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  2. I don't think I ever noticed either Hobie until I heard it here years ago. I had to look back at it again because I couldn't believe it.
  3. ditch (that's where it ended up before the local car dealer got it. What was his name?)
  4. Last week
  5. black Charger ( Remember what the General was and looked like, before the Dukes owned it?)
  6. Good to have you Gig Guy and you know what...…? I NEVER noticed the General wasn't on S.1 E.3 !! I can't believe it! WOW!!
  7. Hey there GigGuy. Welcome to Hazzard County. Tell us a little more about your love of the Dukes.....favorite character, episode, scene, vehicle, season...etc. Do you watch them a lot? Ever met any of the stars? Do you have any Dukes toys or all the DVDs? We're happy to have you here and hope you stay a long time. YEEEHAWW!!
  8. Welcome to HNet, GigGuy. In all seven seasons, 'Mary Kaye's Baby' (S01E03) is the only episode in which the General doesn't appear. I guess the people making the show had no idea by the third episode that the General would become so iconic, and end up being at least as famous as the stars of the show. Many shows in the '70s and '80s were based around a vehicle, e.g. KITT in 'Knight Rider', the Coyote X in 'Hardcastle and McCormick' etc., but early episodes of Dukes weren't like that. The show's formula wasn't really established until filming was moved to California for episode 6, and maybe even as late as the start of season 2.
  9. Good advice Spike. I used to change my oil but have gotten lazy in my old age. After I got in the habit of having someone else do it I used to check my oil every time but I got out of that habit and I need to get back in it. Both of our vehicles are due so I'll think of you when I check their work.
  10. You're lucky you didn't blow a casket! That happens sometimes, when you overfill with oil! Then you have to take the head off and put a new seal on it and that takes time and money, because of all those parts on top of the engine that have to come off! ( and then be put back on!)
  11. What about that time when Bo and Luke were skinny dipping and those two stole the General. That one crook said, " Is this car double strong or what?"
  12. LOL! I thought you might like Nadler as Boss and Schiff as Rosco! ( Those are the two main people trying to get Trump out of office!)…..I have always said, as far as Jerry Nadler goes....someone needs to just reach out and grab him by the Nadlers!!
  13. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Daniel Suarez will be driving the Gaunt Bros Racing #96 Toyota for 2020 Kyle Busch will be making his Sports car racing debut this weekend at the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona. He'll be driving the #14 Lexus RC F GT3. For the first time in a really long time the beginning and end will be broadcast on an OTA network so check your local NBC station's schedule. Coverage starts at 1:30pm eastern Saturday and will end on Sunday noon -2pm eastern on NBC, in between it will air on NBCSN and NBC Gold streaming service. Nascar Traditionalists ya better enjoy this season of Nascar as it looks like it will be the last with a manual transmission. For the 2021 next gen car it looks like they will be going with a sequential shifter, basically push forward for upper gears and backwards for lower gears.
  14. If you have someone else change the oil in your vehicles make sure they know just how much to put in. My dad got an oil change back in late November at a nearby tire store since he had gotten a free oil change coupon from them when he had one of the tires fixed there. Well it turns out they put 2 quarts too much oil in his Cruze. 2 weeks ago it developed a misfire and of course my dad, Mr. Procrastinator, let it go till my wife got his brother involved after our weekend plans got derailed. Anyways my uncle had him take it to his mechanic and it needed new spark plugs because they were completely black from the over abundance of oil. Mechanic also did an oil change and fixed another thing that was related to a recent GM TSB bulletin. Hopefully there's no other issues that will pop up from that oil change. I think that 2nd free oil change coupon from that tire store will go unused lol. We got about 4-5 inches of snow from that same storm Roger, though the snow we got was the wet heavy kind before it turned over to sleet and then rain. That was a pain in the back to shovel, luckily just had to do 2 driveways this time. Just glad my winter coat is waterproof, the rest of me got soaked though from the rain and sleet. This weekend's weather forecast looks similar but the local tv meteorologists keep saying it's going to be mostly rain but that's what they said last week before the storm. Here's the Circle tv network website
  15. Here are two episodes that spring to mind: Neil Bishop drives the General in 'The Big Heist', and Andy Slocum drives the General in 'Big Brothers, Duke'. In both cases they drive the General without permission!
  16. I've seen rosco drive it at least once. And i think cooter drive it in "cooter's girl". What other episodes?
  17. We use both of those expressions over here. I read that he'd died last week, but with the fires in Australia, impeachment hearings in the US and Harry & Meghan stepping back from their royal duties in the UK (and an election being called in Ireland), I don't think it grabbed many headlines. There's a short BBC article below: 'First Middle-earth scholar' Christopher Tolkien dies
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  19. Hey Hoss, was the death of Christopher Tolkein a big deal over there? It didn't get much attention over here. I've become a pretty big Lord of the Rings fan these past several years.
  20. I'm not sure if you use this term over there or not but over here we would say that "you jinxed yourself". Also, if we are bragging about not being sick (or getting a speeding ticket....or anything bad like that) we say "knock on wood".... and actually knock if wood is around. Do you say either of those?
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