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  1. Georgia - Boz Scaggs (Ya reckin' Boz ended up in Hazzard at one point? This song almost fits... LOL)
  2. Howdy RT! Welcome to HNet! (belatedly LOL). Great story about how the Dukes was and is a part of your life. I know Catherine was second behind Denver for your favorites, but allow me to take you back with that "People" mag cover of Catherine Bach (and for those who've never seen it...and the rest of us old duffers who might have forgotten about it. LOL...) I hope you vist more often too!
  3. Indeed. And with that pact (and the fact that I'm no good at carbon dating) I won't reveal Brian's actual age. It's easier for both of us to just say (and stay) 21.
  4. That's why I hate revealin' my age too much. Really! I'm still 21!!! LOL
  5. Waaalll lessee...I saw the show in it's original run (at least, the last three seasons of it) and was very very very upset when it got cancelled in 1985. I learned to hate tv networks at a young age. LOL When TNN brought the show back in 1996, I was able to make up for lost time. Khee! Loved the show all over again and it ain't changed since! Although K-Duke15, I know exactly how ya feel. I can remember back in '96 or so - I was in college - a friend of mine from highschool was going to the same local college I was. And he comes waltzin' into the computer lab and sees me on the computer, checking this new fangled thing called the internet and looking at a Dukes of Hazzard website (I believe it was Mufn's "Hazzard County Sheriff's Dept" site. Khee!) and he says to me... "The Dukes of Hazzard was over a long time ago." I more or less gave him "that look" and said, "Yeah? So?" LOL Of course, as we all know the Dukes have never been "over." I've written fanfiction. I have the DVDs, some posters, some toys. A Dukes poster on my wall. General Lee 1:18 die cast car sitting on the shelf here. Original Ertl matchbox size cars from the early 80's on the other shelf here (they're a might dusty. Probably oughta dust this stuff more often. Heh!) I've got some autographed photos thanks to all my wonderful friends and cousins who were fortunate enough to attend the various DukesFests over the years (I have not been able to). And I've got other various DOH themed doodads and whatnots. A fan? Me? Yah, I reckon I am! Probably up on that scale around the 10 mark. Khee! Thankfully, folks like Mufn wanted to do crazy stuff like build websites dedicated to the Dukes of Hazzard. And folks like me and Brian have been privileged enough to help build the site and community so lots of folks have a place to talk about their favorite obsession!
  6. A man's truck is his castle! As Cooter would say. Great job Hoss! Of all the different trucks Cooter used on the show (and we all know he used many different ones!) this (and the earlier blue and white Ford) are the one's I think of when I picture "Cooter's tow truck."
  7. One more for the good ol' U S of A states... America - Waylon Jennings
  8. I'm still recoverin' from last year's debacle...er, merrymaking but I'll mark my calendar for the 17th and the 20th. I'll bring more of the dainty cups for Nasty.
  9. Dang, don't ya hate when that happens? LOL I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair - George Jones
  10. Continuing our salute to the Material Girl.... Borderline - Madonna
  11. Alex, ya need a one word song title. One word, like.... Vogue - Madonna
  12. I think Brian hit the nail on the head for ya. A "Dixie" bike!
  13. I think I'm gonna have this version stuck in my head now... LOL
  14. Mark yer calendar for 2/1! And that goes for all the rest of ya too! You have no idea the fun you missed out on with last night's chat! Right, Roger?....uh, Roger?
  15. I'll swing through at 9 then. :)

  16. Holy bleep!!! No mistaken that that's him. Khee!
  17. I don't think this one has cycled through yet. If it has...shame on me. LOL Barracuda - Heart
  18. "I hope so, Alex..." *Time ticked away slower than MaryAnne thought possible. All in all it was about an hour, maybe a little more that had passed. It might as well have been enternity.* *When Brian's voice came over the CB airwaves - first to call Cooter for a tow truck than a call to her - MaryAnne leaped across the booking room and ran up the short steps to the booking area. She grabbed at the CB and answered her cousin.* "Brian! Are you okay?" *Yeah, he was okay. Jack too, apparently. And they were on their way to the Boar's Nest.* "The Boar's Nest?" MaryAnne blurted. Seriously? After all that...? *Brian didn't say anything more, just for her to meet them there. She said she would and tried to think what the strongest bottle of booze there was behind the bar. She figured it was gonna be needed.* *She hung up the CB mike and turned to leave, but then stopped and looked back at Alex. She then walked back to the jail cell and unlocked the door.* "Somehow I have the feelin' that holdin' you for stealin' Jack's car is a moot point now. So you're free to go." *She paused.* "I can't believe those two didn't kill each other..." *MaryAnne hung up the key and turned, hurrying out of the booking room.* *When she got the Boar's Nest, MaryAnne spotted Diablo parked out front, banged up pretty good. She could only imagine what Jack's car looked like considering Brian's call to Cooter to pick it up. MaryAnne pulled up next to the black Chevy and got out of her patrol car.* *She pushed through the front door of the Boar's Nest and paused, looking around. There, sitting at a table, with a beer for each, were Brian and Jack. Both were unscathed and appeared to be talking civilly to one another. Of all the choices they could have made, peace seems to have won out. She was surprised, yet relieved to see it that way. As she watched them for a moment, neither one having noticed her arrival, she smiled with some pride. There was no doubt in her mind who Hazzard's best "bad guy" was...even if he's really one of the good guys these days. He may never admit it, but he didn't have to. Actions clearly spoke louder than words.* *Still smiling, MaryAnne walked over to the table to join them...* (Friends and neighbors, I think we can call this one a wrap. Ya think? )
  19. Blue Morning, Blue Day - Foreigner
  20. Sunflower - Glen Campbell
  21. I don't know about the car Cooter's working on in Daisy's Song, but I can say this about the Starsky & Hutch car. After S&H premiered and became quite popular, Ford actually produced Grand Torinos with that specific paint scheme, so my guess is it was probably found locally and used in filming. You're correct though that it's only seen in that first episode.
  22. You're a hard act to follow in the mush and sentiments department, Roger.
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