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  2. Hey I just realized something. That red shirt Luke wears on the lunchbox with him walking over the hood, that is the shirt Hammer stole to wear in Season 4 Dukes in Danger after raiding Bo & Luke's closest and Leeman wore the junkin outfit from Bo's dance with ATF Agent Roxanne Huntley in High Octane.
  3. On This Night In History: January 26, 1979 One Armed Bandits, the pilot episode of our beloved TV series The Dukes Of Hazzard originally aired.
  4. (Season 4 Dukes in Danger) Hammer:"Leeman look what I found in there in them plowboy's closest. Take yer pick." Bo Duke:"Hey wait a minute. Them there's our clothes."
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  6. (Season 2 Not Guilty) Skipper:"You didn’t find this in Howell’s pants pocket, you found it in MY PANTS POCKET! Shhhh!" Gilligan:"Me shhhh!? You're the one doing all the shouting!"
  7. (Season 2 Duke of Duke) Luke Duke:"Well mercy me. Looks like that city slicker wants a race." Bo Duke:"Well now. We can't disappoint him can we? Hey I'll take it easy on him." Luke Duke:"Alright." Bo Duke honks the "Dixie" horn. City slicker grins changes into a faster gear, takes off. Bo and Luke are stunned that their Charger is left in the dust. Bo Duke:(Turns to Luke Duke)"Um. Well, I just hope we don't run into him at that race on Sunday." Luke Duke:(Turns to Bo Duke)"You can't hardly run into somethin' you can't catch up to."
  8. The Feds ( They are all dumb a$$e$!)
  9. Yep. She is an family friend and 2nd mom to me. She will come thru.
  10. And any team who DOESN'T get caught pouring Hobie's Finest in their fuel tank will easily win.
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  12. For anyone who hasn't seen 'Smokey and the Bandit II', the doctor was talking about Charlotte the elephant.
  13. Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Don’t you ever ever raise your voice to me! Do you know who you’re talking to?!? I happen to be Buford T Justice! A distinguished officer of over 30 years seniority! One of the most highly respected law enforcement agents in the United States of America! That vehicle happens to be evidence! Valuable evidence that’s gonna convict a maniac! That I’ve been trying to apprehend and that I have been in high speed pursuit of for 700 miles! He is wanted for the Mann act, kidnapping and the attempted murder of over 20 brother officers!"
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