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  1. I'm payin' attention! And I'm honored too. Thank you all. Like Mufn said, this is a labor of love for us and to share it with y'all is the best part. Yeehaww!
  2. At least you didn't have the "ugly American" tourist type. LOL. All the same, most Americans should not be allowed to travel abroad. They especially should not drink while abroad. LOL Speaking of drinking and Guiness... Don't drink six bottles of beer at the same time? BRILLIANT! Hoss, that T-mobile commercial is a hoot. (Hey Brian... Britain loves CHEESE!!!! ) About the only thing in that commercial that I would have associated with the English and call it a possible stereotype is the gardening (see "The Great Escape" LOL) Anyway, there's a heavier French influence in my neck o' the States with a good mix of Irish, Scot and English thrown in. When St. Patrick's Day rolls around, however, there's not a bar that doesn't have green beer and there are always several corn beef and cabbage dinners locally. Unfortuantely, not much is done for holidays like Bastille Day. LOL
  3. Update for this thread. Al Wyatt Jr., unfortunatley, passed away earlier today. Our thoughts are with his family. http://www.hazzardnet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8672
  4. Ya know what, normally I'd be o-ffended by this suggestion. But I'll tell ya what if we hit our goal, I will agree to do the dunk tank. Heck, if the thought of me in a dunk tank makes another 10,000 people like our Facebook page...well, I suppose I can make a sacrafice.
  5. Rosco really frowns on me washing the car that way. He says that's his job. The question is, don't you have somethin' better to do than pick on me? By the way, these ladies were asking about you earlier...
  6. Take the Long Way Home - Supertramp (This was the only album version of this song I could find. I like the penguins tho'. Khee!)
  7. Happy Birthday BoJames! :)

  8. What, you don't know what a 727 tranny with a 2800 stall converter and shift kit is? Seriously tho', sad that the guy lost interest in it...
  9. By all means, post about your projects! This is pretty clever. Now when y'all get some snow, we wanna see some actions shots! LOL
  10. You're gonna pay for that. ROFL In the meantime, here's some more Enos n' Daisy pics for i1976!
  11. HA! If you didn't spend so much time picking on me imagine the work you'd get done!
  12. Prayers and good thoughts headin' your way!
  13. I've been meaning to chime in on this. These comics are great! And ditto on what Brian said before, if you're inspired by something, listen to it. We call it obeying the muse.
  14. Cheeseburger in Paradise - Jimmy Buffet Heaven on Earth with a onion slice...
  15. Yeah, they let anybody on that site. ROFL I'm diggin' seein' those "likes" creep up. We're already passed 3500!
  16. Welcome to HNet Nick! Beautiful pic of the two Chargers. Glad you at least still have the '68. Glad you joined us!
  17. If anybody's feelin' old by this point of the thread then there's something wrong with ya!
  18. Nice! (Good to see ya again TomBo!) "Uh Starsk....I think we took a wrong turn back there somewhere. We ain't in Bay City anymore..."
  19. I dunno what amazes me more, that after 30 years, the tree is still there....or that the little thing in the field is still there!! (Slightly different now but still there! Looks like a still... LOL) Considering what went in across the street from here and knowing that parts of the other ranch where they filmed, Golden Oaks, have been developed into condos (I believe) it's nice to see that this particular spot has survived.
  20. Howdy! Welcome to HNet! Thanks for comin' on in.
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