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  1. One day when I have a girlfriend for me I might do a bike Dixie for her...
  2. Now it's serious. The songs that I like very are American, Latina, Portuguese and Brazil, because I love to hear and makes me feel good in my soul. 1 - Good Ol Boys - Waylon Jennings 2 - 2300 Jackson Street - The Jacksons 3 - Bilie Jean - Michael Jackson 4 - Put Your Mouth On Me & Whatzupwitu - Eddie Murphy 5 - Miss You So Much - Janet Jackson 6 - I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston 7 - Fallin - Alicia keys 8 - Storm - Vanessa Mae 9 - Sussudio - Phil Collins 10 - There's No Stopping Us - Breakin 11 - The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis 12 - Rhythm Of The Night - Debarge 13 - Noth
  3. And my head is going to: John Schneider - Good ol Boys!
  4. I also have the original CD Whitney Houston "My Love Is Your Love" and one day I'll buy the CD "Whitney Houston - The Greatest Hits."
  5. Very good, CDoherty. I also had a bike many years ago when I was little, because the bike was damaged and I shot out for the trash... But one day I'll buy a new bike for me.
  6. CDoherty, I want to see the photos, please... Thank you.
  7. What funny! Hoss also posted here...see the picture of the cat...
  8. Hoss, I had an idea... You can make the car Herbie like General Lee?
  9. What do you think the series NCIS: Los Angeles and the cast and also the beautiful Portuguese actress Daniela Ruah? For me I really like to see the television series NCIS: Los Angeles and actress Daniela Ruah, because the scenes to be a police, the cars and computer expert and Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith are fantastic! They are very good and the singer LL Cool J is cool.
  10. Dave, Welcome to HazzardNet The car the General Lee and Herbie are very cool!
  11. CDoherty95!!! Mulheres!! I wrote in Portuguese.. Very good! Thank you very much!
  12. i1976, I liked very much and please continue your work. You are very good!
  13. Alex-Dukes

    Hawaii 5-O

    I really like the series Hawaii 5-0 and NCIS LA also, because the actresses Grace Park and Daniela Ruah are very beautiful.
  14. Alex-Dukes

    Grammys 2012

    I saw the Grammy, because I saw live was the CNN website.
  15. Herbie! The car is very nice, because I have my original DVD Herbie: Fully Loaded. Very good, LittleBigDave.
  16. The Diva Whitney Houston was a very beautiful woman, because she was fantastic. A lot of Peace, Whitney Houston.
  17. The actor Tom Hanks is very good, because I remember when he made the movie The Money Pit is really cool! He was laughing a lot because the bathroom was falling to the ground...
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