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  2. Easter Weekend is here. I hope everybody has a good one.
  3. Great point. If you want to make a first impression here just show up with a General Lee. It's always a pretty effective dramatic entrance.
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  5. RHoughton welcome to Hazzardnet! What a way to show up with a General Lee. Great find! I don't believe this was a car used on the show. As the guys pointed out above it has no vinyl top chrome trim and it also has wheel opening trim. The GL's on the show didn't have that. The rear wheels/tires are also wider than what was used on the show. The Charger emblem would have been removed. The side markers were removed in 1983 when Warner Brothers took over so if this was used on the show it would be from an earlier season.
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  7. Thank you for the replies. We are going to have the interior fixed and get it safe to drive. Should make a fun car to drive around town.
  8. Uh oh. Looks like I've gotta update/redo the theme. I hope not. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. If MM can't fix it I'll call Cooter on the CB. I think he's working on that new General Lee that RHoughton just towed into town.
  10. Exactly @HossC. Most/all of this colour interior were made by Warner Bros and had the sidemarkers/reverse light spaces filled in. Also you can see this car has wide sill moldings (The chrome strips under the doors) which in the early seasons (Valuzets era) were painted over when they were on the car and removed by Warner Bros in the later seasons. But the biggest giveaways in that regard that its not a TV car is that it has an antenna, no vinyl top trim and clearly visible Charger badges. I heard TV cars have some kind of number or code carved into the rear window, but I have never seen a picture of this myself.
  11. This isn't really my area of expertise, Roger. I think Roth has given us a good start. For what it's worth, I think the show's GL builders removed the side markers and back-up lights from cars as part of their makeover (after the early shows), and this car seems to still have both. I'm sure you'd love this to be a screen-used car, RHoughton, but either way, you have a General Lee and I don't .
  12. Hey @Meadowmufn great job on keeping the forums so up to date! I think I've found an issue. I don't know if anyone else can see it on my post about the RHoughton Auction General Lee, but it shows me this issue after making a small edit to the post.[[Template core/front/global/commentEditLine is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  13. Welcome to HazzardNet @RHoughton! Lets get straight to the point! Let's see... What have we got here... XP29H9B222089 X = Dodge Charger P = Price Class: Premium 29= 2 Door Sports Hardtop H = 383ci 4-barrel High Performance 8 cylinder 9 = 1969 Model Year B = Assembled in Hamtramck, Michigan Very nice car! Looks mostly complete. Looking at the pictures I'd say its a replica. I don't have VIN numbers to see if it was a screen used one but I very much doubt it. All cars who were 'send away' after being used on the show had the roof portion with the flag/text cut off and the remainder after the show are almost all well documented. Yes, I say Almost, but there is nothing really which indicates this car could've been a TV car. Things to look for in a stunt/second unit car is a fully spray painted interior and no orange under the hood. On this one the interior seems to be nicely done for a non official Dodge colour with the exception of the steering wheel. Like TV cars this car has been painted to orange on the exterior only with the engine bay and probably trunk being in the original colour. The exception here is that they painted the hood hinges. Which was too much work for the show on a stunt car. For a close-up/first unit car they'd have the engine back blacked out. Which looks like someone had actually done! But very crudely looking at the hood hinges. It's not something you wanna look at closely with a camera on a TV show. I could go on, but I doubt it'll add much. Did you find the broadcast sheet? Anyway, very nice Charger either way! Keep us updated on the car if possible!
  14. Thank for the reply. The company i work for bought it at an Auction.(we are a semi truck salvage yard). Right now we are going to get it running and drive-able. I figured with the faded paint it looks to be an old clone or prop car for someone. I will keep you updated. once its running we will be selling it.
  15. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    That reminds me. I didn't check to see if I'm still in first place in your NASCAR fantasy league. I'm gone.
  16. Happy birthday Wednesday cousin Coy! If you make it back to Hazzard tomorrow stop by the Boar's Nest to celebrate. We'll all be there. Hoss is paying for the celebration.
  17. Welcome to the HazzardNet. We hope you stay around a long time. It would be really exciting If you would update us on what happens to this Lee. Will you restore it? Sell it? Both? I wish I could help but Hoss would likely be your best bet. If you would be willing to give more information that might help. Where did you buy it? Were you able to learn anything about its past? The serial number will probably be your best bet to get information. Thanks for posting that. The chances that it was on the show are pretty slim since there were a lot of them built by private citizens. At Dukes' height of popularity I bet there was a GL in nearly every county in America. Of course, you never know until you research it. I wish TimDuke was still on the HazzardNet. He lives in the Cleveland area and knows a lot about the show cars. You must be a pretty big fan to buy this. Since you're a big fan we want to hear more about your love of the show.
  18. We picked this up at an Auction and was wondering if theres a way to tell if it was a movie car or just a replica. i have attached pictures.
  19. Well I didnt tet to watch the race to say much about it other than that Martin Truex Jr won and Johnson finished 12th. But ol 7 time (Jimmie Johnson) ran in the Boston marathon for the first time today. Finished 3:09 (3 hours 9 minutes) in rainy weather. Yep Jimmie Johnson is Superman after all.
  20. Mmh... I was always told we sold New Amsterdam... Anyway, nice list! There's some funny ones on there, like Dutch door. You only see those on (recreated) old farms. Thanks for that link.
  21. And Arnold was called Dutch in the movie Predator. When I was a kid the bigger boys would grab the smaller ones and put them in a headlock and rub the top of their heads with their fists. It was often playful but it hurt when they pressed hard with their knuckles. They called it a dutch rub. I don't know where the name came from.
  22. I think we may have discussed this before, but there are indeed a large number of expressions and idioms in the English language that involve the word "Dutch". I found a list on a Dutch website (that's not one of the phrases, and the site is in English). The article says that most of these terms came into use in the 17th century when there were many conflicts between England and the Netherlands, and the Netherlands lost the Dutch colony which later became New York. As They Might Be Giants once sang, "Even old New York was once New Amsterdam." Some popular examples are: a Dutch auction, Dutch courage, talking double Dutch and to go Dutch (a Dutch treat).
  23. Today I got my dirt bike out for the second time this year. And I watched the best Duke dirt bike episode...."The Fugitive". I can't believe they didn't have Miz Tisdale on there riding wheelies. Boss was. The weather is supposed to turn bad tomorrow.
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