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    • I can't see any evidence that he was a member here, but several old posts mention his name. Some talk positively about his book or his knowledge of Dukes, while a couple of others suggest that he has/had plans for the General's pushbar for sale.
    • Jon Holland's name sounds familiar. I wonder if he used to be here on the HazzardNet. Thanks Hoss. I'm requesting all 3 for Christmas presents! 
    • High Flyin' Dukes.....season 6  Joe Ward bought a crop dusting business and while he was teaching Daisy how to dust, he had an appendix attack and passed out. Daisy landed the airplane just fine and Joe was hauled off in an ambulance after Daisy told him she would finish his jobs for him so he wouldn't lose his business. That was bad timing for Daisy since Boss Hogg and his 2 accomplices Hector and Percy had a crop dusting scam in the works. What Boss didn't know is that Hector and Percy had a secret recording of him laying out the plan and the recording could put Boss in jail a long time. They then followed Boss's orders and dumped poison lye in the crop dusting mixture. Daisy didn't know the mixture was bad so she sprayed a farm that was owned by Boss. Later, Boss went to the Duke farm and told them Daisy had poisoned his land and he was suing to get Joe's business and the Duke farm. Bo and Luke caught Hector and Percy and then had a reluctant Rosco take them into custody. When the Duke boys weren't around Hector and Percy told Boss about the tape so Boss let them go and before you know it Hector and Percy had a scam of their own going on. They stole Joe's plane and parked it at an old WWII airstrip. The Dukes told Boss about the stolen plane and Boss told them that the bad guys escaped. Boss thought they stole the plane to leave Hazzard but they started going around to all the local farmers and telling them if they don't give them a "protection payment" that their fields would be poisoned like Boss's. The 4 Dukes took off in their 3 vehicles to search for the scammers. They found them at Hazzard Airport filling cans with fuel to put in their car and take to the other airstrip. The boys chased them but they got away. Hector and Percy called Jesse and told him if the Dukes don't back off they'd poison his fields. Then the Dukes put Luke's plan into action. Since the crooks didn't know what Jesse looked like, he went to Ned Beemer's place and pretended to be him. When they showed up Jesse recorded their threats. Ned then held them at gunpoint and Rosco and Boss took them away. Hector and Percy weren't done yet. They overpowered Boss and Rosco and took their car, leaving them on the side of the road. The Dukes went to the WWII airstrip and Daisy went up in the wild blue yonder in the airplane and noticed the patrol car and also saw Boss and Rosco without a car. She dropped a rope ladder down to Bo and he jumped on the roof of the moving car and stopped Hector and Percy. Luke and Jesse showed up in the General and helped him finish the job.  -- This episode has an awesome action scene. Rosco went to the second floor of the hotel to rummage through Hector and Percy's belongings but got the wrong room. A big angry husband knocked him through the window. He landed on a mattress that workers were moving and bounced over a car into Boss's arms. The momentum dropped them into a cushy chair that rolled across the road near a parking meter that then ran out at the very moment and dinged. Rosco was laying on Boss's lap and starting to write him a parking ticket. 
    • It was first published in 2007. From what I've read online, the book concentrates on the Georgia episodes. The content seems to get good feedback, but the poor quality of the images is often mentioned in reviews. It looks like Jon Holland followed it up with another Dukes-related book - 'A Moonrunner's Tale: From Grit to Gold, How "The Dukes" was Born' was published in 2010, and tells of Jerry Rushing and his contribution to the show. Both of Jon Holland's books are available in paperback for around $15.
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