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  1. lol its cause they show it 24 hours! o also like Adam Sandlers 8 crazy nights, i know it has lots a cussing but its a nice movie.
  2. polar express rudolph the red nosed rainder ( the one with the spirit faries thingy and the snow squirl and bear and where hes the son of one of the raindeer )
  3. hmm 4 Duke cousins...I smell a good Fan fiction! hey why not make it 6 Cousins include Jeb and Jud
  4. all my other DVDs seem to work ok except for season 3 disk 2 side B it played oncee then it neverplayed again, theres no scratches , side B just dosent play but side A does. what could be wrong? what are your problems wih the DVDs?
  5. yea it was great. srrry about leaving without saying bye but i had a connection problem
  6. lucky you. i have 1 big sister and she's really mean.
  7. well his show his rules lol. i liked Trent Malloy remember him he guest starred for about 1 season.
  8. Foster's home fo imaginary friends X-men X-men Evolution Yes Dear George Lopez Acording to Jim Grounded for life 7th heaven Wife swap Supernanny the littelest hobo (( used to show long ago) 101 dalmations the series ( used to show a few years ago) Lilo and Stitch the series Saumari X Walker Texas Ranger Arthur The Wiggles Postcards from Buster Clifford the big red dog Clifford's puppy days. 8 simple rules for dating my teenaged daughter Little house on the prarrie My little pony tales Pound puppies Any day now Step by Step Full House Growing pains The Breinstain (sp?) Bears Sabrina the teenage witch Hannah Montana
  9. an international boycott sounds great! maybe when theystop airing the dukes when the strike is over we boycott them? whos with me?
  10. man I wish there were some way I could see that show! lol. but i dont have bbc america
  11. i like Robot P Coltrane. Robot: i know what a hog is ut what is a Coltrane? ----------------- Robot: ow we are both Coltranes, RObot P Coltrane. ------------- Robot: I like to play with the Coltrane ( the quotes were somethinng like that but thy were funny )
  12. has anyone seen the movie? I saw it it was ok, the aligator looked totally fake.
  13. i like Bo but Tom has such big BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!
  14. whats your favourite scene? mine was the ending when they found out what was in the car! lol
  15. i missed it wah! and i don't have fx..oh well
  16. heh you're lucky i always wanted a brother when I was younger lol
  17. so cool if they come out on dvds! great if they had cool stuff like commentaries and other bonus fetures
  18. April Scott was good lookin and was MUCH better than Jessica Simpso but i thouht she was kinda too skinny maybe if she had a little more curves she'd be perfect
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