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  1. I guess there is always good and bad in life Spike. I had fun today. Went on a long Ninja ride with another Ninja owner and went to a retirement party after that. That reminds me. I wonder how Skipper's brother is doing after his Ninja crash. Last I knew he was making a lot of progress healing. 

  2. Thanks Hoss. I see they have the Moonshine vs Milk thing on there. Or is it Moonshine or milk? 

    BOOKE was the last one so I'm going with.....


  3. On 6/15/2022 at 8:07 AM, Hobie Hartkins said:

    ??? I don't  remember him...? Remind me please!

    His name was on a sign in front of the church. I can't remember if it was him that had nurse Daisy's notes for the play. 

    Edit: I had to consult my notebook. If someone gets the chance check the episode The Canterbury Crock. 

  4. Happy birthday Waylon (June 15). Nobody could have been a better balladeer/narrator than you....well, Charlie Daniels maybe. 

    The name must be getting popular. A co-worker of my wife's named her son Waylon not too long ago and I was at a little league game Saturday and heard some fans cheering a boy named Waylon. My grandson becomes a teenager on Waylon's birthday. His name is Luke (but not after Luke Duke.....even though I like to pretend it is) 

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