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  1. Looks like a good kit. Look forward to seeing the finished article.
  2. My 1/64 Hot Wheels conversion which I've done.
  3. You certainly had some luck there then. Im in the process of converting a 1:18 scale Charger into a General Lee. I've repainted the interior and made a push bar for it. Im now waiting for the decals to arrive from the USA.
  4. These look excellent. It's just a shame that the postage on diecasts etc costs so much from the USA to the UK.
  5. Fantastic work of art !!!! Have you got anymore Photos of it ?
  6. Thanks. My favourite car is the General Lee. I've been a fan of the Dukes since the early 80's. My favourite character is probably Daisy.
  7. These Signs are brilliant.
  8. Ok thanks for looking. When you say detail shots do you mean the detail on the outside ? I will also need to find a god picture of the Boars Nest sign.
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