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  2. I've seen Comet Neowise in the northern sky the last two nights but they weren't very good views because of some clouds. Anybody else get a view?
  3. I'm starting to get a little nervous. Our daughter and her family left this morning after spending a week here and everybody felt fine. It wasn't too long after they left that my wife started coughing and went downhill quick. She developed a fever and chills. She's going to call the doctor in the morning to see about a test. We're in northwest Pennsylvania and they came from northern Virginia so neither are hot spots but that doesn't give us a lot of comfort.
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  5. Spike


    Multiple city's, towns, townships etc... here have made wearing masks mandatory in buildings and outside where you can't social distance. Some going as far as handing out $500 fines. So if you travel through Ohio bring a mask.
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  7. A few minutes from the end of 'The Meeting', Rosco crashes into the patrol car left outside the police station by the mobsters a few seconds earlier. The following exchange occurs between him and Boss: Boss: Rosco, you dang dodo brain, you did it again! Rosco: It is a mess, ain't it? I guess they'll cancel my insurance now. Boss: Because you can't see two feet. Rosco: I hit it, didn't I? Boss: I ought to hit you. Come on, let's go.
  8. The founder of HazzardNet, Meadowmufn, also has Rosco as a favorite character. In fact, they were personal friends. Rosco used to be on the HazzardNet and used to come into the chat room. Young folks like you are truly the future of Hazzard County. You are vital to carrying on the tradition and I can't express enough how much us original fans appreciate you. Have you gone down to Rosco's section in the characters forum? He has a birthday coming up this month.
  9. They have the National Health Service over in the UK, but not here. It costs €50-60 just to visit your doctor in Ireland (unless you have a medical card). Over in the UK, your hospital bills would be covered after an accident as long as you're entitled to free medical care (i.e. you're not there on holiday etc.).
  10. I think it might have been in 'The Meeting' in season 2, but I'll have to check.
  11. LOL....that's why they always struggled for money to pay the mortgage....their insurance was so high from all those wrecks!
  12. I can imagine the rates for Hazzard citizens were the highest in the state no matter what kind of auto insurance.
  13. Thank you for the welcome, Rodger! And for the facts given from the bank of knowledge. Afterall, I’m older than google and am skeptical of using it, due to misinformation given by the World Wide Web. A few bits of information that I can return is that I’m 23 and grew up watching the Dukes of Hazzard. My favorite character was always Rosco. I even had a big coloring & activity book that was a relic from the distribution of products back in the day. Never was allowed to color in it, but you can bet that we pulled copies off of our printer. Ah, nostalgic! Though, I cannot for the life of me, remember which episode that Rosco said about his insurance getting cancelled. But I remember the scene. It was after he hit one of the other squad cars. Ooh! Ooh! And the favorite episode of mine was “Money to Burn”! Where I got the itch to have a funeral coach as my first veh-icle! Even though they used a Superior combo Pontiac.
  14. Since you have national health care over there Hoss does the government pay for hospital bills in a car accident or is the responsibility of the auto insurance company?
  15. Over here you have to have a minimum of what's known as third party insurance, i.e. they pay for damages to the other party if the accident's your fault. If you get caught driving without insurance you can get fined up to €5,000 (about $5,670 at today's rates) and be nearly halfway to losing your driving license. The basic insurance usually gets bundled into a combined policy called third party, fire and theft. I remember a comedian back in the '80s saying that when he was offered this he'd replied something like "Don't be stupid, who's going to steal a car that's on fire?"
  16. Welcome to Hazzard County. It's good to have a new person in town and we hope you stay a long time. From what I remember back then, if you were still making payments on your car, the bank required insurance. If you owned your car then you didn't need insurance (these rules varied depending on what state you lived in).....but eventually everybody had to have insurance that was called "no fault" although people jokingly called it "my fault" since it hurt folks with better driving records. The cheapest insurance only covered the other car and person in the accident IF the accident was your fault. Remember though that Waylon often said "We do things different in Hazzard County" so none of that really mattered anyways.....And as people often said, if it weren't for Cooter the show couldn't have happened. It didn't matter how bad the wreck was, Cooter would have all the vehicles fixed up that same day for donuts and beer, with a small amount of cash on the side.
  17. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    Nice win for the rookie CC. What happened to Chase Elliott?
  18. I sure hope you can get out of there as soon as possible. Hang in there buddy!
  19. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Nascar veterans Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham join forces to create an IROC like series for short tracks it will be called SRX and air on CBS sports network in 2021.
  20. The ring camera caught some interesting stuff over the weekend. Caught the neighbors buddy smoking crack out front and also the buddy's latest addict flousie reaching underneath the fence to mess with our flower garden, hope she enjoyed all the pickers from my cactus patch. I would show the footage to the manager but they don't give a anyways so I'd just be wasting my time. Hopefully we'll be checking out some houses this coming weekend so we can get the heck out of here. Surprisingly the market here is on fire, few houses we both liked got sold before we could even get a tour.
  21. Spike

    Days of Thunder

    One of the stories they talk about in the podcast is about a car they entered into a race with a movie cameras in it and I think it accidentally lead a lap after everyone went to pit road during a caution or something. Here's a link to the podcast
  22. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Cole Custer stole the win at Kentucky yesterday with help from a big push from Matt Dibenedetto. The momentum pushed him past Martin Truex jr, Kevin Harvick and Ryan Blaney who went 3 wide for the lead in the final restart. Cole Custer went to the outside to make it 4 wide for the lead. Martin Truex jr finished 2nd, Matt Dibenedetto 3rd, Kevin Harvick 4th and Kurt Busch 5th. Early in the race Aric Almirola had the dominant car but after a bad pit stop he got stuck in traffic and his car was not good in dirty air. He did manage to finish 8th though. Jimmie Johnson was having a good race and looked like he could've taken the lead on a late restart till he got turned by Brad Keselowski. He ended up finishing 18th and is in the final non winning chase for the championship spot. If he has a dnf or bad finish in any more of the regular season races without a win he could miss the chase the the 2nd year in a row. The All Star race is this Wednesday night @ 7pm eastern, I think it's on FS1. The rest of the season will be on NBC or NBCSN.
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