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  2. (Season 2 episode Find Loretta Lynn) Enos:"Sheriff, you look just like a little crippled Sparrow with a hurt wing! Awe!" Rosco:"I'll hurt yer wing you dipstick!"
  3. (Season 3 High Man on the Totempole) Ginger:"How would you like to take a nice long walk with me in the jungle?" Gilligan:"No thanks." Ginger:"How 'bout a cool refreshing swim? I'll wear my poka dot bikini." Gilligan:"I wonder if they shrink a lot?" Ginger:"If it did, there'd only be one dot left." Gilligan:"Huh?" Ginger:"You asked me if my bathing suit shrinks a lot." Gilligan:"No. I was wondering if those head hunters shrink a lot of heads." Ginger:"Will you stop looking at that silly totempole, and look at me for a minute?" Gilligan:"Ok."(He takes a long hard look at Ginger from head t
  4. (Season 1 The Manhunt) Barney stops his mom at roadblock and frisks her. Mrs. Fife:"But Barney, I’m your mother." Deputy Barney Fife:"Sorry. But you might be the criminal disguised as you. Us lawmen can't afford to take any chances."
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  6. (Season 5 Opie Loves Helen) Deputy Barney Fife:"Well if it aint Daddy long legs." Sheriff Andy Taylor:"What's that supposed to mean!?" Deputy Barney Fife:"You know what it means!"
  7. Post by Don Dapkus Facebook member and member of The Andy Griffith Show groups. And my comment on the post. Ok.. Do not mention that the goat and uncle Nat .. In the same sentence. Facebook keeps removing what Otis said about the goat. Apparently it is a Facebook violation.. Yeah I know Otis said it. But apparently people Facebook never watches TV That's why I do my quoting of shows and movies over on the TV and movie forums at www.hazzardnet.com where they have no community standards to be violated like it does here on Facebook.
  8. cry ( some of them bring tears to your eyes!)
  9. Well, you can do what I do for my arthritis in my spine. I take BC's! ( They're an all time NASCAR favorite you know! ) I feel for you Rog! I hope you get to feeling better. I can sympathize with you on that one! ( unfortunately!)
  10. Found it! It's from 'The Sound of Music - Hazzard Style' (also in season 4). The federal officer confronts the boys and tries to identify himself, but he has a problem there: Ben Jordan: I seem to have misplaced my wallet. Bo: Mister, we've heard that 100 times. Ben Jordan: You just take my word for it. I am a federal officer. Luke: Sure, and I'm Santa Claus, this here's Bugs Bunny. The episodes had different writers, so maybe the two Bugs Bunny references were a coincidence.
  11. Heading to the local fair with the grandkids tomorrow. I won't be riding any rides though. My back has gotten pretty bad. I have an MRI in 6 days to see if I need surgery. I had an MRI once and felt pretty claustrophobic but I guess you have to do what you have to do.
  12. no....I'm familiar with that one...... it was Luke saying, " I'm .....and this is Bugs Bunny! ( talking about Bo)
  13. Tom? My name's not Tom, my name's Roscoooo P. Col...oh! ohhhh!!! ( falling as she pushes the ladder he's standing on over!)
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  15. Hobie, maybe you're thinking of 'Diamonds in the Rough'. The bad guys shoot at Bo and Luke as they drive off with the rabbit doll containing the diamonds: Bo: This is a dang bunny. Who'd wanna shoot after Bugs Bunny? Luke: Elmer Fudd. I wouldn't bank on it being him, though.
  16. Formula 1 (Pirelli are the current tire suppliers)
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