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  1. My fav Bo seen was the first episode of season one One Armed Bandits when Bo jumps the General over roscoe for the actual first time! YEEHAW I love it! YEEHAW!
  2. Yeah tell me about thats why i'm glad they got Dukes and hopefully and most likely keep it going long after were dead! LOL YEEHAW!
  3. I love The Dukes of Hazzard soundtrack it's the best soundtrack ever! YEEHAW!
  4. I don't care for Rap cause i hate poems and rhyming too. don't like it never will.
  5. Awesome! I love it I love it! YEEHAW! I love seeing John on TV he looks awesome on TV now even as good as he did on The Dukes! YEEHAW!
  6. I like to see new people on these boards it is awesome! YEEHAW! Thanks for joining this awesome site! YEEHAW!
  7. awesome hopefully we can bypass that by at least having 50% on at once that would be really cool! YEEHAW!
  8. Yes we are Thank God about it and were gonna keep it going up and up YEEHAW!
  9. there might be but haven't heard about one yet definitely one this year and whole cast will be there which will be awesome! YEEHAW!
  10. yes it was brotherly love cause i just saw it on cmt friday morning! YEEHAW!
  11. I'm going in the chat now and tonight YEEHAW!!! Have nothing better to do! YEEHAW!!!!
  12. I can't wait till' all the seasons come out i'll be super happy and my family will be too cause there sick of hearing about how much i want all 7 seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard out as soon as possible! LOL YEEHAW!!!
  13. thats horrible dukes will be above her as soon as i do some more blogging trying to get more people to put Dukes down. YEEHAW! I hope we can get it to #1 YEEHAW!
  14. awesome hopefully by the end of the week it'll be way up there! YEEHAW!
  15. I'm only Voting for The Dukes of Hazzard every 60 mins. YEEHAW!!!!
  16. I Love NASCAR it's the best sport ever. YEEHAW!
  17. I thought the music was perfect and still do.! YEEHAW!
  18. I think it'll be an awesome NASCAR season especially for my driver YEEHAW!
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