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  3. I have a friend who is Catherine Bach(Daisy Duke) Tribute Artist. She goes by Daisy Duke II. Y'all can find her on Facebook.
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  5. Well my dad should have comprimised with the neighbor, now he gets to deal with her insurance company. Oh well I warned him. I called a local landscaping company and was quoted $75-400 depending on the size and variety of arborvitae.
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  7. It's reminds me of those pictures where different people look at them in different ways. Thinking it was somebody with a bloody lip must say something about me psychologically. But then, most folks here know I'm not normal. Normal is boring anyways. In my defense, I was looking at a smaller version. I also think the bottom half of the heart being darker red added to the illusion. Blood is darker red than the inside of a mouth.
  8. Here it is a little larger. I found this at https://twitter.com/emojipedia/status/1257035179488612354.
  9. I thought so. Years ago I bought an old Volvo wagon that the previous owner had replaced the supercharger on. He said it would have run without it though. It cost him $1500 for the new turbo and a year later I only paid $2000 for the car. It ran great for years....eventually the body rusted out.
  10. I still didn't get it. I showed it to my wife and she said it is hugging a heart. I enlarged it and used my imagination and said "ah, now I see it!" Still looks like it has a bloody lip to me.
  11. BC? Some of us yankees don't get all the Southern fix ya up potions in store's up here. I took an Aleve with my dinner and thankfully the headache went away before bedtime. Yeah a car can run without a turbo at least the older cars could I don't know about newer ones with all the software controlling everything. Found out yesterday the oil line leak is another common issue with Chevy Cruze's with the 1.4l engine. Maybe he should have gotten a n.a. motored car.
  12. Relatives No can't stand to drink orange soda. Used to drink grape soda when I was a kid though
  13. Well, I voted for May 11 so if nobody else votes then I guess it's then.
  14. Do what I do and what they used to do at the NASCAR races......take a couple BC....they'll fix you right up fast! Unfortunately they've been my best friend lately!! Have you guys heard about how back in the '70's in the south, BC powders had a cult like following in and around NASCAR. I wonder how that happened and also, if that played a part in Petty's BC sponsorship? Or if Petty's BC car played a part in the popularity of the powder?
  15. OK what date has been decided? We need to discuss the way we commemorate and celebrate!
  16. can a car still run if the turbo isn't working? It seems to me that I was told once that it could. Maybe it depends on the kind of car it is. It certainly couldn't go as fast if it wasn't getting as much air
  17. The school has a strict dress code policy. Usually the students wear suit and ties Monday-Thursday. T shirts and hoodies I presume are not allowed on Fridays even though it's casual day. Had a long day...first the oil line going to the turbo on my dad's car sprung a leak. Got too listen to his "woe is me I don't know what to do" schpiel. Then tried to mediate deal with him and the neighbor but that is going swimmingly. This stems back from when my dad's tree fell in the neighbors yard and destroyed one if her arborvitae bushes. She wants it replaced but my cheapskate dad doesn't w
  18. LOL Did you spit orange pop on the back window?
  19. We are certainly heading down a slippery slope and it is quite troubling. I can see a future where even if you try to look up Dukes of Hazzard it won't even come up on any search engines because the ban will be that thorough. It won't happen anytime soon but at the rate culture is being chipped away it will happen. I can't even watch TV anymore. I get it. There should be equal rights for everybody. I'm all for that. Anybody who is not for equal rights for everybody is an idiot. What I'm sick of is constantly being vilified for being a straight white man. I don't want to be treated better than
  20. The article I read just says that six titles will no longer be published. TBH. I've never heard of any of them. The article also says that some libraries in the UK have moved certain Tintin books to the adult section, so they're not banned or removed - just no longer available to children. Compared to some recent changes/bans, this doesn't seem too over the top to me. I wonder what the specific rule is. F1 stopped Lewis Hamilton wearing overtly political messages at races, but BLM T-shirts are fine.
  21. Don't get complacent after you get the vaccine, you still can be a carrier and infect others. One lady I do odd-jobs for recently went out to eat with old co workers since she got both shots if the pfizer vaccine. Turns out one if the co workers had covid and didn't show signs till the day after. Now she and everyone else in the group has to quarantine for the next 7-10 days. Her Dr also told her she might experience mild covid symptoms but should be fine though she does have underlying health conditions so hopefully the vaccine will help her body's immune system kick covid's butt. Be vigilant
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