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  1. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Kyle Busch won his 200th career win yesterday at California. The wins came in all three NASCAR series and ties him with Richard Petty with the most wins in NASCAR. Though Petty's all came from the Monster Energy Series...but also, when Richard Petty raced, they had a lot more races on a season than they do now. It is Kyle Busch's 53 Monster Energy series win of his career...
  2. Garrett Duke

    Astronomy Boss

    That is pretty cool Roger. Bet Boss is smiling down on you that you got it and made the connection. I'm sorry for your loss of your friend .
  3. Garrett Duke

    The last 24 hours

    I don't know if this counts, but Im currently in my fantasy baseball draft with Roger Duke and drafting the world's BEST fantasy baseball league. But shhhh don't tell Roger.
  4. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    I didn't get to watch the race, but did see Joey Logano won and Brad Keselowski came in second place. Also the only caution flags that were waved only came during the scheduled stages.
  5. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Well granted it wasn't the most exciting race, but at least it wasn't a wreck fest as Daytona was.
  6. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    I remember years ago when John Schneider gave the command of Gentleman Start your engines at Atlanta. Sadly it didn't go Elliott's way or Johnson. Johnson finished two laps down. Brad Keselowski won. Had him to start on my fantasy NASCAR team but replaced him after I heard he had the flu and had a substitute driver on standby. Ugh... Congrats Roger on leapfrogging me in our league.
  7. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Uh...I may be the commissioner but I dont make the rules. So...I'm sorry. Better luck at Atlanta.
  8. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Yes it is. Still remember watching that race and my sister called and said he died. I had a hard time believing it.
  9. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Um...sorry to say Roger, but the goal is to have the most points.
  10. Garrett Duke

    Cale Yarborough

    They also talked about that on pre race of the Daytona 500...
  11. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Yesterday also marked 18 years since Dale Earnhardt Sr was killed.
  12. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Last year it didn't take that maybe its because of it was the 500 or because the new rule of they have of inspecting cars after the race instead of Tuesday slowed them down. But yeah it took them awhile.
  13. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Me too. There were a few bad ones at the end. But that's Daytona or any restrictor plate racing. There was a lot of action that is for sure and a great finish.
  14. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Well today is the day! Daytona 500...the Super Bowl of NASCAR! It's on FOX. Y'all know I'm excited. All four of my drivers will be starting out if only they will finish there. Is your Fantasy team ready, Roger?
  15. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    No our fantasy league will start this weekend.