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  2. cigar
  3. Since things have been picking up so much I think I should revive this thread starting on March 1.....that is if it's okay with MM. I don't think I'll do long write ups like I used to and since we don't have as many active members some new folks might get it without accomplishing as much as used to be needed to deserve it. Still, it just seems like a good idea.
  4. I have the 2 reunion movies and never watch them. They're weak!
  5. mouth
  6. Yesterday
  7. tongue
  8. How time flies - I can't believe that I've been here nearly seven years, and I was a late arrival . Thanks for the reminder, Roger.
  9. silver
  10. screen
  11. I'm a bit late but Congratulations Hoss!
  12. Hey Hoss, remember this?
  13. smoke (they smell so sweet when they're burning)
  14. leaves
  15. fall
  16. down
  17. Last week
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  19. Happy Birthday in heaven! Celebrate with this fairy!
  20. shape
  21. ship
  22. pirate
  23. We need more rookies like you around here NatMac. It sure is nice to have you around. Ask as many questions as you can think of. They're fun!
  24. I like that they went back to single car qualifying @ Daytona again and the way they had it setup with one qualifying lap run after another was exciting. Was rooting for Clint Bowyer or Dale jr to have pole. And attendance at the Clash race was the lowest for a big league Daytona race in more than a decade possibly 2 decades, just an estimated 15,000 tickets were sold. Tv ratings are still not in yet though. Some blame the low attendance on the rain delay to Sunday.
  25. Oh thanks guys!! Yeah as you see I am a Rookie for these things. I agree with you Boss JD Hogg, he is a great character. Haha!
  26. Happy Birthday Christopher(Vance)! You are surely missed. Both Christopher and I were born in the same city, Manhattan, NY.
  27. Hazard, with one 'Z' always looks strange to me as well. I just can't seem to get the Dukes Of Hazzard out of my mind! lol
  28. Plank
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