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  1. Does that mean I only get one guess?? I watched it last night, so now I know the right answer...lol
  2. 1)God 2)My family 3)Dukes of hazzard 4) My true friends 5)My hazzardnet family 6)My health That's all I can think of right now.
  3. Welcome to hazzard county Gracie, anything you want to know about the dukes, you sure can find out here. As for food while watching the dukes,no Idea, I just get pizza myself, or chips, something quick, so I don't miss a scene.
  4. Ledger ( as boss hoggs ledger, to keep track of county funds)
  5. Daisy's by line,( probably spelled wrong...)
  6. hahaha, typical woman,..lol...just kidding cousin...lol
  7. My faves of all time are; Ronnie Milsap/Tanya Tucker/Kitti wells/Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn/ Jerry reed/Crystal gale/ Tommy Hunter/ list goes on. My faves of today; Brad Paisley/Patty Loveless/ Sara Evans/Alan Jackson/Shania Twain/Josh Turner/Rascal flatts/Keith Urban and so on....
  8. Hey Roger, over 45, bad boy..., I am 44 and I know them all, I was raised on that music since I was a kid, mind you with my brain , I did forget who sings them, but I know Barbra Mandrell is one of them, Crystal gale might be as well, just got a memory block at the moment.
  9. hahaha , cute TexasDaisy. underpants
  10. Sure is B.L., and congrats on being fan of the month.
  11. Time (as in nick of time for the dukes)
  12. Been a few months, I can't remember the title or if ti was even in rr??? Oh well, I will try to do it again, I still remember the basics of the story, so will go from there.
  13. WAy cool, just saw you vid and it was Great!!!!! I also saw many videos on other RC General Lee , racing against other RC cars and being chased by hazzard finest, never knew there was such a big world if RC out there, even saw a Transformer General lee , go figure,....lol
  14. hahaha,, Am glad I was able to supply you with a secret weapon to prove hubby wrong...lol If you have limewire, you can see if you can get it there, I got the song from there as well.
  15. I Haven't been here long, but from what I can see, if Roger picked you as fan of the month, that probably means you deserve it whole heartedly , So Congrats B.L.
  16. Christmas...(already???)...lol
  17. I almost had a harry canary, was scared I was banned or something, some relived I was able to sign in just now...
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