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  1. Well Atlanta is done and in the books. Always hate to see a race end...that means I have to wait another week for the next one. LOL. I am so impatient! I am not a Kevin Harvick fan, but he got robbed today. . .but it by his own doing. Got to feel bad for him. He DOMINATED the race up until 13 laps to go when he got nabbed for speeding in pit road which sent him back to the line. He finished nineth. Brad Keselowski ended up winning the race. That being said...I'd rather have seen Harvick win the race than Keselowski. I am definately not a Keselowski all. But I did have Keselowski on my fantasy team, so he did give me much needed points to beat Roger. (Sorry for all you Keselowski fans...congrats to you and him. Was just stating my opinion. All two cents worth...) Kyle Larson came in second...was leading for a while after Harvick got caught speeding, but he went up on the track when he was better on the lower track in his attempt to block Keselowski who was better on top. Keselowski passed him to win eventually run the race. With that being said Kyle Larson's and Chase Elliott's wins are bound to come...sooner rather than later. Those two kids have a lot of talent. Jimmie Johnson came home a lap down and in 19th position as he was tagged with TWO speeding violations in pit road ...after a rotten Daytona and a rough Atlanta he is bound for the win in Las Vegas next week. Jimmie is too good to stay down for too long...(once again, my opinion. For the two cents it's worth. ) Onto the home track of the Busch brothers...Las Vegas. Oh Roger...I thought of you. You have another driver to go for. Reed Sorenson is from Georgia as well as David Ragen.
  2. I am still not happy with Daytona...or Jamie McMurray. I mean, four Datyona? Really?! Well the race at Atlanta is winding down. The race should be called the Kevin Harvick Race as he has been in lead and not a very eventful race. Except for all the speeding penalties that they have been handing far nine. Two of them going out to Jimmie Johnson. ERRRR. Oh well we are early in the season...I am just glad NASCAR is back.
  3. Well y'all...I am here. I tried posting the other night when I didn't have much time and somehow ended up deleting what I wrote and gave up due to how late it was. Roger...I can't believe you discriminate drivers that are not from Georgia. But then again, you did say that Dale Jr was your second favorite driver...and he's from North Carolina. Sorry to let you down Roger. Did you happen to see who won the championship last year? (His seventh, I might add. . .) Yep...Jimmie Johnson. And he's from California. As is Jeff Gordon. Those California boys know a thing or two about racing. Then again, Kevin Harvick is from California too. Sadly I missed the Clash last week because my nephew and niece were over. Mostly when they are over and Blue Bloods or the race is on, they know to turn the TV over to me or I will let them know when I get the TV. . .but my niece wasn't feeling good, so I decided I should probably be nice. I missed qualifying as well as the races on Thursday night...but I will watch Daytona 500 tomorrow. I am so looking forward to it! I am glad that the races are back on when the races are on FOX. First of all, yeah, Jeff Gordon. Second of all, Darrell Waltrip and Mikey Waltrip. Personally feel that they are more open and not as biased as some of the other announcers on the other stations can get. MY OPINION. Though it will be odd to NOT see Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, and Greg Biffle NOT out there... OOooo I almost forgot to let y'all know the exciting news I heard about yesterday...guess who's driving the pace car for tomorrow's race!!! JEFF GORDON!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited...for at least a couple of laps my guy will be on track and leading the race! I have to admit...I really miss Jeff Gordon behind the wheel of the 24 car. NASCAR hasn't been the same since he retired. I do really like Jimmie Johnson and love watching him race...but it's just different not having Jeff Gordon out there. He was the one I liked since I got into racing in '97 (like Roger...thanks to the Dukes and the General Lee) and I got to liking Jimmie Johnson because of Jeff Gordon (Gordon pointed him out to Hendrick...Hendrick told him to put his money where his mouth is...and owns half of Johnson's car. ) Talking about who I interesting to see who everyone else likes... My list is: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards. I do like Chase Elliott...still having a hard time accepting someone else in the 24 car. Y'all's turn...
  4. Five minutes in the garage? Really? Should make for a boring race come Daytona when half the cars are out of the race because they can't fix them in the garage like they use to. I love my NASCAR (y'all should know that by now...) but really...Brian France seems content on ruining a great thing. Stuff like this makes it loud and clear to me on why Jeff Gordon and Carl Edwards as well as Tony Stewart has stepped away from the sport they love. As for the driverless car...I am sure it would be of great technology and science, but I do believe that would be the day I stopped being a NASCAR fan. I need a person to root for...I don't just go for a car with 48 on the doors. But for Jimmie Johnson. His style of racing. His character. And so on. General Lee is my only exception to that rule...afterall, General Lee has his own personality and story. Well not saying that the 48 car doesn't, but Jimmie Johnson is the reason I like the 48 car. Then again, The General Lee and the Duke Boys are the guilty ones who got me addicted to NASCAR (before them, racing was a waste of money and time. . .you might as well as watch your dog chase his tail...) now it's so much more to me. LOL
  5. Well can have your driverless racing. NASCAR many benefit from a few of the drivers having driverless cars out there, but without drivers, all it is, is well, cars. As much as I love cars and all...I need someone to follow and support. Guess take out the people or drivers, it would end all the fighting and the drama...which is what NASCAR wants, so I don't think that will happen. I think if that ever did happen, I'd have to throw it all down and walk away...I need Jimmie Johnson to root for. Well, I see y'all beat me to the horrible and nightmarish news. I keep telling myself that I should give it a chance, but I just don't like it. The segments work in the All Star Race because that's the All Star Race. One race. One race without any points on the line. But every race? Yeah they are making it more complicated than what it has to be. Whatever happened to racing being about the race? Brian France just needs to step down and let me take over. I'd throw the whole Chase idea out the window and go back to the old point system. You know, when racing was about racing and not seeing how much drama we could put in the sport. Ah well, that won't happen so I will keep my day job, but still... With that said, I will continue to watch and attempt to give it a chance. I don't have much other option. Just had to give my two cents worth in on the topic. As for are going down! I had a horrible fantasy season last year...all my drivers I picked decided to have horrible races when I picked them. Not this year. I will be crowned champion just as JJ takes home his 8th championship at Homestead in November. (If anyone else wants to join, let me know. It's fun and free to play. ) GO JIMMIE JOHNSON!!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  6. Where have you been Roger? My Cubs did WIN the World Series this past season...and it was no fluke! They had 102 wins...they earned that World Series trophy! Ironically, this past weekend I bought a WS Cubs sweatshirt that was on sale for $18. When I bought it, with tax...I kid you not, it was $19.08. The last time the Cubs had won the WS. But OK back to the topic on hand...I do believe that the screen and the news had gotten it all wrong. No way the Patriots won when they weren't was the Bears in disguise! LOL. (I will admit, I was torn on what team I wanted to win. I wanted the Falcons to win since they haven't won it before and they are in GA, but was also wanting the Patriots to win it for Donnie Wahlberg. LOL) Despite the Falcons being in Georgia...we all know the Dukes are die hard Chicago Bears fans. Yep...they love their Bears and Cubs.
  7. I haven't watched enough Coy and Vance episodes to pick any of them out. I think I only watched that season once to give them their I can't say anything about them other than that I am not a fan of Coy and Vance. Sad thing is, they could have made it work a lot better if they didn't have them dress like Bo and Luke and make them someone they are not. The poor actors didn't stand much of a chance, in my opinion. But even if they did do them differently and had their own personalities, I'd probably still prefer Bo and Luke. As for Bo and Luke episodes..."Strange Visitor in Hazzard" ranks at the top of my short least liked episodes. It'd be nice if they at least kept some sort of reality in Hazzard (my opinion). Second would be "Luke's Love Story". I have to admit I loved the fight with Bo and and the bad guy in Cooter's garage...thought that was great! But I really didn't like how they portrayed Bo or Luke in that episode.
  8. Spike -Where did you hear that at? I haven't heard about it being switched like that. That format works for the All Star Race because it's a different race. It's not a points race...and it's only for one race. I really hope that that rumor is wrong. Brian France has done enough to ruin NASCAR with this horrible Chase format (that's my opinion...) and then to add onto it. Personally, I don't blame the older drivers for dropping out like they seem to. To me with this format now, they seem like they are just asking for drama that doesn't need to be there and focusing more on the drama than on the opinion once again. Yeah...I really hope that rumor is blown a way real quick like. Thanks Roger. Have missed this place and would love to do a review for NASCAR. Sadly with events that happened last year, I didn't get to watch a lot of the races, but am hoping to watch more this year. I need to support my driver...ol' seven time! I like Chase Elliot and I think he has a lot of talent and I can see him winning a race or two this season. It's coming. But I am still having a hard time having him drive the 24 car. 24 will always be Jeff Gordon to me. Always.
  9. Well y'all..I am out of hibernation. For now at least. Thanks to Roger. Life is just busy with two jobs and two dogs . . . and well life. I am beyond devastated to see Carl Edwards retire...Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart was predictable (whether I liked it or not...) but Edwards? Edwards is only 37 years old...and him and Jimmie Johnson are probably the most fit out of all the other drivers on the track. I was kinda predicting Dale Jr to be the next one to retire after this concussion like symptons he had. Reportedly his fifth concussion. (Trust me, I love Dale am glad to see him hang around, but he also has to look out for himself and his health.) But Carl Edwards? Not at all. As for me, Carl Edwards was always my favorite driver outside of the Hendrick camp. He is always positive, has a smile on his face...and who doesn't like his backflips? So yeah...I am bummed. First Gordon, then Stewart...and now Edwards. I am just glad that Jimmie Johnson is hanging around...I would be beyond devastated if he was the one to retire - especially with no warning. So I guess it could be worse and for that I am thankful. Well if y'all forgot how much I love NASCAR, let me tell you...I am BEYOND ready for Daytona. Six more Sundays...
  10. I predict the Chicago Bears will win the Super Bowl this year. Say what you wanna say, but that trophy is going home to Chicago...whether you like it or not. Chicago Bears...there's my prediction and I am sticking with it.
  11. I am not a fan of the Chase either and could go on and on with how I feel about that as well as with other issues NASCAR seems to have...but despite that, will always love NASCAR and seeing how I doubt NASCAR will get rid of the Chase...might as well as accept it for what it is. Talking of which...I finally got to watch a race yesterday. Most of it at least. I think I turned it on on lap 86 or something like that. Martin Truex Jr owned that race. Started on the pole and led 588 out of 600 laps to win the race. Never seen a driver be that dominant before. Jimmie Johnson was the only driver to pass him during green flag, but it wasn't for long. It's was a story book ending kind of story for Martin Truex Jr with all the rotten luck he's been dealt with. Not just this year either...was happy to see him win as he did. Onto Pocono next weekend...
  12. I really miss out on a lot of stuff by not stopping by as much as I use to. Didn't even knew Ben was having issues...that is rotten for him. But on a positive note, that would be awesome to go see and to attend. I went to several Dukefests and had a great time. Highly doubt I will be able to go to this one, but we will see. Hope you have a great time Roger and all who does get to go.
  13. Yeah, I hope he don't get in trouble for it either. Just found it cool. I am a huge DOH and NASCAR fan so I love it when the worlds collide like that. I don't have cable either due to money issues so if the races are on cable, I have to watch it at my parents' house. Frustrated last week...was home expecting it to be on FOX and it was on FOX Sports 1, so I missed it. Really wish all races would be on FOX. But that is just me. As for NASCAR and Brian France there is a lot that they do that upset fining Tony Stewart for speaking the truth a couple of weeks ago. But they will do what they do I guess. As for Kyle Busch...NASCAR owed him a chance to earn his way into the Chase. Yeah he should work for it and he got the wins and the points to make it into the Chase. But the only reason Kyle Busch missed those races was because they didn't have the walls at Daytona safe enough. NASCAR by now should have every wall of every track with safety barrier on reason not to. Especially after that hard hit Jeff Gordon took at Las Vegas several years ago that got that track's walls to be surrounded by safety barrier...every track should have changed right then to have the highest protection as possible. I am glad to see NASCAR give Tony a chance to make the Chase as well...hope can make it. Well that is my two cents worth, for how little it is worth.
  14. Sadly due to life's circumstances, I have missed most of the races this year. I have been reading up on them...but did watch Talladega and was disappointed with the accidents. I know Talladega is known as the big one and for the accidents, but it got ridiculous. I felt like a lot of them could have been avoided if the drivers used common sense...such as Kurt Busch wrecking Jimmie Johnson. Just lucky no one got hurt. Anyway...I found this on Facebook and thought of y'all. I know James Best helped Ryan Newman with his animal charities as well as lived down the road from James. And now looks like he owns a General Lee. What a lucky girl to be picked up in The General Lee...;)
  15. Hoss- I don't know if that would work in NASCAR...but if that was in NASCAR, the driver and team would be punished for having too many people over pit wall. Can't recall how many members can be in the pit area...think it is seven, but that seems high. Know there is a number set of how many can be on the pit wall. That is one fast stop!