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  1. totally just found this!!!!!!! check it out!
  2. Thanks, I've been rooting around all day and have found very little about the models. I found some deal links to pictures from a post made in 2014, but that's about it. If it is okay (as a new guy and all" I'd like to make a thread specifically to house the OG model info for my use and future lookie loue's.
  3. Good Morning everyone, My name is Matt, and am a child of the 80's. I grew up watching reruns of the Dukes that my older brother and I forced our mother to record on vhs while we where at school. Like so many others my age, this show sent me down the gear head path full steam ahead. My whole life has been about cars, But it wasn't until I started listening to the Kibbie and Finnegan podcast that I really remembered my love for the Dukes and that dang orange car. I don't have the room or the cash to have a real general, but Know I need something Dukes in my life (I already have a van painted up like the A-team van). I came up with an idea recently that combines a few of my other hobbies that will in a "small" way get me a general lee. My other hobbies besides hotrods and classic cars is RC model aviation and scratch building model airplanes. I also enjoy video production, have a small youtube channel, I'm also-also somewhat of an okay artist. I plan on using those skills plus the knowledge I gain here to as correctly as I can reproduce the scale model of the General Lee they used the end of season six and in season 7. I will then attempt to recreate some of those jumps in the show. I know I could get away with using a store bought plastic kit, but there's no fun in that. So I apologize in advance for any old threads I dig up and comment on, and all the questions I'm going to ask that no one probably cares about seeing as the model "fake" jumps where disappointing as a kid to most of us. Thanks for your time, Matt V.
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