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  1. Yes I am. I joined yours. I was wondering about my own league...
  2. Yeah it's in the NASCAR app. Yahoo was easier. Talking of which. How did you renew your fantasy baseball league? Yahoo normally sends me an email to do it and they haven't and I can't find out how to renew my league...
  3. Hey Roger...I pmed you about my fantasy NASCAR league. The app included everyone who was in my league last year, into the league this year. Are you interested in playing? I hope so...
  4. Well thanks to the rain delay, I missed the race but have seen video of the wreck. So scary. Glad to see Ryan home and alive! As for Denny Hamlin, him and Joe Gibbs said they didn't know until the accident or the severity of it until after their celebrating and felt bad. Fun fact...James Best helped or supported Ryan Newman's dog rescue. I saw James Best years ago after he did something with Jeff Gordon (I can't remember) I asked James who his favorite driver was. He said Ryan Newman.
  5. I've been a Chase Elliott fan since before he was in NASCAR just because I knew he was going to replace Jeff Gordon when he retired...he just has been my main driver as he will be when Johnson retires. I am so ready for Daytona y'all. It's not even funny!
  6. Well y'all I am still here. I just haven't been on the computer or HNet for awhile. I hope all is well with you all. I just dropped by to have a look around... And well...this 48 fan is heart broken to hear that Jimmie Johnson is stepping away from racing FULL time after 2020. First Jeff Gordon and now Jimmie Johnson. I can't say I am too surprised...the writing was on the wall that the end was near (whether or not he wanted to admit it), but still sad all the same. I am grateful for another season with Jimmie Johnson...hope it is a great year for him. Roger - you'll be glad to hear that, Chase Elliott is next in line on my favorite list of drivers. So he will be my solo driver that I will be following come 2021. I've always had a couple of drivers to follow. . .Gordon and Johnson. Then Johnson and Elliott. Now just Elliott...he better not retire for another thirty years or so. As my normal NASCAR offseason...I'm counting down to Daytona. I'm so ready for NASCAR to be back...and baseball.
  7. How have you been?

    1. Garrett Duke

      Garrett Duke

      Hi Texasdaisy 09. Sorry this is so late. Sadly I have been busy and away from this site for a while. I have been OK. How about you? 

  8. I don't think I'd want to see it. Made me upset reading it, seeing it would be worse. On other Dale Earnhardt Jr news...he is still planning on racing in the Xfinity series Darlington race NEXT weekend. Nothing against the Xfinity races, but had my hopes up at first it would Monster energy series...ah well.
  9. Hey Roger...sounds like you should be a fan of Chicago sports (just not the White Sox...).
  10. I'm sorry for your Pirates, but the Cubs haven't won an away game in forever. So these past two games have resparked some hope. I hope they can build on this and make it to the playoffs. I'd be happy for your Pirates to come in second...especially ahead of the Cardinals. Just saying...
  11. Well I was wondering if you were ignoring me or not...not really. But perhaps this is your server's way of protecting little ol' me from you boasting too much about your Pirates stealing the win from my Cubs. Cubs just need to find a way to cure their away game problems. Either that or just stay at Wrigley. This whole week has been a baaaddd week for my poor Cubbies. Think I'm crying blue and red tears tonight. But don't worry Roger, they'll come back tomorrow. Loud and proud. Back on track, I hope you get the problem fixed or figured out.
  12. Dale Earnhardt Jr, his wife, and daughter, along with their family dog, another person and two pilots were in an air plane accident on their way to Bristol. Sounds like everyone is OK, went to the hospital to get checked out, but seem to be doing OK. Dale Earnhardt Jr will not be in the booth for tomorrow night's Bristol race, but will stay with his family. Sounds like the plane caught fire after crashing as well. Am so glad that everyone is OK...the pictures look super scary!
  13. Garrett Duke

    Jeff Burton Y'all should go see what car Ryan Newman has in his car collection. I am pretty sure you all will recognize the one I'm talking about. Also another fun fact...James Best and him were friends and Best helped Newman with dog charities. Best did something with Jeff Gordon too, can't recall what right now. But the last time I met Best, I asked him who his favorite driver was...Ryan Newman. Just thought I would share the article. Love the fact that our favorite car, is also his daughtedaughter's favorite car to ride to school in.
  14. Garrett Duke

    Jeff Burton should go to Cooters next time!