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  1. My limited vocabulary does not allow me to probably say the right thing. But I will say this. I hope you have a good recovery and get as close to your former self as is possible. I've got family who had cancer as well. It is very tough for them 5 years.
  2. Lyrics arent entirely clear and I dont know kwich is correct. But most seem to say the or two. I prefer two myself.
  3. Kingsday Tommorow everyone here will wear orange. No, this is not for national Dukes day. Kingsday is tommorow and part of their surname is 'of orange'.
  4. Exactly @HossC. Most/all of this colour interior were made by Warner Bros and had the sidemarkers/reverse light spaces filled in. Also you can see this car has wide sill moldings (The chrome strips under the doors) which in the early seasons (Valuzets era) were painted over when they were on the car and removed by Warner Bros in the later seasons. But the biggest giveaways in that regard that its not a TV car is that it has an antenna, no vinyl top trim and clearly visible Charger badges. I heard TV cars have some kind of number or code carved into the rear window, but I have never seen a picture of this myself.
  5. Hey @Meadowmufn great job on keeping the forums so up to date! I think I've found an issue. I don't know if anyone else can see it on my post about the RHoughton Auction General Lee, but it shows me this issue after making a small edit to the post. [[Template core/front/global/commentEditLine...
  6. Welcome to HazzardNet @RHoughton! Lets get straight to the point! Let's see... What have we got here... XP29H9B222089 X = Dodge Charger P = Price Class: Premium 29= 2 Door Sports Hardtop H = 383ci 4-barrel High Performance 8 cylinder 9 = 1969 Model Year B = Assembled in Hamtramck, Michigan Very nice car! Looks mostly complete. Looking at the pictures I'd say its a replica. I don't have VIN numbers to see if it was a screen used one but I very much doubt it. All cars who were 'send away' after being used on the show had the roof portion with the flag/text cut off and the remainder after the show are almost all well documented. Yes, I say Almost, but there is nothing really which indicates this car could've been a TV car. Things to look for in a stunt/second unit car is a fully spray painted interior and no orange under the hood. On this one the interior seems to be nicely done for a non official Dodge colour with the exception of the steering wheel. Like TV cars this car has been painted to orange on the exterior only with the engine bay and probably trunk being in the original colour. The exception here is that they painted the hood hinges. Which was too much work for the show on a stunt car. For a close-up/first unit car they'd have the engine back blacked out. Which looks like someone had actually done! But very crudely looking at the hood hinges. It's not something you wanna look at closely with a camera on a TV show. I could go on, but I doubt it'll add much. Did you find the broadcast sheet? Anyway, very nice Charger either way! Keep us updated on the car if possible!
  7. Mmh... I was always told we sold New Amsterdam... Anyway, nice list! There's some funny ones on there, like Dutch door. You only see those on (recreated) old farms. Thanks for that link.
  8. I didnt understand half of it, but it doesnt sound pleasant.... Nice cat though.
  9. The funny thing is, everyone knows 'the General Lee' and its horn. But theres few people, at least over here, who know what a Dodge Charger is.
  10. Must be great to tour a General Lee around the region there. I'd love to see those pictures! I'm going to the LA region soon, but I doubt there is time for me to check the ranch or anything else. If you can even get into it now.
  11. The name Dutch seems for some reason to be often used in applications which are not understandable at first. Chargers (and other cars) have a thing called Dutchman panel for example.
  12. @HossCDid you forget about the pictures? I've just watched it. Yeah, it can get quite repetitive and there definitely some bad language. Still though, very cool to finally see some video footage to go with the pictures! It looks like they use a railroad loop as boundary for where they film all the miniature stuff within. Pretty cool how it basically looks like a miniature Movie Ranch within the Ranch. I always thought they would've build the different sets in different locations at Valencia. At least what I can see from this footage shows it as a full loop railroad. Which surprises me since they just reverse the train again. Can anyone hear where they say they are filming at 2:15? It sounds like Sesams Legal Ranch or something similar? I'd have expected Valencia Oaks, but this definitely sounds different.
  13. I'd probably be too afraid to burn down my place.
  14. Oh man. I'm going to have to check this out! Thanks for posting this!
  15. April Scott She plays Daisy in that 2007 movie.
  16. Congratulations Hoss! Don't know what else to make of that!
  17. I saw on Instagram that Serge was considering to sell it. This is in my country. I was about to make a joke that I'd only ever spend that kind of money on Charger parts. But this is a Charger part.
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