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  2. From what I've read about them they're everywhere east of the Rockies though they are really prevalent in areas with sandy soil. They are so small you only notice them when either they are crawling on you or you notice that the floor is moving. Some heavy thunderstorms dumped over 2 inches of rain and quarter size hail the other night which brings our local total rainfall for the year into the Top 5 on the record list, one local meteorologist thinks we'll set a new record this year. Counted 6 new small cucumbers on the plant before the rain but I can imagine they had a big growth spurt.
  3. Loblolly…..been a long time since I heard about that! you should've asked me...I used to cut wood for the house AND for a living! Loblolly pine is definitely a real deal!
  4. It's on the local news every day! I'd hate to have seen if anybody had gotten hurt, what kind of fuss they would've made!
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  6. She put the pedal to the floor of her car trying to escape the Impala.
  7. Now that I think of it, Gandalf does look a bit like a moonshiner.
  8. There are a few chases though so it's not all bad. It would have been a little better if Gandalf had a Dodge Charger instead of a white horse.
  9. It's good to hear from you again CCGirl.
  10. Lets see top 5 favorite movies oh boy there are so many that I like I'll just go over five *slaps forehead thinking* The original Dukes of Hazzard movie All the muppet movies Rocky The outsiders any western with John Wayne in it Smokey and the Bandit all 3 Cannonball Run 1&2 There you have it folks my top 7 favorite movies
  11. Hey yall I know its been a few years since I've been on here cause I couldn't remember my password but I'm back

  12. She was doing her chores just like any other day that she would, when she heard that familiar car pull up into her fathers driveway. Amelia walked out of the barn from doing her barn chores and milking one of their cows. She glanced at Bo and Luke as they got out of their car and her dad walked towards them. She wondered what the boys were their for. Sure her dad's roof was old and needed new shingles but other than that she felt like they didn't need help. After her brother left, she felt like she could handle most of the farm chores by herself along with her house hold chores, she didn't need the help of two country boys that were her neighbors and who she went to school with.
  13. That's the way I felt about James Best's bake shop movie. There wasn't much action in it but there didn't have to be. I was just so excited to see him.
  14. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    I see they hauled the wreck away. Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing Dale Jrs wrecked plane on the back of a flat bed semi!. That sounds like a scene out of a Dukes episode.
  15. Thanks Garrett but second place is long gone. As far back as they are and as bad as they are, it will be last place for them. I'm already hoping the Steelers will be better than the Bears but the experts are saying otherwise. Maybe the Penguins will be better than the Blackhawks....doubtful. *hangs head in despair*
  16. I'm sorry for your Pirates, but the Cubs haven't won an away game in forever. So these past two games have resparked some hope. I hope they can build on this and make it to the playoffs. I'd be happy for your Pirates to come in second...especially ahead of the Cardinals. Just saying...
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  18. While not really being my sort of movie, it was a fun way to spend an hour and a half of a Sunday afternoon.
  19. That Dream House sounds pretty interesting. Imma have a watch when i got some time!
  20. I'd never heard of it, so after watching the movie, I looked it up. For its timber, pinus taeda, commonly known as loblolly pine, is regarded as the most commercially important tree in Southeastern US. Read more on Wikipedia.
  21. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    It's been awhile since Dale Jr has made the news because of a crash. I hope this is the last time.
  22. Oh, I remember. That's the one where he talks about building the house with Mississippi Lobloley Pine....I think it is....I always wondered if that was a real tree.
  23. Hi Dixie! It's great to hear from you. Keep posting if you have the time. I've missed you hanging around.
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