShineDown. I will listen to just about anything they play on the radio.

Silvertide is a new one I am starting to get into as well...

I also love country, but I just haven't been in the mood for it lately. Hank Jr. kicks butt!

There is some rap I actually like. If it's got good instrumental in it. Jay Z has some stuff I like... "99 problems" rings a bell. But for the most part, I don't listen to it unless its on at a party I'm at.

Anyone here a Lynyrd Skynyrd Fan? My all time favorite band.

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I listen to southern rock, like skynyrd, zz top, allman bros. I love "outlaw country", Waylon, Bocephus, Mr. Cash, Willie, Steve Earle and Kris Kristofferson. I also like SOME, of the new country, Shooter Jennings, (The kid is excellent, that cd is one to get), dierks bentley, toby keith, montgomery gentry, and brad paisley. Rap, isn't music, just words I dont understand. The newer rock, hurts my ears. Pop, just makes me wanna toss me cookies. Classic rock, like guns and roses, and metallica - (don't shoot me, but I like the black album, and up from there). The only rap I can tolerate is Kid Rock, and he aint rap anymore. You know country music is in trouble, when a pop star, and a rock star make a better country song, than the "pros".

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