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  1. Thanks, Hobie. I've just ventured out to get some groceries, and while I was walking it felt vaguely like I'd been punched in the stomach, but not too hard. Hopefully things will get even better tomorrow.
  2. Another new experience for me yesterday - I had my first general anesthetic so that I could have my gallbladder removed. I'm still tired from the operation, and the incision points are a bit sore, but other than a bit of pain when I cough, I don't think I came out of it too badly.
  3. Thanks for the review, Philip. It scores a reasonable 7.6 on IMDb, and gets three 10/10s, two 9/10s, a 4/10 and 3/10 in the reviews. I doubt that I'll get to see it anytime soon, so I'll have to make do with John Schneider in 'The Great Santa Claus Chase', 'A Dickens of a Christmas' (from the Dukes animated series) and of course 'Christmas Comes to Willow Creek'.
  4. HossC

    NASCAR news

    Sad news for F1 fans - Sir Frank Williams, founder and former team principal of the Williams Racing Formula 1 team, has died aged 79. He has been in a wheelchair since a car crash in France in 1986, but that didn't stop him having many successes in the sport. He and daughter Claire sold the Williams team to US investors just last year. Despite the change of ownership, the team still bears the Williams name. You can read more here.
  5. They'll have to stop at Omega. It's lucky that there are only 24 letters in the Greek alphabet!
  6. Skipper, which bit of this aren't you getting. ONLY REPLY TO THE PREVIOUS POST! If you carry on replying to old posts, I will start deleting your replies because they make no sense.
  7. I've haven't had time to look into this yet, but how did the new variant get called Omicron? The last one I was aware of was Delta, so what happened to variants Epsilon through Xi?
  8. Thanks, Hobie. I didn't have any beer for my birthday, but I did have some Irish cream liqueur and some French cognac (yes, together!).
  9. Thanks, Roger. HazzardNet is very much a team effort by all the Hazzardites. I hope everyone's enjoying their turkey. I probably won't get any until nearer Christmas when turkey and ham starts to appear on menus. One of the local sandwich shops usually does a turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry mayonnaise special which I'm looking forward to.
  10. Thanks, Spike. It's been a while since the two have coincided, not that we celebrate Thanksgiving over here. As mentioned above, we do now have Black Friday. So far I've just had a quiet day at home. Hopefully I'll get to see a few friends over the weekend.
  11. Thanks everyone. You guys in the US have really gone to a lot of trouble for my birthday this year.
  12. HossC

    NASCAR news

    You're obviously talking about the Rockingham Speedway in North Carolina, but it reminded me that I hadn't heard anything about the Rockingham Motor Speedway in the UK for a while. Sadly, it turns out that it closed three years ago, the stands have been demolished, and earlier this year it was being used to store up to 50,000 used cars. It only opened a couple of years before I moved to Ireland, so I never got a chance to visit, but it hosted several rounds of the British Touring Car Championship and appeared on many car-related TV shows. I think that now leaves EuroSpeedway Lausitz in Germany
  13. HossC

    NASCAR news

    That's getting closer to the current F1 qualifying format, although F1 is planning more of the sprint races on a Saturday next year. That means that qualifying takes place on Friday to determine the grid for the sprint race on the Saturday, and the sprint race result determines the grid for the main race on the Sunday. There are also championship points available in in the sprint race: 3 for first, 2 for second and 1 for third.
  14. Love (Remember the B-52s?)
  15. When the video first went viral, most of the comments were making fun of how the reporter had misheard the chant. It only seems to be later that people suggested that she was covering up the real words.
  16. I did briefly mention the '"Let's Go Brandon" memes over in the NASCAR thread on October 5th, but didn't go into details of its origin because, as you'll remember, this is a non-political forum! From what I read at the time, NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing Brandon Brown after his victory in the NASCAR Xfinity Series Sparks 300 race at Talladega on October 2nd. It's not clear whether she was trying to cover up the crowd chant, or if she genuinely misheard it.
  17. My entry is: NASCAR ------------------- Skipper, you may be missing Roger, but did you forget what he said a few pages back? This is supposed to be a continuous thread - it makes no sense disrupting it by replying to 12-year-old posts. You have to link back to the previous post!
  18. Can I remind everyone that HazzardNet is not a political forum. I only mentioned Ben because he's the source of the story.
  19. According to 'Redneck Boy In The Promised Land', Ben Jones once met James Brown on a flight to Los Angeles. James was raised in Georgia, and was a fan of the show, so he said he'd love to appear on it. The cast liked the idea, but apparently the network said "no". I guess his musical style ruled him out, but he could've sung 'It's Man's Man's World' to Daisy ("But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl"), or even 'The Boss' from the Black Caesar soundtrack - imagine how JD would've reacted to that!
  20. HossC

    NASCAR news

    What a great F1 weekend we had in Brazil. Lewis Hamilton, trailing championship leader Max Verstappen, qualified on pole for the sprint race (part of a new format they've tried at a couple of races this year). Then his rear wing failed a technical inspection, and despite his team convincing the stewards that this was because it was broken rather than a deliberate action, he was sent to the back of the grid. In the 24-lap sprint race he went from 20th (last) to 5th. Because he took an new engine for this weekend, he then had a five-place penalty for the main race. Against the odds, he carved hi
  21. While I'm not disagreeing with most of your post, 'The Dukes of Hazzard:Reunion!' was written by Gy Waldron, so he should've known the characters best of all since he created them. The story for 'The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood' was written by Bob Clark, who co-wrote 'Repo Men' in the Georgia-era of season 1. Amongst other things, he also wrote and directed 'Porky's' and 'Porky's II' in the early '80s, so 'Hazzard in Hollywood' could've looked very different!
  22. I get earworms all the time. I can often get rid of them by listening to the whole song, but that can be a problem when it's a song I don't know from the radio or a commercial. Sometimes I wake up with a song in my head, and I can't remember why I'm humming it as I get ready for work. Then there are the random things that put songs into your head. Recently at work I came across a folder labeled "Incidents & Accidents" - I immediately started humming Paul Simon's 'You Can Call Me Al'!
  23. That's news to me too. Tire pressure monitor sensors were only mandated in the EU in 2014, and I'm yet to own a car that new! We also don't have to have any law mandating reversing cameras.
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