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  1. I will but will have to do it in the morning when I have more time because it is getting close to my bed time 9 o' clock!LOL pretty early for a lot of folks!
  2. it was near the end of season 2 or 3 I believe and am positive too! YEEHAW!
  3. Here are some pics of it: There some of them and you can find more on my flickr account but you'll have to PM me to get it! Thanks Hope y'all enjoy now!
  4. Heres mine some of you may have seen mine and my old site too! http://www.myspace.com/gjlthegenerallee
  5. I got addicted because in a wierd way it's in my blood, because my Mimi and uncles all use to watch it and they all loved it and the first time I saw it I liked and become totally obsessed with it the whole 9 yards and I have a good sized collection at my house too! YEEHAW! There the best!
  6. Cool Congrats for halfway to being a senior member here at HazzardNet hope you enjoy it for a long time!
  7. I don't think he did but maybe I don't remember when or exactly what he said but lets all hope he is able to come it would be very cool if he did come this year! YEEHAW!
  8. Thats cool so hopefully he will be, though i probably wont be able to go this year though because of gas prices and not having a job that pays enough money or enough hours so I am currently looking for a better job and will hopefully find one very soon, maybe! He is one of the ones i didn't get autograph from because he wasn't there last and last year was my first time ever at DukesFest! YEEHAW! It was the best!
  9. I just got my Danbury Mint General Lee it is one of the most detailed General Lee's ever made, it is as close to what we would like in it as you could possibly get and it has a CB attenae on the back of it like th real thing, It even has a tire jack and a tire in the back trunk and a very detailed engine inside it and I just bought it Brand New! YEEHAW! I'll post some pics when my camera batteries get fully charged!
  10. I gotta go to DukesFest and we were gonna go to the Opry thing but we couldn't because we were over at cootersplace and didn't see what time it was so we weren't able to go to the opry wish I had gone though I really do thats for sure! I think we will definitely be going to DukesFest next year hopefully we can save a lot more money up this time around! YEEHAW! It was the best thing I had ever gone to no doubt about it and the first time I've gone to it!
  11. I wanna buy me one of them, but I gotta save some money so I can get some other stuff first and then hopefully be able to get it! I can't wait!
  12. I went there too and It was awesome and I went to catherine on saturday and then to John, Sonny, Rick, and James on Sunday! I loved every minute of it and then I also got an autogragh from waylons brother too! YEEHAW! I got some pics too!
  13. I think that all the ones that were on only once or twice are all my favorites to me anyways! YEEHAW!
  14. If you are totally and completely beyond belief obsessed with The Best TV show ever The Dukes of Hazzard and there ain't no doubt about it at all!
  15. Well I got another funny thing to say is I told my boss that I was talking next week and the week after that off Because I am going to DukesFest and I guess john isn't the only one who can do it I am too! YEEHAW!
  16. I like all the episodes but my true favorite is not listed and that is Happy Birthday General Lee and I think that it was the best episode ever made! Don't know why, but that is what I think anyways! YEEHAW!
  17. Yeah I remember hearing about the supposed mini series last year or so but haven't heard anything since I really doubt that that will actually happen at all, though it would be kind of cool to see one but not be anything like the movie's either one of them! But it still would kind of cool though.
  18. I think it's pretty good I like it a lot theres not any episode on the whole entire TV series that I don't like because I am completely as obsessed with the Dukes, more then anyone will ever know and I am going to DukesFest and can't wait to go it's only a week before I leave to head down there! YEEHAW!
  19. Thats too bad oh well, there's a lot worse things that could've happened.
  20. A 3rd Dukes of Hazzard movie or even a third Reunion? Maybe, But I'm not sure, but what about you?
  21. I thought it was pretty descent though it could've definitely been a little better and they should of kept Lulu fat though and more Racing in it too! But I still liked it though.
  22. I bought Unrated version and it was a lot better then the last movie thats for sure! YEEHAW!
  23. I don't watch NASCAR as much as I used to but I am still a huge fan of Nascar too but I won't go to the races or watch them anymore because they are starting to play that horrible crap called rap music and are going a long with the political correctness which is a bunch of fewey that should be thrown in the trash! I deathly hate political correctness I dislike anyone who beloves in that horrible stuff too!
  24. I saw it when it was on the first night and I liked it a lot and thought that it was very good and definitely better then the 2005 movie and I will be buying The DVD today thats for sure! YEEHAW!
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