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Congratulations MarkB/Scooter Davenport


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I have to pat myself on the back for doing such a good job of keeping February's Fan of the Month recipient secret. I bet none of you saw this coming. Mark B has been with the best website on the internet since 2009 and was the Fan of the Month recipient in August of 2015. There are some people who claim to be big fans of The Dukes of Hazzard but Mark is not the bragging type. He lets his talents as an artist do all the talking for him. But his work doesn't just talk. It goes to the top of the highest peak in Georgia and shouts his love of Hazzard County from the top of his lungs. The thing is, Mark's works are not just a labor of love. They are not just an expression of how much he cares about the greatest show to ever grace a television screen. After all, anybody can make things to express themselves. But Mark's craftsmanship is elite. It is simply magical to witness his works and we are truly thankful that he takes the time to share it with his friends here on the HazzardNet. Thank you for all you do to promote the Dukes of Hazzard Mark. Besides your artwork, you have done so much more and we appreciate it. Congratulations for earning Fan of the Month honors for February 2021. 

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1 hour ago, Hobie Harkins said:

Here here! Congratulations Mark! Come by the car lot and I'll give you a sip of my finest! ( You never waste a sip!...oh my...so smooth!  ;)

And then stop by my place to wash it down with some fresh buttermilk.....or if you're feeling tough, some buttermilk that's been expired for two weeks and is in a dirty glass that had used motor oil in it.....it really doesn't taste much different than the fresh stuff. 

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Sorry I'm late to the party here myself, but that write-up Roger did made my head so big, I couldn't get through the door to the next room where the computer is!


But seriously: I appreciate the love, and I appreciate the comradery here even more.  Dukes fans are nothing but the finest people, so this is always a welcoming place to 'set a spell' and chew the fat.  



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