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  2. Ms. Tisdale ( We'll drink buttermilk and play Lawrence Welk records! We'll have a wing ding! doesn't get much wilder than that! )
  3. I'll just keep a watch here each day until the decisins are final and the dust settles!
  4. Well you guys figure it out and I'll try to be here ….just let me know ! Also, I'll bring some of my finest so we can all stay warm while we watch the show and sip ( you never waste a sip!) some of my finest! :)
  5. These are always tough to plan so we should start early. We're going to get together for a Christmas Party. We don't know if it will be in a chat room or simply posts on this thread. It will probably have to be on a weekend. Might I suggest (it's only a suggestion for now) 3:00 Eastern Standard Time. Before we start suggesting days please post here what days you would NOT be able to make it. I CAN'T make Saturday December 14. We also could consider a weeknight if the folks across the pond have a night they could stay up late.
  6. I'm not sure about tomorrow (Dec 5) Hobie. It depends on how much snow we get. Also (it gets worse) December 12 at 6:00 is my grandson's Christmas concert. He's a senior in high school and it's his last so I can't miss it. Do you want to do Friday at 5 (EST)? Could you make that Hoss?
  7. Let me know if you get any pictures of Flash "chasin' them possums through the woods" on that new game trail camera of yours. Or better yet, post the pictures on HazzardNet. We're expecting a half a foot of snow tonight and it's the heavy greasy type so Cooter should be busy in the morning pulling all those cars out of the ditch.
  8. LOL After sipping on the egg nog that I didn't realize was spiked I probably said a few things that I regretted and I'm glad it was lost. My big concern this year would be that Hobie will slip a little of his finest in that nog. Maybe I'll stick with straight buttermilk this Christmas.
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  10. Christmas in the chat room used to be fun. With Hobie's watch parties, I've been able to catch up on the comments later because they're in the forum, whereas comments in the chat room are lost forever. However, remembering previous experiences, one of the best things about the chat room is that comments in the chat room are lost forever. That time is better for me, but I'm out this Thursday night. I'll try to make it one day, I promise.
  11. ok..Thursdays at 4:00 PM Central?? ( 5:00 Eastern?) That might be good. You guys will have to set up the weekends and let your friendly neighborhood ( make believe) drunk know! I'll look here for further info./instructions …
  12. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    JJ retiring!? As always, thanks for the updates Spike.
  13. I could go as early as 5:00 Eastern Standard Time for the episode watch parties if that meant Hoss could make it. Who is good with Thursdays? We'd have to do a Christmas party on a weekend though to get all the time zones in.
  14. How hard would it be to get together an old fashioned chat room Christmas party? Of course we couldn't do it without you attending MM. Our Christmas parties always required law enforcement since someone always ended up spiking the egg nog....and you know better than anybody how much trouble comes after that. Everybody always behaved better when the Supreme Superior Commander was in the room.
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  16. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Daniel Suarez out and Cole Custer in at Stewart Haas Racing Ryan Newman signs contract extension with Roush Fenway Racing for 2020 Corey Lajoie to stay with Go Fas Racing and Go Fas Racing will have a technical alliance with Stewart Haas Racing Quin Hoff to drive Starcom Racing 00 thru the 2021 season JTG Daugherty Racing 2020 Lineup Silly Season update and the big news is Jimmie Johnson to retire after 2020 Season I'm not surprised by this one with the new car to debut in 2021 he probably doesn't want to deal with figuring out how to drive it.
  17. I just can't win for losing. Neighbor whined about our "security camera", even got his lawyer involved and today when I got home found a note on our door from management to remove the trail camera or we'll be in violation of blah blah blah. That's ok I'll just stick it to our front door, shouldn't be in violation of any stupid rule there. Guess you have to have a lawyer on retention to get any justice with management with all the BS we've and other neighbors had to deal with from this guy and his buddy over the years. Sure am gonna miss seeing pics of which birds visit my feeders. Got a lot of nice pics of the neighbor flipping us the bird too . Finally got finished with the drawers for the entertainment center over the weekend. I don't know who built this entertainment center but they must've had a bit too much 'shine the night before lol. One side of the shelf section was a 1/4 inch less width than the other and the detail molding was backwards on the one side so I had to make spacer blocks for the drawer sliders. I based my drawers off this design but I used a solid front and back piece of 1 x 4 and a couple of 1 x 8's I had laying around for the bottoms and for the sides I used some lathe/lattice I found at the local menards, they sell it in bundles. Hope y'all had a good thanksgiving. We ate at relatives so I didn't have to cook . After dinner we did a little bit of shopping and shockingly everybody was civilized, stopping at walmart I was expecting what we went thru a few years ago with tv's, dvd/bluray players and video game systems flying over our heads but nope everybody was cordial and a couple even let us cut in line at the register since we only had a couple of items in our hands and they had a cart full. The wildgame trail camera Walmart had on sale was a good buy. The pictures and video are clear and crisp, my only complaints is it is set for 16:9 and not 4:3 and you can't change that setting and also you can't set it for burst picture mode where it will take 3 pics, it will only take one.
  18. I really like the Carnival of Thrills...first time the Duke boys have a disagreement and interesting plot directions. The Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Duke episode isn’t one of my favorites (neither is My Son, Bo Hogg) as I don’t particularly care for ones where one of the main stars goes crazy or loses their memory for a while. But, compared to the robot or alien ones, those other episodes are MUCH better written & done! In my opinion, the robot episode started the down-hill direction with the bad writing and/or plots (nothing against the actors themselves as they did awesome with what they were given). You sadly could tell the writers were starting to give up by this point.
  19. I kinda liked the Robot P. Coltrane one...not as good as a bunch of others but still...pretty good. My least fav. list is The Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Duke and Carnival of Thrills ( that was corny and goofy even on a Hazzard scale!)….I got 1 or 2 others but can't think of them just now.....
  20. OK...well, I think we're doing fine the way it is...we just need to fig. a good day/time.....what time on a week day would be good for you two ( Hoss and Roger) ??
  21. Are you guys talking about having a watch party? Would a chat room help facilitate that better than the forums? If so, let me know and I'll see if I can put something together.
  22. I figured it’d been discussed before ...there’s just so much on this site that it’s sometimes hard to know exactly where everything might be at—which is actually a good thing, in itself! Very weird that they’d have the junkyard guy even say the line “68 Coupe”...when everyone knows the General is a 69...why didn’t Tom Wopat catch it when directing?? Very strange blooper...but still awesome episode nonetheless!
  23. Okay...I still say the Strange Visitor alien episode is the worst! But, I gotta say...the Robot P. Coltrane one was right behind it. Season 7 actually started off pretty good, in my opinion...but the robot episode was a definite nose-dive.
  24. Please don't give up on this idea Hobie because it is an awesome one. I can't make it on most Saturdays, including this one.
  25. We discussed the "68 Coupe" in the Bloopers thread - see here and here.
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