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  1. Garrett Duke

    Bo Duke Is Indeed Going To Jail!

    Not to burst y'all's balloons here, but John is not yet out of trouble because he still has to pay. He said in an video on FB that he will probably will be going back due to charging him with what they know he can't pay. I agree he should have invested his money more than he did, but their youngest is 21 years old. So that money isn't going to the kids. There is no way she should have gotten away with getting paid by John that much per month. It's just wrong. No matter if he is a celebrity or if he isn't a celebrity. I get the celebrities have more money, but still...Jeff Gordon's first wife got a boat load and Jeff's boat when they divorced as well - and they didn't have kids! I second Hoss. They made a big deal on Tom Wopat's arrests months ago and yet haven't said one word since then. It would be nice to hear what is going on with him and all that...
  2. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    No probably not, but
  3. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Well y'al I got some horribly sad news. Not only did I get a bunch of snow yesterday (9.9 inches if the nasty white stuff for me. Yuck.) But so did Martinsville...meaning both the Truck race and the Cup race got postponed due to snow today and will race tomorrow. While I'm at work. I' so not happy with this...the snow and about the race. Ugh... Only good thing that came of it was that I found the Cubs spring training game and was able to watch them. And they won! Now only if JimmieJohnson wins tomorrow...even if I can't watch it...
  4. Garrett Duke

    Didn't John do a nude scene in a movie once?

    Thank you Hoss for the video.
  5. Garrett Duke

    Word Association

  6. Awe come on Roger...I know you can do it. If John Schneider can do can you! Probably can do it even better than John. Or better than Evil Knievel. I like how your birthday is seven days after John Schneider's. My birthday is five days before Denver Pyle's birthday...or the same day as George Clooney's. Though Clooney is twenty years older than I. I'll let you do the research and the math on that one.
  7. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    That is OK. I figured that is the reason why...sorry I didn't have it earlier. I didn't know what to do. I am in two leagues this year though am thinking of joining a public league and letting the computer pick and see what I get. I am too loyal to my Cubs and end up drafting more Cubs than any other team or players. Ironically in both leagues that I am in (my league and am in a league from someone at work) I got first pick. ..which never happens. So naturally I had to pick my number one favorite player that is still playing...Anthony Rizzo. Would love to have Rizzo and Bryant, but didn't get Bryant in any of my teams. I got Darvish in both leagues and I do have Lester in one league as well as Happ. Rizzo and Lester have to be my top favorite active Cubs players (Ryne Sandberg and Kerry Wood will always be my all time favorite. Ryno was my hero growing up...) So will see where that gets me. Sounds like you have a great team, Roger. Just too bad it didn't work out it wasn't in my league...guess this way I won't be losing to you. LOL. Best of luck!
  8. Well I seem to be in good company because I would really love to go as well, but don't have the money or means or the time to get there as well. Guess John Schneider will have to jump the General Lee without me. And get chased by Carl Edwards. Y'all forgot to mention Carl Edwards is going to be there. How awesome is that. NASCAR and Dukes. Well kinda...since Carl Edwards decided to retire for some unknown reason. But still... Well Roger...I don't think I'd have the money or the means or the time to go to your party as well. I think your's would be farther away from me than John's. Why do I get to miss ALL the fun? Well I hope you take a video of you jumping your dirt bike over your toy General Lee and put it on YouTube. I want to see it!
  9. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Well y'all may complain about Jeffery Earnhardt getting the boot...but there is two sides to every situation. Landon Cassill was born and raised a half hour away from where I grew up and live at. His parents own a car lot there so do see a lot of Cassill cars around. I am not saying I am glad that Jeffery Earnhardt is out of a ride. He seems like a good guy too and it will seem odd to watch a race without an Earnhardt in it. But am glad to see Landon get a car and get back on the track as well. With that said, really don't have much to report. I missed last week's race last weekend. Martin Truex Jr came won the race and Jimmie Johnson had his best finish of the season at 9th. I really hope Johnson and the Hendrick boys will get a hold of the Camaro and get back up to speed. They are at Martinsville this weekend and Johnson is normally pretty good there...fingers crossed for a great race (well I'm hoping at least) Talking about Johnson...y'all here that Lowe's is dropping their sponsorship for him after this year? They have been his sponsor since he started in the Cup series in 2002, his primary sponsor since I think 2005. Lowe's has been a sponsor in NASCAR long before that as well. Perhaps I am taking this out of proportion, but am kinda wondering if this has to do with NASCAR and the dwindling down of fans in the stands. I don't know, but it will be odd to see JJ out on the track next year without Lowes on his car... Well I am rambling once again. I am sorry for my sporadic posts. Life has been busy with two jobs, two dogs, and you know...being an adult. Yuck. LOL. Hoping to watch Martinsville on Sunday so maybe I will peep in and give an update or two. Baseball season will start at the end of next week...and then all will be perfect again. Go CUBS!
  10. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Well to get back to topic...the boys are in Las Vegas this weekend. Kyle and Kurt Busch's home track. I only got to watch the first few laps last week's race due to the rain delay cutting into it...but I got to watch them interview everyone with two legs (as Tony Stewart put it a few years back) before they went racing last weekend. Hopefully the race will dry for tomorrow's race...and that Jimmie Johnson will be able to finish it. He's had such rotten luck this year so far. He got wrecked out in the pre season race, in his qualifying race, out of the Daytona 500, and last weekend. So I guess all we can go is up from here. I'm not too worried...him and Chad Knaus will rise from this and come out stronger than before. But still irritating to see his season start off like this... Talking NASCAR...did y'all see that John Schneider is having a big get together on his birthday weekend. Where he himself will be jumping the General Lee AND he will be chased by CARL EDWARDS! I so wish I could go. Sadly I don't have the money or the means to go...guess I'll be there in thought. Still think it is pretty cool that he will have Carl Edwards there.
  11. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Yay another Jimmie Johnson fan! Jeff Gordon will always be my all time favorite driver, but JJ comes very close to it as my second favorite. So now I go for Jimmie Johnsonn and Chase Elliott.
  12. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    So I just saw that I was wrong. Alex Bowman will start first tomorrow with Denny Hamlin second. Then it will be the Dual winners Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott. Guess that goes to show I should double check than just assuming that is what it would be. Oops.
  13. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    To answer the question about more females in NASCAR. I don't have a problem if they are male or female as long as they are selected to drive due to their talent and not just because they are female. I don't mean anything against Danica, but she was picked from the Nationwide Series over other drivers who won races and the championship while she has no wins. I feel like she got into NASCAR because of her name and the fact she would bring money and fans with her. I understand that, but also feel like it's not fair for others who was more deserving of the ride. Like I said, I mean nothing against Danica. She brought a lot to the sport and I wish her well with Daytona and the rest of her life. But on a more serious note...y'all know what tomorrow is? IT'S DAYTONA DAY!!!! It's finally countdown has went from like 90 days to 1. Tomorrow it will be 0. So far Daytona hasn't been too kind to Jimmie Johnson. He wrecked out in both the pre season race last week and in his dual race on Thursday. Sadly I missed the duals due to not having cable. Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott won so they will be starting out front tomorrow. So who y'all rooting for this season? I'm sticking with Jimmie Johnson and Chase Elliott. Though am looking forward to seeing what Alex Bowman and William Byron will do for Hendrick as well. I'm all team Hendrick! Tomorrow is the day y'all!
  14. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Are you sure Roger? The Cubs just signed Yu The Cubs are going all the way this year. I will see what I can do about draft times. Most people I know locally that are in it have kids which is why I normally do it later so the kiddos would be in bed.Maybe a friday afternoon. As for NASCAR...Alex Bowman just snagged the pole for the Daytona 500 next weekend. Alex Bowman took over Dale Earnhardt Jr 88 car. The Clash will be later this afternoon.
  15. Garrett Duke

    NASCAR news

    Here I am...late as always. I am so failing at this. ;( But tomorrow Speed Weeks start! WOO HOO! The Clash is tomorrow at 3 (I think) on FS1 and qualifying for the Daytona 500 is tomorrow as well sometime. Thursday is the two small races to see who will get the pole for Daytona 500 (Feb. 18th!). Is it possible that I may actually survive my NASCAR withdrawals this year? This has got to be the longest off season...ever. Well other than baseball. I don't know if I'll be able to survive my baseball withdrawals...46 more days until opening season. I'm pathetic, I know. But I love my NASCAR and my baseball. So with NASCAR here...lets talk fantasy sports. I have some sad and unforunate news. Yahoo fantasy has decided to end their fantasy auto racing leagues. Yeah...I'm upset about it too. So I had to look elsewhere. has their own NASCAR fantasy leagues that are free that is called Fantasy Live. I have created a league on there and so far it is just me, my cousin, and his friend. I would love to have more players if I can get them. Let me know if you want to join. It is free and looks fun. A lot like Yahoo but this year they are having it so that you will get the same points as the driver gets. So I think that would make it nice and easier. Plus you can switch your garage driver for your driver up until the third segment. So far I have only found out out how to invite people by email, so if you want to join, please PM your email address and I will be glad to send you an invite. Also with Yahoo...I will have my own fantasy baseball league again this year. It was really fun last year. Please let me know if you want to join and PM your email address to me and I will send you an invite whenever they open the leagues up this year. Back to Danica...she will be in the Daytona 500 for all who are intrested. Be her last NASCAR race. Don't know what she has planned for afterwards. Other than dating Aaron Rodgers. UGH. How can she trade on the Bears like that? Keep it between the ditches y'all (stay warm!)