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    Uncle Jesse's episode reviews

    Bernard Fox, who played Iggins in 'Southern Comforts', was in an episode of MASH that I saw a week or two ago. He played an English major who Hawkeye originally disliked, but then saw he just did things differently. At the end, Hawkeye advises him not to give tea to soldiers with belly wounds as it causes peritonitis. His reply is, "I'll take it up to higher authorities, but I don't know. If it was anything but tea..." (all in his very English voice)
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    Uncle Jesse's episode reviews

    Southern Comfurts....season 2 -- The good news is this is the last episode on my bad disc. The bad news is that it is the worst one. It's odd because I thought this one was fine earlier. If anybody gets a chance to check it out maybe you could comment. I only got to see the first 20 minutes. -- Jesse's second cousin twice removed, Holly Comfurt and her two kids Lori and John Henry sell their farm for a quarter million dollars. Boss meets her at the Duke farm and starts scheming to sell her some land as an investment but it is really worthless swamp land. Holly showers the Dukes with gifts and is planning on buying a rooming house in Savannah. Their Rolls Royce breaks down and while it is at Cooter's he lends them a car. Lori puts a suitcase in the trunk but when they walked away a drunk stole the car. Since Holly doesn't trust banks she had left the quarter million in the suitcase.......and eventually the Dukes save the day -- When Bo and Luke looked under the hood of the Rolls Bo said "Uh, it ain't American" -- When Jesse was negotiating the land deal and the guy said a quarter million dollars, Jesse passed out (thankfully he was already squatting low). It was pretty funny to see his feet sticking in the air! --season 3 next....Carnival of Thrills!
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    My favorite has to be in Cale Yardborough Comes To Hazzard. There's a scene in the Boars Nest where Bo and Luke bring Mr Garvey to talk to Cooter about repairing the turbo charger. Daisy's wearing the Daisy Dukes and a yellow tank top. I don't know why but for some reason I love that combination