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DaisyMaeDuke is Engaged!!!

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Okkkaaaayyyy people, big announcement here!!

My best friend in the whole wide world, and I do mean that literally cause she lives in America, and a person more like a sister to me than my own sister is has just a few hours ago gotten engaged!! Of course, the guy she's engaged to not only loves her to pieces and treats her like the star of a person she is, he's also a huge Dukes fan AND owns a General Lee!! They even met at 2008 Dukesfest!!

I'm so happy for her and I did get her permission to post this before she could :p, I just wanted to wish her and Steve all the best in their future life together, she deserves everything that's coming her way now after a very difficult couple of years.

Congratulations DaisyMae, I love ya so much cousin


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Congratulations Daisy! I wish you and Steve all the happiness in the world.

Hey, here's some ideas for the wedding.

See if you can git on that "My Big Redneck Wedding" show on CMT. Tonight it's on at 2:30AM right after the Dukes of Hazzard marathon.

Wait a minute, maybe you could recreate a wedding on the show. How about Milo and Daisy's wedding? Hmmm, never mind that didn't go so well.

Hey, how about Enos and Daisy's wedding? Woops, never mind. That didn't go too well either.

I got it, you and Steve could recreate the wedding of Emery Potter and Mabel Wooster! Yep, that's it! This is going to be fun.

I can't wait!

Seriousely though, congratulations again. I'm very happy for you!

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Thanks y'all. I got me a good ol' boy so I know Im gonna be happy. We're planning a Hazzard wedding including whatever cast members would like to come...I know at least two are planning to- Im so blessed. it should be a lot of fun and definatley a day to remember... I cant wait:)

You posted on 04-12-2011, 10:48 PM - did the wedding happen yet? If so, I hope it was everything you & the groom wanted it to be =)

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I probably should explain something. I'm sorry for the confusion. If you look at the year you'll see those posts are 4 years old. The only reason I posted here was in hopes that if Daisy happens to be fliping though the HN for old times sake she might see her old screen name recently posted and click on to see my request to get her back here. I guess it's my way of sending up a signal flare just in case someone notices. In this case it is intended for a specific someone.

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6 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

I just reconnected with DaisyMaeDuke and she has been married for 9 years now.....and they still own a General Lee.

It's great to hear she's doing well. Married life must be busy, because she hasn't been to HNet since 2013 - any chance you could persuade her to drop by?

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5 hours ago, HossC said:

It's great to hear she's doing well. Married life must be busy, because she hasn't been to HNet since 2013 - any chance you could persuade her to drop by?

Her best friend here on HN was BoJamesDuke and she is still living in England.

Edit: yes, I did make the suggestion.

Edited by RogerDuke
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