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Hey everybody, I was just thinking, you know the scenes of the episodes they show, while they're playing the music and the show is coming on? Well, we all know the episodes that the scenes are from but there's one on Coy and Vance's episodes that I don't think ever really happened. Remember when Coy threw Vance a dish in the kitchen and uncle Jesse gave them a hard look? I don't remember that from any episode, do you? ( I'm on season 5 and watching  " The Return of The Mean Green Machine " as I type this)

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It's taken me a while to flick through (i.e. not thoroughly watch) the Coy and Vance episodes, but I have to agree with the others. The nearest thing I found was when Coy throws Vance some groceries near the start of 'Witness: Jesse Duke', and Jesse's in hospital when that happens.

As a reminder, here's a screengrab of the scene from the opening titles.


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